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Norris Cole

Played by & IMDB entry for Malcolm Hebden

Appeared: 1994 - 1997, 1 December 1999 -

Born: 5th March 1940

Married 1st: Myrtle
Married 2nd: 29 December 1995 Angela Hawthorne divorced 1999

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Norris Cole first arrived in 1994 by giving Derek Wilton a lift home from the service station he had become stranded at after the coach left without him. He paid a visit to the Wiltons and constantly irritated Derek by referring to him as Dirk. He told Derek he had left his wife after becoming impressed by his dominance. He soon moved in as a lodger and introduced Derek to selling pyramids. Derek invested £2000 into stock but was a failure compared to Norris who made enough money to move into a flat and sold Derek his car which promptly fell apart.

He reappeared in 1995 after selling a treadmill to the Wiltons. Derek was shocked to learn Norris was dating his ex-wife, Angela Hawthorne and more when Norris became chairman at Hawthorne's. Derek and Mavis were caught up in gnome-napping when their beloved Arthur was stolen one night, leaving Guinevere alone. Postcards arrived signed Arthur and Derek at first accused Des Barnes. Norris eventually confessed the night before his wedding to Angela. As his best man, Derek was entrusted to delivering the groom to the church safely but decided to make Norris late by taking him to the wrong church. Angela was not amused when they finally turned up.

The Wiltons found they couldn't get rid of Norris. He turned up again the following year and told them he wanted to kill Angela. Derek became suspicious as Norris spent more and more time alone at the allotment and convinced himself Angela was buried there. He and Mavis dug away only to discover Angela's golf clubs.


Norris emerged from the wilderness in 1999, down on his luck and divorced from Angela. Rita Sullivan took him on as her assistant to replace the annoying Blanche Hunt. Norris was full of big plans for The Kabin to increase profit which Rita thought about then agreed to. He also moved in as Emily Bishop's lodger. Things were going well until Richard Hillman arrived on the scene in 2001 and suggested Emily release equity on her house to help her nephew Spider buy his juice bar. Norris became suspicious of Richard and let him know in no uncertain terms he was watching him. All his publicly expressed fears for Emily's well-being fell on deaf ears. Things came to a head in 2002 after Rita informed Richard she had changed her mind about investing her money. Richard blamed Norris and followed him one day as he was jogging around the streets while training for his stewardship at the forthcoming Commonwealth Games. He pulled up in front on Norris, bundled him into the car and drove to his new luxury flats development. Norris was terrified and wanted to be let out. He promised Richard he wouldn't hassle him again and everyone was surprised to see them on friendly terms. However, as Christmas approached, Richard's concern for Emily began to worry Norris again. Hospitalised after a Christmas pudding accident where he slipped in the kitchen knocking himself out, he felt helpless and asked Rita to check Emily was all right. Emily was getting increasingly frustrated at Norris's attention and jumped at the chance of babysitting baby Joshua Peacock on the 13th January 2003 while Ashley and Maxine went over the road to celebrate her mother Doreen's birthday. The pub was crowded and, despite his best efforts, Norris couldn't keep his eye on Richard all the time so didn't notice him slip out. He and Ashley left the pub together. When Norris got home, he discovered the house was empty so went across the road to the Peacock's and was shocked when Ashley opened the door covered in blood. He entered the house and saw Maxine lying dead on the floor while Emily was lying on the sofa, her head smashed in. He called for an ambulance then went to fetch Doreen and Fred. When the ambulance arrived he told them Emily was still alive. Once she was home, Emily was at breaking point with Norris and his accusations and ordered him to leave. Reluctantly he was forced to move in with Les Battersby and Kirk Sutherland and got the wrong end of the stick when he overheard Rita saying to Emily on the phone about missing him and staying. They had, in fact, been discussing the return of Spider. Norris felt foolish and was forced to grovel to Les in order to get a roof over his head. Richard's confession to Gail caused Emily and Norris to be reconciled and he refused to say he told her so. Les was gald to get rid of Doris, as he called him, despite enjoying the extra rent. After Richard's death, it was discovered he had massive debts and Norris and Emily worried about the house being sold. Norris looked into taking out a mortgage. Emily was relieved she wouldn't have to become his lodger when she heard the house was safe.

Norris was one of the first people to have doubts about Richard Hillman

2002 was not a good year for Norris. Rita decided to take a Shi-tzu formerly owned by a late customer. But the dog arrived the day she was due to leave on a cruise with Mavis. Emily volunteered to look after the dog for those three weeks. Norris hated it and it didn't help his allergy. The dog kept growling at him making him nervous. But a few chocolates won the dog round until one day, about a week before Rita returned, he discovered the dog was dead in the stock room. After a long and expensive search, he managed, with Kirk's help, to find one that looked identical at a cost of £450. Rita was pleased to see Mr Woo when she walked into the shop, but was distressed he didn't want to know her. Later at a party over at the Webster's, she casually informed Emily she had sold the dog. In the Rovers Emily and Norris's hearts sank as Rita told them she had got £300 for the dog after meeting a breeder on the cruise, and she was too old to take on a dog anyway. Norris immediately went to Kirk about the price he had quoted and he said he had told him he was willing to pay anything.

Norris was Rita's rock during the business with Cilla Brown in 2004. As she became increasingly reclusive, he took care of the shop for her. He even decided to buy it when she announced she was selling up. He tried not to let his disappointment show when she changed her mind.

Norris falls in love with Rula

Norris found himself in love in September when Rita's old friend Rula Romanoff waltzed into the shop looking for her. He was delighted when they were invited for dinner but crestfallen when she introduced her husband. He still looked forward to the weekend at Rula's house though and made out to everyone it was a theatrical soiree. After dinner, he went to bed but was curious at the noises her heard. He looked around his door and saw people going into various rooms. He decided to find out what was going on from Rula but she was ready for him wearing sexy lingerie. His enjoyment was interrupted when Rita burst into the room, demanding he got dressed as they were going home.

Norris and Rula

In the car when they had pulled up outside Emily's, he told her he thought she knew that was why they were invited. Rita denied it and they decided never to mention it again. Norris told people the reason they were home early was because Rita hadn't been feeling well. She wasn't happy at being dragged into it but went along with it as she explained to Audrey while they made knowing remarks to each other.

Rita interupts Norris and Rula

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