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Emily Nugent/Bishop/Swain ("Emily Bishop")

Played by IMDB entry for Eileen Derbyshire

Appeared: 27 January 1961 -

Born: 18 October 1929

Daughter of Edward and Agnes Nugent

Married 1st, 3rd April 1972: Ernest Bishop. Died: 11th January 1978 (murdered).
Married 2nd, 10th September 1980: Arnold Swain (annulled due to bigamy)

Siblings: Norah Nugent (Appeared: 16-18 January 1978)
Brenda Nugent
Joan Nugent
Marjorie Nugent
Edgar Nugent

One known nephew Geoffrey ("Spider") Nugent (Appeared: 15 December 1997 - 28 July 2000; 11 - 18 November 2001)

In recent years, Freda, a niece of Ernest Bishop's has turned up from time to time on Coronation Street.

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