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Tracy Lynette Langton/Barlow Preston/Cropper
AKA Tracy Barlow

Dawn Acton who played Tracy Barlow for 11 years
Kate Ford = the fourth and current actress to play Tracy!

Played by :-
Christabel Finch (24 January 1977 - 21 November 1983)
Holly Chamarette (July 1985 - March 1988)
Dawn Acton (December 1988 - 13 November 1996; 3 - 5 December 1997; 14 - 28 March 1999; 10 October 1999)
Kate Ford (25 December 2002 - 8 April 2007)

Appeared: 24th January 1977 -

Born: 24th January 1977

Natural Daughter of Ray Langton & Deirdre Hunt.

Granddaughter of Blanche Hunt

Adopted by Ken Barlow in 1986 (she has always considered Ken to be her real father).

Married 1st: 13 November 1996 Robert Preston Divorced 2003
Married 2nd: November 2003 Roy Cropper Annulled 2004.

Children: Amy Barlow AKA Patience Cropper (father is Steve McDonald)


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Tracy Barlow was born to Deirdre and Ray Langton. Deirdre wanted to call her Lynette but Ray insisted on Tracy. Behind her back, he registered her birth under the name Tracy Lynette Langton. At first Deirdre was livid but then grew to like it. Deirdre decided she wanted Tracy christened, but the vicar refused as neither parent were churchgoers. Eventually she was, with Ken Barlow, Betty Turpin and Emily Bishop as her godparents. While away for the weekend in London that June, Ena Sharples was taking care of the baby after Deirdre put her foot down about Emily and Ernest doing it, but had a nasty fall, resulting in a hospital stay. The Bishops took in young Tracy until her parents returned.

in the ruble of the Rovers rescuers hunt for Tracy.

After her marriage to Ray broke up in 1978, she moved in with Emily Bishop. But disaster struck in early 1979 when, having left Tracy's pram outside the Rovers while she popped inside for a minute, a lorry crashed into the pub and it's timber went everywhere. Deirdre was distraught and shouted herself hoarse calling Tracy's name as she tried to dig her out. When her doll was found, Deirdre convinced herself Tracy was dead and walked out. But Tracy had actually been taken by Sally Norton, who Deirdre met in the maternity ward, before the lorry hit. Deirdre was found by the canal and refused to believe Tracy was alive until she saw her. She told Sally she never wanted to see her again.

Christabel Finch as Tracy the bridesmaide.  Christabel would play Tracy for nearly 7 years before her parents moved away from Manchester.

Several years later, Tracy was bridesmaid at her mother's wedding to Ken Barlow. But as she grew up, wanted to know why her name was Langton and not Barlow. Deirdre asked Ray if Ken could adopt her but he refused.

Holly Chamarette who played Tracy 1985-1988

A few more years and a new head later, Tracy wanted a puppy. Ken and Deirdre refused so she ran away. They were relieved when her step-sister Susan phoned to say she was with her in Newcastle. Susan brought her back safe and sound and Ray finally gave his permission for Ken to adopt her, which he did in 1986.

In 1987, Tracy helped her mother when she stood for councilor against Alf Roberts. But a few months later, became ill and was off school. Ken was disgusted Deirdre could leave her on her own and lashed out at her verbally after Tracy was hospitalised with appendicitis, saying she cared more for her council work that her own child. Deirdre denied it, but still left Tracy alone as she recuperated.

Dawn Acton perfected the sulky Tracy act.

Another head in 1988 led to Tracy becoming a typical stroppy teen as she grew up. She developed a crush on Steve McDonald and nearly burnt the house down in 1990 when the chip pan caught fire. She was saved by a passerby, Dave Barton, who broke in and rescued her. Of course, everything in the kitchen had to be replaced. She resented her mother for breaking up the family and began going to amusement arcades instead of school, where Ken had taken a job to be closer to her.

