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Doreen Fenwick

Played by & IMDB entry for Barbara Young

Appeared: 5 February 2007 -


Family: We know of one deceased husband.

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Doreen Fenwick first arrived in Coronation Street in a repeat of several other storylines after receiving an email from her old dance troupe comrade, Rita Sullivan. She arrived looking for her but only found Norris, who she was promptly horrible to. Later that evening as she was coming out of Dev's shop she saw Rita outside The Kabin and the old friends were reunited. Unfortunately all Doreen did was to get Rita drunk on various pub crawls until she wheedled her way into moving in for a couple of weeks while her flat was being sorted by the council. The weeks went on and eventually Rita grew tired of Doreen taking over her life so phoned the council pretending to be her in an attempt to find out when she'd be able to move back in. Once the shop was closed for the day Rita confronted her. Doreen had a childish tantrum and stormed out. Norris stupidly got Doreen to make the first move and repair her friendship with Rita meaning now we're stuck with her. As the months went on she appeared at Blanche's pretend wake with Rita's friends as well as visiting the Duckworths with Emily while Rita was conspicuous by her absence.

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