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Ciaran McCarthy

Played by IMDB entry for Keith Duffy

Appeared: 7th Aug - 19th 2002, 23rd Dec 2002 - 16th Feb 2003, 15th June 2003 - 22nd July 2005

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The Irish charmer first appeared in August 2002 when he was invited to Peter Barlow's wedding. He was Peter's best friend from the navy and so it was logical he should meet Shelley Unwin. Ciaran moved in with them and proved why he was a naval chef but, behind Peter's back, he made a pass at Shelley. He told Peter she made a pass at him and Shelley couldn't believe he took Ciaran's word over hers and walked out. Ciaran was delighted since he didn't want to see his old mate tied down to one woman. However, Peter eventually realised Ciaran was lying and confronted him in the flat. When Ciaran explained why, Peter threw him out and said he never wanted to see him again. But that wasn't the last he saw of Ciaran. He reappeared the following year but Peter wanted nothing to do with him. He eventually won him round and met up with Peter on the quiet. Peter confinded in him about his romance with florist Lucy Richards, who he was seeing behind Shelley's back. Lucy was pregnant and Ciaran promised not to tell Shelley about any of it, including Peter's marriage to Lucy. Shelley, however, wasn't too pleased Ciaran was hanging around, let alone about his romance with her best friend Sunita. When the police caught up with him, he accused Shelley of calling them. But she was as surprised as everyone to find out he was absent without leave from the navy. He told Sunita he loved her and asked if she'd wait for him. She said she would.

Ciaran and Sunita's wedding.  Howver much to his relief she jilted him at the altar

Several months later, Ciaran made a surprise return when he let himself into Sunita's flat above the corner shop at the very moment Dev was proposing. Sunita said she hadn't heard from him for a long time so was getting on with her life. He told her he wrote, telling her he was coming back. Sunita angrily confronted Dev who confessed he'd intercepted the letter and hidden it. Ciaran and Dev vied for Sunita's affections but Dev conceded defeat, leading to Ciaran proposing in the garden at Peter and Shelley's wedding reception. Then Ciaran's troubles began. He bought a cheap ring, telling her it was a family heirloom and as Sunita pressed to name the day, he began to get cold feet but didn't want to let her down. Meanwhile, Bev Unwin, Shelley's mother, hired him to work behind the bar at the Rovers as she was struggling to cope. He proved his worth and when Shelley returned, was not happy but agreed to let him stay. As the months progressed, he ended up having a drunken one-night stand with Bev who then became infatuated with him. Desperate to get her away from him, he paid more attention to Sunita in the hope Bev would get the message. Then all hell broke loose when Shelley discovered Peter was already married. He liked his job so took Shelley's side, even though at the time Peter was juggling two women he thought it was a great laugh. Shelley let him stay at the pub. That November, he turned up unexpectedly at a registry office and was roped in by Tracy Barlow to be a witness to her marriage to Roy Cropper. Then the day he dreaded arrived: his wedding day to Sunita just after Christmas. He really didn't want to go through with it and even punched Dev during his stag night leading to being arrested to get out of it. But Dev refused to press charges and does everything he can to get Ciaran released while his rival protests his guilt to try and stay in. He is eventually let out but was relieved deep down when, at the registry office, Sunita said she couldn't go through with it. He still cared for her though.

Ciaran the cheif

2004 and a fresh start. His love life began to look up when he got involved with Tracy Barlow, little knowing she was only with him for his great plans of lots of money. He decided to open a restaurant in place of the Nexus Bar. With a lot of persuading, Mike Baldwin's current girlfriend, Penny King, offered to put the money in. He was convinced with his talent as a chef, it was a sure-fire winner. But then costs started to escalate and he needed to go back to Penny for more money. She kept him waiting before deciding to invest more. The day of the opening arrived but it very nearly didn't when a health inspector found faults. Ciaran asked Charlie Stubbs to correct part of it so he could open that night and he did in the nick of time. However, after the successful opening, hardly any customers appeared. He was beginning to get disheartened and fed up Tracy was never around when he needed her, especially after he had declared his love for her which she derided. Then a buyer became interested, the same buyer he had outbid for Nexus originally. Tracy convinced him to sell it for £60,000, pocketing £40,000 of that and giving the rest to Penny, claiming that was all he could get for it. Ciaran was against the idea until Penny started to interfere.