Dawn as Tracy circa 1990

When Deirdre nursed Ken, who was on the sofa flat on his back with a slipped disc, Tracy hoped for a reconciliation. But it was not to be and her parents divorce came through. When Ken started seeing florist Maggie Redman, whose son Mark he taught and had saved from bullies, along with Nicky Tilsley, Deirdre told Tracy Mark was Mike's son. Tracy then told Ken but he continued seeing Maggie. In the New Year, Tracy told Mark the truth and, in anger, Maggie told Tracy about her mother's affair with Mike. She confronted Deirdre, calling her a tart resulting in her getting a slap and running up the stairs saying she hated her. She began to drink and threw herself at Doug Murray, Deirdre's current boyfriend. Doug didn't fell the same way but was happy to use her. He asked her to bank a cheque for £2,000 but Tracy wasn't keen on handing the money over and got him to take her out. Deirdre ended the affair when she found out he made her break the law and insisted Tracy pay him the money back in full. Tracy left school with 4 GCSE's and fell for Craig Lee, a delivery boy 5 years her senior, who she met while working at Maggie;s florists and moved into his flat shocking her parents. Deirdre invited them to live with her but soon got fed up with fetching and carrying she ordered them both to leave.

Tracy 1990s
Under Dawn Acton we saw Tracy grow up  into her early 20s as Dawn would stay in the part the longest - 11 years!

Tracy was totally against her mother's relationship with 21-year-old Moroccan Samir Rachid in 1994 when she visited. And was not best pleased when her father told her about Denise's pregnancy. She said he would be a rotten father to the child just as he had been with her. Deirdre pleaded with her to attend her wedding to Samir, which she did before disappearing again. However, after taking an Ecstasy tablet at a rave, she ended up in a coma in Intensive care with extensive kidney damage. She needed a transplant or spend the rest of her life on dialysis. Tracy preferred the transplant option but only Samir proved to be a match. He offered to donate one of his to please Deirdre and that changed Tracy's opinion of him slightly. But the day of the operation, Samir was attacked by the canal as he made his way to the hospital but Deirdre allowed the transplant to go ahead before his life support machine was switched off. Tracy was stunned to hear what happened when she came round. Deirdre blamed her, refusing to see her. When she was better, Tracy left for pastures new.

Deirdre eventually forgave Tracy and was delighted when she arrived with Robert Preston in tow in 1996, announcing they were getting married. Ken and Deirdre worked together the day of the wedding to find Robert, who had been locked in a container at the docks the night before. The bride, never one for convention, wore Doc Marten boots and a dress she bought at a charity shop. The family had to go along with it since it was her big day. She and Robert then returned to London.


Fans were shocked when Dawn Acton was forced to ree-audition for the part of Tracy in 2002.  They were further shocked when the part went to a newcomer of dubious talent - Kate Ford!

In 1999 she turned up unannounced saying she had left Robert. Ken and Deirdre did everything they could to reunite the pair, which they managed to do and they went back to London again.

Kate Ford - her casting as Tracy is loved by some but hated by many.

Christmas Day 2002 and Tracy returned suddenly from London sporting yet another head complete with inane grin and personality transplant. She announced to the family she had left Robert for good as he'd had an affair and didn't want to see him again. Peter's girlfriend Shelley Unwin was persuaded to take Tracy on behind the bar but she drank her wages and was abusive so was sacked within hours. She wasted no time belittling Shelley and taking up with Dev Alahan. She was not amused when it transpired Ken and Deirdre had invited Robert up and he told them it was, in fact, Tracy who had the affair with his best friend and he caught them in bed. But then discovered her mother's brief fling with him and delighted in telling Ken at the hearing for his assualt on trouble-making schoolboy Aidan Critchley after weeks of threatening her mother she would. A row broke out at home and she moved in with Dev.

The new Tracy wastes no time in bedding Dev. - and this was just the start how seedy the writers had turned this character into under the latest head.

Tracy managed to get a job working for Lucy Richards at her florists. She enjoyed the deception her brother Peter was carrying out by seeing Lucy and Shelley. She liked Lucy and hated Shelley, though Lucy didn't believe the brief history Tracy gave her of the Barlows. She was bridesmaid at the wedding. She got a job at Peter's bookies on the back of this after Lucy found out Peter hadn't dumped Shelley and sacked her. The romance with Dev soon fizzled out and he told her to leave his flat. But before she did, she cut up all his clothes. Since Karen McDonald had left her husband Steve, Tracy seized the chance and slept with him and thought they had a future together until he told he he had found Karen and was going to try and get her back. While her grandmother was away nursing her sister, she turned to wealthy pensioner Wally Bannister and even slept with him at his house. She was shocked to discover he wasn't a rich widower at all and only worked at the house he claimed was his and had a very much alive wife.

