Created 8th August 2005

Lloyd Bowen

Currently Played by: Craig Charles

Character Appeared from: 20th June 2005 -

ITV.COM Cabbie Craig's debut
Thurs 17th Jun
Lloyd goes for a job at Street Cars

So a taxi driver is not everyone’s idea of a big career break.

But for Craig Charles, landing a role as a cabbie in Coronation Street is a dream come true!

Craig, known for his role in Red Dwarf and as presenter of Robot Wars, plays new bloke Lloyd who has left Liverpool and ends up working for Dev at Streetcars.

“Being in the Street is absolutely brilliant. I’ve been a fan for years,” Craig tells Soaplife.

“I was so nervous filming my first scene that I lost count of the number of takes we had to do. And I’m a tad starstruck, especially with Bill Roache as Ken’s a national institution!”

So, is Lloyd a bit of a "dark horse"?

“Well he’s a nice bloke who’s funny and a bit of a chirpy chappie,” says Craig. “He’s also looking to get off with loads of women – so yeah, he’s a lot like me!

“As far as I know he’s single. Hopefully there’ll be a romance but I don’t think he’ll want to start up a steady relationship with anyone – not straightaway.”

Craig is initially contracted for six months, but he still can’t believe his luck at landing such a role.

“Robot Wars had finished and a straight acting role was what I really wanted,” he says. “And then I got Corrie – how lucky is that!”


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