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David Platt

David in 2006
David with his pet rabbit in 2000
David circa 2003
David 2007

Currently Played by & IMDB entry for Jack P. Shepherd (he has been in the role since 2000)
(played previously by Thomas Ormson (December 1990 - 15 March 2000)

Born: 25 December 1990

Son of Gail Tilsley and Martin Platt

Half-brother: Nicholas ("Nick") Tilsley (through mother)
Half-sister: Sarah-Louise Tilsley/Platt (through mother)

Another Half-sibling: (through father. David revealed his father and girlfriend Robyn were expecting a child. No more information is known at this time)

Grandfathers: Barry Platt, Ted Paige
Grandmothers: Barbara Platt, Audrey Roberts

Nephew: Billy Platt (deceased)
Niece: Bethany Platt

Uncle: Stephen Reid

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