Tracu amd Ciaran delight in the success of their scam

Tracy pretended to be Penny and wined and dined the buyer and all was going well in the empty restaurant until the real Penny walked in with Mike Baldwin for dinner. But, the papers were signed and a cheque handed over. Ciaran broke the news to an irate Penny about selling the restaurant for £20,000 and made up all sorts of excuses to convince her it was all his fault it failed. She wasn't very happy, saying she was fed up being used by men before storming out of his flat. His conscience got the better of him though and he decided to tell Penny the truth. He handed over a cheque for the full amount then had to face Tracy, who came in grinning, saying Amy was at Street Cars and they should get a taxi now for their holiday. When he told her what he'd done, she stormed out. On the street, she said she only loved the money and without it he'd always be a loser. Penny was furious, while Tracy pretended to be an innocent victim in all this to anyone who would listen, including Penny who wasn't taken in for a second. Mike was having none of it and called the police resulting in Ciaran and Tracy spending the night in the cells. Ciaran was really feeling remorseful and went to the Rovers. Fred overheard him telling Shelley how he was broke and didn't even have any food in the house and offered him his old job back. Ciaran thought he was joking until Fred said anyone who upset Mike and Penny was fine in his book. Shelley agreed to having him back behind the bar. His first customers were Mike and Penny who were surprised to see him. Then later, the Barlows arrived. Tracy told him the charges had been dropped while Ken warned him to stay away from his daughter, to which he replied he was more than happy to. His friendship with Sunita showed through on her wedding day to Dev in October when he accompanied her to the temple in place of her brother who was delayed. They had a nice chat in the car outside, with Ciaran telling her how she and Dev are right for each other while they were only good as girlfriend and boyfriend.

Nothing much happened for a long time with Ciaran. He just got on with his job at the Rovers. But by May, he, Betty and Violet became increasingly worried about Shelley when Charlie claimed she was in bed with chickenpox but wouldn't see anyone. Later, in a fit of rage, Shelley appeared in the bar to throw her mother out and everyone saw her black eye. Despite insisting she really had walked into a door, no one believed her. Ciaran tried to keep out of things until he spotted Charlie threatening Bev Unwin one night. He told her what he'd seen and, despite his protests, she went to see Shelley before he could stop her. Shelley was not happy and warned him he'd lose his job if he did anything like that again. Ciaran told Bev he was on her side but wouldn't risk losing his job. Charlie watched them embrace outsode the Rovers and later that day asked Ciaran to be at his yard as he was expecting a delivery, which he did. Afterwards, he asked Ciaran if he would consider working for him, saying Jason wasn't very good and he could train him up. Nothing happened there. But things with Shelley and Charlie weren't resolved and Ciaran was as shocked as Bev when he saw Shelley had two black eyes after rushing out into the yard when he heard her scream. He assumed, since she was cowering in the corner, Charlie had been hitting her. He, like the entire pub later, was forced to admit they were wrong and she'd had plastic surgery. But Charlie delighted in taunting him until in the bar Ciaran went for him. Shelley ordered him to leave Charlie alone, which he did and quit his job. After collecting his wages on the 22nd July from Fred, thinking about what might have been with Sunita, Bev made a drunken pass at him. He made a swift exit, went home, packed his bags and he and Charlie eyed each other up outside his flat from a distance. He walked away and thought Shelley was going to say something when she opened the bedroom window above the Rovers but due to Sunita coming to say goodbye, she closed the window so he walked away to an unknown destination and future.

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