Created 1st November 2004

Kelly Crabtree

Played by IMDB entry for Tupele Dorgu

Appeared: 6th September 2004 -

Extract from The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps Sunday 31st October 2004. Please click here to read it all and see the pictures,,2001330006-2004500012_2,00.html


Sun, Mon (2 eps), Weds, Fri - ITV1

ANY whiff of scandal always spreads like wildfire through Underworld.

So imagine the factory girls’ glee when they catch Danny in an after-work clinch with seamstress Kelly!

Kelly has been planning to thank Danny in a very special way for re-hiring her after she broke up with her cheating fiancé.

And her brazen flirting hasn’t gone unnoticed.

But just as Danny is taking things a step further by making a pass at her at work, Janice and the rest of the girls show up.

“Talk about terrible timing!” laughs Tupele Dorgu, who plays seamstress Kelly.

“Danny’s embarrassed to be caught but Kelly is pleased that they find out.

She doesn’t think she’s doing anything wrong. Her thinking is: ‘He fancies me and not you, because I’m gorgeous and you’re not.’”

The countdown to their moment of passion begins at the start of the week.

Kelly stays on at work to impress Danny while the rest of the girls go to the pub for lunch.

When the others get back, he says Kelly’s dedication is an example to them all.

The girls angrily gang up on Kelly, which makes Danny feel awful.

“They give Kelly a real mouthful,” says Tupele.

“But Danny can’t stand bullying and tells them off. To make it up to her, he takes her to the Weatherfield Arms for a drink after work.”

In the pub, Danny admits to Kelly that he hasn’t always been faithful to Frankie, and she senses that an affair could be on the cards.

“Kelly’s glad that he’s up for it! She is attracted to Danny’s power, money and good looks,” says Tupele.

“She wants some fun and knows he’s not going to leave his wife or get too heavy.”

Next day, Danny suggests Kelly does some ‘overtime’ that evening.

When she arrives, the pair start to flirt and the temptation proves too strong to resist.

But the rest of the factory girls have grown suspicious...

“Just as they lean in for a kiss, the girls burst in and interrupt them,” reveals Tupele.

Danny is mortified that Janice and co now have this to hold over him.

Jamie also twigs what the big scandal is and a worried Danny has to agree to overlook the money he took from the works cash box in return for his son’s silence.

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