Created: 18th March 2006

Leslie ("Les") Battersby
(Since his recent marriage, now known as "Les Battersby-Brown")

Played by (and IMDB entry for) Bruce Jones

Appeared: 4 July 1997 -

Born: ?? ?? ?? (was revealed in 2005 but we currently do not have the information)

Married: Janice Lee (15 September 1994 or Spring 1997 depending on script). Divorced: 2003

Married 31st October 2005: Cilla Brown

(Les may have been married before Janice, but the scripts are vague)

Children :-
Son: Greg Kelly Born: 1972 (from an affair with Moira Kelly)
Daughter: Leanne Aneka Battersby Born: 2nd July 1981 (mother unknown, however Stepmother Janice raised her as her own)
Stepdaughter: Toyah Laverne Battersby Born: 28th May 1982 (raised by Les. Natural daughter of Janice Lee Battersby and Ronnie Clegg)
Stepson: Chesney Battersby-Brown Born: Circa 1994 (it is thought that Les will soon legally adopt him).

Other Stepchildren:
Fiona ("Fiz") Brown
Billy Brown

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