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Peter & Susan Barlow

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Full name: Peter Barlow
Parents: Ken and Valerie Barlow
Born: 15 April 1965

Susan Ida (elder twin)
Daniel Osbourne b: 4 January 1995 - half-brother (same father)
Married: Jessica

Played by:

John Heanneau
Mark Duncan
Linus Roache
Christopher Dormerr
Joseph McKenna (22 August 1977 - 25 October 1978)
David Lonsdale (1986 - 1988)
Chris Gascoine (8 December 2000 - )
First appeared: 1965

Full name: Susan Ida Barlow (formerly Baldwin, née Barlow)
Parents: Ken and Valerie Barlow
Born: 15 April 1965

Peter (younger twin)
Daniel Osbourne (b: 4 January 1995) - half-brother (same father)
Married: Mike Baldwin (14 May 1986)
Children: Adam Barlow (b: 1988, Newcastle; f: Mike Baldwin)
Died: 11 February 2001, near Junction 32, M6, Preston, Lancashire

Played by:

Katie Heanneau
Wendy Jane Walker (1970; 1986)
Suzy Patterson (31 December 1979 - 9 April 1980; 20 - 29 July 1981)
Joanna Foster (10 January - 11 February 2001)
Appeared: 1965 - 1987; January - February 2001



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