On Shelley's hen night, she was fed up being ignored by the men in the Weatherfield Arms but managed to stop Shelley becoming a date-rape drug victim. Surreptitiously, she pocketed the drug for the 1p bet she made with Shelley's mother Bev that she would get Roy Cropper into bed to prove all men are rats. At the reception, she slipped the drug into his drink and persuaded him to have at least one glass of champagne, which he did. When he became woozy, she took him home in a taxi, undressed him and put him to bed. Deirdre and Ken were mortified while Roy became depressed. Tracy was thrown out again and went to live with Emily next-door and was shocked to learn she was pregnant, saying to Emily it was Roy's. She took great pleasure in announcing it to Hayley, while taunting her about how she is a real woman. She offered to sell the baby to the Croppers but the price went from \'a35,000, which she used for a holiday, up to \£25,000 which they were only too willing to pay. Despite not seeing a doctor, she managed to get a scan and asked the nurse not to tell Roy how many weeks gone she was. She persuaded Steve to hire her as a taxi driver and on Christmas Day confessed the baby was really his. He wanted nothing to do with it so she returned home. She was thrilled when Blanche announced she had bought number 7 for her and the baby. Deirdre was upset and threw Blanche out, so she moved in with Tracy.

Sunday 15 Febraury 2004 at 7.30pm Tracy (KATE FORD) breaks down and tells Blanche (MAGGIE JONES) that she wishes she never gave her baby to the Croppers.
Monday 16th Febraury 2004 at 7.30pm and 8.30 pm Photographer: Neil Marland The day of Karen and Steve's Wedding has arrived, but with Tracy Barlow determined to upset the day's proceedings it's bound to be a memorable day. However, will this be the happiest day of their lives? PICTURED: Tracy Barlow (KATE FORD)

Another year dawned and Tracy still had high hopes of getting back with Steve. She was angry to begin with when Blanche informed her that although the house was bought for her, it would stay in her name and was for her and the baby. Then the following month during an argument with Steve, went into premature labour. Steve drove her to the hospital but waited outside. Roy was in the delivery room with her, much to her annoyance and she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Steve popped in when everyone had gone and try as she might, she couldn't persaude Steve to play a part in the baby's life. Steve told her to give the baby to the Croppers, which she did. But that wasn't the end of it.

Monday 16th Febraury 2004 at 7.30pm and 8.30 pm Photographer: Neil Marland The day of Karen and Steve's Wedding has arrived, but with Tracy Barlow determined to upset the day's proceedings it's bound to be a memorable day. However, will this be the happiest day of their lives? PICTURED: Tracy Barlow (KATE FORD) and Karen (SURANNE JONES)
Friday 20 Febraury 2004 at 7.30pm Roy (DAVID NEILSON) is heartbroken when he hands over baby patience to Tracy (KATE FORD) and Blanche (MAGGIE JONES).

She decided she wanted her baby back and went to Steve and Karen's remarriage to get her. There she announced in front of everyone Steve was the father. Roy and Hayley fled with the baby while Steve, Karen and Tracy had it out in the vestry. Karen was so angry at the betrayal she hit her shoe against the wall by Tracy's head. But the plan backfired and Steve and Karen married anyway. After a battle, Roy and Hayely reluctantly handed the baby over. Tracy hated the name, but couldn't get the birth certificate changed from Patience Cropper so did it by Deed Poll to Amy Barlow.

Karen got her revenge when she burst into the christening

Karen's revenge

Karen got her revenge when she burst into the christening, wrongly thinking Steve was there when he had only dropped his mother off, and punched Tracy to the ground. But despite her earlier protestations she wanted her baby, it became a hindrance and she left it with anyone who offered, including Roy and Hayley, though still had to pay them back their money. She managed to persaude Steve to pay for the baby. he agreed to \'a350 a week on condition she and the baby stayed out of his life. She agreed but during Karen's breakdown after her mother's death, enjoyed telling all to her. Surprisingly, Karen didn't erupt and said Steve could see his child.



