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Paul Clayton

Currently Played by & IMDB entry for Tom Hudson (he has been in the role since 23 January 2000)
(13 July 2007 -
Previously played by Lee Booth 29 November - 25 December 2000, 7 November 2001 )

Born: 1986

Son of Terence ("Terry") Duckworth and Andrea Clayton

Grandson of John Harold ("Jack") and Vera Duckworth. Harry and Connie Clayton

Half-brothers: Thomas ("Tommy") Duckworth Born on 9 September 1992 (whose mother was Lisa Horton/Duckworth)
Brad Armstrong Born on 14 February 1997 (whose mother is Patricia ("Tricia") Armstrong)

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Paul Clayton first appeared in grandparents' Jack and Vera Duckworth's life in November 2000 when his mother Andrea turned up looking for their son Terry. She revealed Paul was seriously ill and in desperate need of a kidney transplant. Jack tracked Terry down and he initially agreed to help but at the last minute backed out resulting in Vera ending up being the donor. Unfortunately Vera had a reaction to the anaesthetic and was in a coma. Terry felt bad but it was too late. Paul received his kidney and glad when Vera came to and got better. He briefly visited in 2001 and that was the last we saw of him until July 2007 when he turned up on the Duckworth's doorstep after Molly Compton phoned round everyone in Vera's address book. Tyrone Dobbs didn't trust this interloper, especially after Paul went it the garage to tell Tyrone he wasn't going to put Jack's bet on but keep the money himself. He felt foolish when it was revealed Jack's horse won and he had his winnings. Paul, being a convenient chef, went to work in Leanne Battersby's new restaurant venture.

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