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Liam Connor

Played by & IMDB entry for Rob James-Collier

Appeared: 30 August 2006 -

Born: 1974

Relatives: Paul (brother deceased), Michelle (sister), Ryan (nephew, son of Michelle)

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Liam is the brother of Michelle and Paul, brother-in-law of Carla and uncle to Ryan Liam made his first appearance in the street shortly after his sister Michelle got a job as a barmaid at
the Rovers Return. Liam gets on very well with his nephew Ryan, and both Liam and older brother Paul act as father figures towards him.

Liam with his brothers, sister and nephew August 2006

Liam caught Frankie Baldwin’s eye one night in the Rovers while she was playing darts with stepson Jamie and his girlfriend Violet. Violet encouraged Frankie to ask Liam to join them for a game. When Liam won he said he would take Frankie for a night out, however after chatting to his sister Michelle about his new girlfriend who worked at the café, Michelle mistaking thought it was transsexual Hayley Cropper who was married to café owner Roy, and told Liam. Liam was quick to play it cool with a confused Frankie, however Michelle realising that it was Frankie and not Hayley who Liam was keen on told him the truth and everything was sorted out.

Meanwhile after hearing of Adam Barlow’s problems running the Underworld factory in the absence of his brother Danny Baldwin, Liam came to Adam’s rescue by helping him out with stock for an order, as Liam’s brother Paul was also in the rag trade. Liam and Paul discovered all the problems between Adam and Danny, and eventually did a deal with Adam and bought his 40% share in the factory for a knockdown price of £80,0000, and Adam was only too happy to sell as this meant getting one over on his half brother.

Paul was concerned about Liam’s relationship with Frankie when it emerged that Frankie was Danny (his new business partners) ex wife. However Liam took no notice and continued to see Frankie. Liam also caused waves with the factory girls on his first day by sending home machinist Kelly Crabtree saying her clothes were unsuitable for work!

Paul and Liam

Following Danny’s return he was furious to discover he had a new business partner and being the majority shareholder he threw Liam out of the factory. However Liam managed to talk Danny around and agreed to let Liam work at the factory as junior partner.

Danny was shocked when Liam confessed he was seeing his ex-wife Frankie, however when he got over the shock Danny calmly told Liam that it wouldn’t last and that Frankie would eventually go back to him. Danny was right and a few weeks later, sick of the bickering over her, Frankie dumped Liam.

Liam soon bounced back and started chatting up hairdresser Maria Sutherland in the Rovers, unaware that Maria was having an affair with local builder Charlie Stubbs. Charlie was not impressed when Liam walked Liam home after a drink in the Rovers and warned him off. Charlie was also far from amused when Tracy chatted up Liam in the Rovers and joked to Charlie she should sleep with him to even the score after finding out about Charlie’s cheating with Maria.

Back at the factory, and followed Danny’s discovery that Frankie has been sleeping with his son Jamie, Danny went missing, assumed dead. Liam was left to run the factory, and once again called on his brother Paul for help. Liam was shocked when on New Years Day 2007, Paul revealed that Danny had been alive and well all along and had sold his shares in the factory to him, meaning Paul was now the majority shareholder of Underworld.

Liam briefly dated factory worker Joanne Jackson, however the relationship didn’t go anywhere and he soon showed an interest in Leanne Battersby following her return to weatherfield.

As time went on it became clear that Paul and Liam had a big secret they were keeping from the rest of the Connor family. After Paul overreacted to his nephew Ryan stealing a car and went missing, Liam in a state of panic confessed all to his sister in law Carla. He revealed that on the night that his brother-in-law, Michelle’s husband, Dean was killed it was Paul who was drink driving, and not Dean as they had made it look. The brothers had moved the body to avoid Paul going to prison. Liam made Carla promise not to tell anyone the truth and Paul was less than impressed with his brother on his return.

A few weeks later there was accident at the factory when one of the Polish workers on Carla’s night shift slipped and fell down the stairs to her death. Carla rang Paul who persuaded her to cover up the death and pretend it happened during the day shift as Carla didn’t have insurance. Liam was furious that he had been dragged into covering up another death. Upset over the situation, Liam turned to Leanne and the pair started dating. Meanwhile, Liam persuaded Paul that Carla was a liability at the factory and she was given her marching orders. At the Rovers a drunk Carla was complaining her selfish husband and his brother to Michelle and let slip they were hiding something from her. When Michelle confronted Liam he revealed the awful truth about the night Dean died. Michelle refused to speak to her brothers for a long time after that.

In June 2007 Paul was involved in a serious car accident after kidnapping Leanne. At the hospital Liam was horrified when Carla revealed that Leanne was a prostitute and that Paul was one of her clients. Liam was devastated when Paul died, and refused to forgive Leanne. After returning from Paul’s funeral in Ireland, Liam found it hard to cope following his brothers death and took off leaving the factory in the hands of Hayley Cropper. Hayley found it hard to run the factory during Liam’s absence so went to Carla for help. Carla had just found out that Paul had left the factory to her in his will so took over managing it. Liam was annoyed when he returned a few weeks later to find out his sister in law had been left Paul’s share and was now his boss.

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