11 Oct 2004 - Tracy is currently doing everything she can to break up Karen and Steve

Her on/off relationship with Ciaran McCarthy was on again when he came into money to open a restaurant. But she was not happy when Karen announced she and Steve were planning on having their own baby so used Amy to come between them. Instead of helping Ciaran at the restaurant, she decided to dump Amy on the McDonalds then disappeared for a few days so she couldn't be returned. She also took delight in calling her Barren Karen while Steve got her pregnant after one try. Karen decided enough was enough and was glad her plan to get Tracy to take charge of Amy again worked by threatening they would sue for custody.

15 October 2004 Tracy is very pleased for pulling off the scam with Ciaran

Ciaran and Tracy
but Ciaran is having second thoughts.

But then, things started going wrong with Ciaran after she persuaded him to sell the restaurant, with her pretending to be Penny King, and pocket £40,000 from the £60,000 sale.



Ciaran's conscience got the better of him and he confessed all, handing over a cheque for the full amount to Penny. Meanwhile, Tracy was burning her bridges with her family and told them in no uncertain terms what she thought of them all before taking her case and Amy to Street Cars before going on holiday and returning to Ciaran. When he told her what he had done, she stormed out, telling him on the street while watched by Tyrone, Maria and Charlie that she only ever loved his money and without it he'd always be a loser. Ciaran explained things properly to Penny while Tracy pleaded innocence to her family and Penny in the pub, saying it was all his idea and she didn't know what she had done until it was too late. But Mike Baldwin called the police and Tracy and Ciaran ended up in the cells overnight. Back home, she still pretended to be the victim and after Ken bawled her out, she broke down. Deirdre begged Mike to get the charges dropped which he did.

Tracy was still determined to get Steve taunted Karen at every opportunity for her inability to get pregnant, calling her 'Barren Karen', even sarcastically offering to be a surrogate mother. While Karen was in Dublin visiting Linda Baldwin, Tracy, Amy, Blanche, Ken, Deirdre, Steve and Liz went to London to appear on the new quiz show, Top Of The Tree in November, which Blanche had entered them for secretly. As far as Steve was concerned, he was only driving his mother there and couldn't believe it when he discovered he was the 'dad' of the family and refused to appear. So Liz told him it was a pilot and was unlikely ever to go out so he reluctantly agreed. His discomfort was clearly visible, especially when Tracy implied to the host they'd been together since school. Steve was chosen to answer the gamble question, with the chance of winning a £17,000 people carrier and rang Karen since the question was about shoes. In the bar afterwards, he made them all swear never to tell Karen and they could keep the car. They did, even Tracy who swore on Amy's life. While the others went to bed, Tracy stayed in the bar with Steve. Later they went up to their rooms but Steve's keycard wouldn't work so Tracy suggested he phone reception from hers. He did and she tried to get him to stay. His silence when she asked if he had the chance, would he, spoke volumes to her. He rang reception and, despite her kissing him, he made her promise again never to tell Karen and left. The following morning she took great pleasure at breakfast getting him to feed Amy but, despite Liz's interference, refused point blank to drive the people carrier back to Weatherfield with Tracy and Amy in it. Once they got back, he made Tracy promise again never to tell Karen. For once, she kept her word as it was Blanche that night in the Rovers who let the cat out of the bag much to Karen's anger and Tracy's delight. A few weeks later, after copious amounts of calling her rival 'Barren Karen', Tracy was devasted to learn Karen was pregnant. She broke down in front to Deirdre, who worried this love of hers for Steve was more an obsession and she thought she loved him. But she knew despite the pregnancy, she was still getting to Karen and they fought over the people carrier endlessly. She was not happy when not only did Ken give the McDonalds the spare key to it, but agreed to sell it and buy a smaller car. Tracy and Blanche vetoed that, making Karen seethe. Tragedy struck at the beginning of Christmas week when Karen lost her baby and began to lost control. When Tracy tried to be sympathetic, Karen flipped. Tracy decided to take Amy to visit Peter on Christmas Eve to escape the bickering at the Barlows. When she locked the car after forgetting her bag, Karen ran towards it, got in and drove off unaware Amy was strapped in the back. Tracy became anxious and she and Steve went to look for Karen. Karen rang Steve's mobile saying she was at the Red Rec but when they got there to the strains of Rita singing, Silent Night, they discovered the car in flames. Steve told Tracy Amy wasn't in there but Tracy refused to believe him, insisting Karen had killed her baby and she'd kill her. As Steve phoned the fire brigade, Tracy slipped off back to the car carring a large branch and decided to find Karen herself. As she drove into Coronation Street she spotted her enemy and tried to run her over by reversing then chasing her to the factory. She refused to believe Hayley (who she'd locked outside), Karen or Steve when they said Amy was safe and with Roy and proceeded to chase Karen onto the roof. It was only Steve's timely intervention that saved Karen and later Steve told her this was an end to it and persuaded Tracy not to press charges against Karen since attempted murder was a far worse crime and to say joyriders stole the car, which she half-agreed to. However, on hearing the news Steve had thrown Karen out, she couldn't help but hide her joy and proceeded to the end of the year and into the next to pester Steve even though he kept telling her he wanted nothing to do with her. He became increasingly fed up she behaved like they were a couple and following him. So he changed his mind about taking her out. Tracy couldn't help gloating to her family Steve and her were inevitable but her illusions were shattered in the restaurant when he made it clear they could be nothing more than friends for Amy's sake. However just after Valentine's Day she was delighted to discover Steve had received divorce papers from Karen.

