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Rosie Webster

Rosie 2006
Rosie in 1999 played by Emma Collinge
Rosie in 2000 played by Helen Flanagan
Rosie circa 2001
Rosie circa 2004
Rosie 2005
Rosie 2007

Currently Played by & IMDB entry for Helen Flanagan (she has been in the role since 23 January 2000)
(Previously played by Emma Collinge 25 December 1990 - 27 December 1999)

Born: 24th December 1990 (in Don Brennan's taxi in Rosamund Street on the way to the hospital

Eldest daughter of Kevin Webster and Sally Seddon

Sister: Sophie Webster 4 November 1994

Half-Brother: Jake Webster (Born: 5th June 2000 Died: 5th June 2000 - son of Kevin and Alison Webster)

Helen Flanagan's debut to Coronation Street in 2000
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