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Violet Wilson

Played by IMDB entry for Jenny Platt

Appeared: 8th October 2004 -

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8th October 2004 Violet serves Jason.  He is still going out with Candice at this time

Violet arrived at the Rovers much to the surprise of Shelley. Fred told her she had hired her to help since they were short of Liz McDonald.

8th October 2004

Violet settled down very quickly and set her sights on Jason Grimshaw. Jason pretended he had dumped Candice so he could go out with her, until Candice set her right.

tea with Eileen and Jason

Violet didn't mind and went to the Grimshaw's for dinner. Jason was impressed when she asked for pineapple on her gammon, so Eileen sent Jason out to buy some but he bought chunks instead of rings. They all got on well once the nervousness was over. As she knew Sean Tully, she managed to persuade Jason into agreeing Sean could move back in with the Grimshaw's in the pretext she'd be around more often.

In July 2005, Charlie Stubbs's roving eye turned towards Violet. He not only propositioned her, but one night after closing when they'd had a few drinks, they kissed. Violet felt guilty. She stayed away for a few days saying she felt ill and had been sick, making Jason think she was pregnant. The following day she went into work and warned Charlie off. But when she went to leave that night she found the front door locked. He cornered her by the bar and she was shocked to discover Shelley wasn't upstairs as she'd believed. She managed to run and bumped into Sean outside, telling him a bit about what happened and how Charlie could do anything now.

At Shelley's hen night in mid-September she confessed about the kiss. Shelley didn't believe any of what her friends were telling her about Charlie even when Violet asked her why she would risk her job and Jason by lying. Eventually in a drunken moment, she confessed all to Jason and he hit the roof, ending their relationship. They reconciled at the end of October, by which time Jason had slept with Sarah Platt after Les and Cilla's Halloween faked wedding. Three weeks later, it all came out and Violet dumped him for good.

She later went out with Jamie Baldwin during 2006 while continuing to live with Eileen at number 11. That all ended when after wrongly thinking he was having an affair with Sean Tully, discovered he was in fact in love with his step-mother Frankie and they were having an affair. Things went from bad to worse and at the end of the year she was taken to hospital after collapsing as a result of an ectopic preganancy. But she was told in March 2007 she could still have children but her chances were diminished. Despite several failed brief romances, Sean offered to give her the child she wanted and they got down to business in July.

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