Tracy has a near miss with her real Dad Ray Langton in March 2005

The begining of March brought a shock for Tracy in the form of her real father, Ray Langton, when his car nudged Amy's buggy as he was driving down Victoria Street looking at Charlie's builder's yard. Like the prima donna she is, she told Steve take them to the hospital for Amy to be checked over. Ray followed them to the hospital but Tracy refused to accept Amy was fine and demanded a second opinion. She and Ray bickered and it was only when Deirdre, Ken and Blanche arrived did she discover the truth. She made it perfectly clear she wanted nothing to do with him, even after he collapsed outside the hospital. While Deirdre waited, Ken and Tracy went home. None of them were pleased when they found out Emily was letting him stay there. But he was determined to make it up with his daughter no matter how long it took. She made it perfectly clear he wasn't wanted but eventually relented and agreed to talk with him. She seemed to mellow a bit towards him, even letting him hold Amy, until he started to bad-mouth Ken resulting in her slapping him and storming out of Emily's. Later, Ken informed her she wasn't Ray's only child at all and that Ray had another, which is the reason he agreed to let him adopt her. She stormed round to have it out with her father but was moved to learn the child had been stillborn and she was still his only child. During this time, she had taken up with an unemplyed mechanic called Nathan. Ray made his disapproval well known and they fell out. But they did make up and, after a dance at Ken and Deirdre's wedding reception on the 8th April, was devastated when Blanche discovered him dead in his seat.

Tracy was distraught that her real Dad was dead

She insisted Ken and Deirdre go on their honeymoon and shocked when a do-it-yourself coffin turned up at Emily's. With Steve's help, she put it together and he supported her at the funeral. They ended up in bed, which she took to mean more than he did. So she got back with Nathan to make Steve jealous. When that failed, she rang Peter in Portsmouth and then announced to Steve she was moving down there. Steve, panicking at the thought of never seeing his daughter again, suggested they give things a go. After initial worries over his motives, she agreed and dumped Nathan. Their first date went badly when she locked herself in between the front door and flat and her mobile went flat. After a while, Tracy began to push Steve. His old flame Louise returned briefly from Ireland which made Tracy jealous to the point of warning her off. She told everyone Steve had asked her to move in when it was really her idea. She nagged Blanche into letting them rent number 7 until her grandmother agreed. But she was not happy when Blanche announced she was selling the house to pay for a hip replacemebt operation. Steve suggested he got his name put on Amy's birth certificate. Tracy agreed, unaware he was only using her to get proper access to Amy. She even proposed and Steve said he'd think about it. She was disappointed when he told her he didn't want to yet and it would take about 18 months so he could sort out his finances. She understood but was still pushing him into looking at houses. They went to see Roy about him writing a letter for them to give to the solicitor and he refused, mainly due to Tracy's demanding attitude. Blanche later offered to sell Steve and Tracy the house for £40,000 and told her to make sure everything was 50/50. Roy eventually relented about the letter. Blanche informed Tracy, who had accidentally overheard her letting Danny know he had a new landlord, Steve wasn't buying the house. She confronted him and made him promise to always be honest with her. At the courthouse she twigged he didn't really want her, only Amy, so left to visit Peter in Portsmouth, saying he would never see Amy again.

