Created 26th August 2004

Elizabeth Jayne ("Liz) Greenwood/McDonald

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Mixed-Up Martin

Wednesday | 28.07.04

Corrie's Martin Platt struggles to make a big decision.

After spending a cosy night with ex-love Katy Harris, Martin wonders if his family would accept them getting back together.

When Martin and Katy split up, both of them were devastated. But Martin felt sure he couldn't trust her after discovering she knew Todd and Karl were having an affair.

But now the dust has settled, Martin can't ignore his lingering feelings for his much younger ex - and turns to former wife Gail for advice.

Realising the devastating effect the situation will have on Sarah, Gail works hard to convince Martin he cannot entertain the thought of taking Katy back.

Over-protective Gail knows Sarah still harbours a grudge against Katy and would never accept her as a part of Martin's life.

Armed with Gail's sage words, Martin retires to his flat to consider his options. But it boils down to him choosing Katy over Sarah.

Who will win out in the battle for Martin's affections?

Calm Before The Storm?

Friday | 30.07.04

Corrie's Katy Harris questions dad Tommy's motives.

The loved-up youngster is stunned by her father's reaction to the news she's back with Martin - and wonder why he's so calm.

When Martin and Katy first got together, the enraged mechanic cast them out. Tommy couldn't believe his pal would strike up a relationship with a schoolgirl - a sentiment echoed by many.

So when he offers to help Katy move her belongings back into Martin's flat, the duo are shocked - and so is his wife Angela.

She was convinced the news would cause a new rift in their family and can't believe Tommy is handling the matter so well.

In fact, his behaviour does little to ease Angela's fears. She worries that a storm is brewing in her hotheaded husband's mind.

Is Angela right? Or is Tommy really happy to let Katy go again without a fight?

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