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Danny Baldwin

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Here's Jamie

Monday | 19.07.04

Corrie newcomer Rupert Hill makes his first appearance this week.

The former Family Affairs hunk turns up on the cobbles as Danny Baldwin’s son Jamie - and he’s very interested in the ladies.

But all is not well with Jamie Baldwin, as viewers will discover, he’s left his home county of Essex under mysterious circumstances - and Danny and Frankie’s lives are going to be turned upside down.

Rupert explains, “Jamie has come to live with his dad because he’s trying to get away from the trouble he’s in back home.

“The truth is, he was the one who beat up Frankie’s lover Vinny Ellis, and he’s in hot water over it.”

So while his father and stepmother try to get their heads around Jamie’s sudden reappearance, the lad himself is busy finding out who the pretty girls are.

And when he joins his dad at great uncle Mike’s factory Underworld, Jamie quickly finds one lady very receptive to his charms.

Who’s heart has skipped a beat over the Baldwin romeo?

Indecent Proposal

Friday | 23.07.04

Corrie's Danny Baldwin has to negotiate with love rival Vinny.

The Cockney factory boss is desperate to get his son Jamie out of prison and knows only Vinny can make it happen.

When Danny heard that Vinnie had been beaten up by a mystery assailant, he was confident the crime had no link to him. But when the police arrested his eldest son for the brutal beating, Danny was put in a very awkward position.

And now his son is facing assault charges, it's up to Danny to get them dropped - but that means trying to reason with the man who had an affair with his wife.

Poor Danny puts his hatred of Vinny behind him in order to broker some kind of deal, but his worst fears come true when Vinny lays down his terms for an agreement - which horrifying his onetime best pal.

It seems lovestruck Vinny is still besotted with Danny's glamorous wife Frankie and wants one thing in exchange for Jamie's freedom - a final passionate night with the blonde beauty.

Can Danny bear to let Vinny get his hands on his wife again?

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