Louisa Morris as Amy - 25th July 2005 Tracy has Steve arrested claiming he had kidnapped Amy.  However in reality Tracy had arranged for Steve to take his daughter out for the day pretending she had forgiven Steve.

After 2 weeks, she returned on Deirdre's 50th birthday and wasted no time keeping Amy away from Steve, even tricking him out of £50 on the understanding he could see their daughter for 10 minutes when in fact she'd taken Amy into town. Much to Steve's surprise, she did agree to him spending a day with her. When he collected her, she suggested she take Amy to the airport instead of his idea of Chester Zoo, saying she loves planes. She handed Steve a bag with nappies and things, with other clothes and even Amy's passport hidden underneath and waved them off. But inside, she told Blanche Amy was playing outside and even pretending to talk to her. Later she deliberately dropped a cup in the yard and starting calling for Amy, claming she'd been snatched. The police were called where she told them he was lying when he said he was Amy's father as Roy was. She was delighted when Steve was arrested but still refused a DNA test. She was not amused when the magistrate at the court announced because of her reluctance it proves he must be the father. After getting home, Steve went to speak to her, asking they be civil. She started to scream the street down, saying he threatened to snatch Amy but disappointed to learn he was only banned from going anywhere near for two weeks. A couple of days later in the Rovers she fell for his lies, believing there could still be a chance for them. But when he told her Karen was better and taunted her, she hit him, sending him crashing to the floor. He calmly phoned the police to report being insulted while she screamed the place down before being arrested and spending the night in the cells. By the end of August, she had taken up with Nathan again and prepared herself for the court verdict in September. Much to her shock, Steve was granted custody while the magistrate gave her a very accurate character assessment. Though despite it coming out she drugged Roy and blackmailed him, the police weren't called. She took up with Nathan again until December when she then took up with Charlie Stubbs.

Throughout 2006 they had an on/off relationship but things came to a head in September when she discovered Shelley Unwin was pregnant with Charlie's child at attacked her. Charlie talked her round but then she found out he'd been having an affair with Maria Sutherland and left him. She went back but only to plan his death. With Claire Peacock being on the dim side, she befriended her so she would think Charlie was physically abusing her, right down to locking herself in the bedroom and burning her arm with an iron, which left an iron-shaped scar instead of just melted skin. At the beginning of January 2007 Charlie had had enough and ordered her out after she deliberately made her think she was having an affair when in fact Peter Barlow had come to visit resulting in Charlie being charged with assault and up in court. She confessed she was going to kill him so he thrust a knife in her hand and told her to do it but she couldn't. He told Steve McDonald on the way to court he was kicking her out. She wasn't going without a fight. She dressed up like a tart, did a ridiculous dance before battering him around the head, getting a knife from the kitchen, cutting her hand then planting it in his hand. She wasn't amused when it turned out he was still alive and was delighted when he finally died. Then she was charged with murder despite claiming self-defence. After a short stint on remand, she was given bail. David Platt decided to pretend he'd seen everything which she believed until he confessed, making demands if she wanted to stay out of prison. She went along with it but always made sure nothing happened between them. Bit by bit her mother began to get suspicious and was shocked when she saw CCTV footage of them leaving Charlie's old flat, so Tracy lied, saying he was having nightmares and wetting the bed. Deirdre decided to see Gail who said he was perfectly fine. All the stress got to her and she began having panic attacks. Tracy only thought about herself and her mother testifying on her behalf and the night before the trial at the end of March admitted to her mother she planned to kill Charlie all along. And so the court case began. Most of her witnesses had their evidence ripped to shreds. She even messed up re-enacting how she was meant to have grabbed the statue in self defence. Deirdre was having doubts but eventually went into the witness box. She contradicted herself and ended up having another panic attack. While she recovered she told Tracy's solicitor she was guilty. This disgusted the solicitor who in no uncertain terms told Tracy what she though of her, having defended genuine battered women. Tracy didn't care and told her to do her job since she was taking her money. Over the weekend she told David she was using him and her mother no matter what the outcome she was finished there. If she was found not guilty she would take Amy as far away as she could seeing as she accused her mother of being selfish.

So it's good riddance to Tracy Barlow. A once wonderful character ruined and changed beyond all recognition thanks to Daran Little's bad casting as well as rewriting history and the grinning, unconvincing performances of Kate Ford, falsely kept there when the character should have gone long ago because they burnt her out.

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