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Chesney Brown/Battersby-Brown

Played by & IMDB entry for Sam Aston

Appeared: 14th Nov 2003 -

Born: 26th July 1994

Son of Cilla Brown

Has one sister Fiona ("Fiz") and an elder brother Billy not seen.

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When Rita Sullivan caught Chesney stealing from her shop she was less than pleased and hit him.

Cute little Chesney appeared shortly after his mother Cilla had taken up with Les Battersby in late 2003. His sister Fiz always worried about him since, like her, he had been in and out of care homes thanks to that selfish leech that was their mother. He tried his best to fit in but was considered a joke and loser by older boys. But in January 2004 he was playing football in the street and accidentally broke one of the windows in The Kabin. Rita Sullivan was furious and marched across the road to confront his mother. Cilla leaned out of the bedroom window, clearly not bothered what her son was getting up to but denied he'd broken the window. She then returned to bed. The following day, things got worse. He was dared by his friend Bradley to steal from The Kabin. He snuck in, noticed it was empty and began to fill his pockets. Rita came out of the back and saw what he was doing. He tried to run but she grabbed him and during a search, all his ill-gotten gains fell to the floor. As he tried to escape her clutches, he tripped and hit his head on a shelf. Rita, immediately overcome with concern, helped him up but he just left after syaing he was fine. Rita felt badly so after Norris returned from the cash and carry, went over with some comics and sweets to see how he was. Les praised her for what she did and told Chesney off. Rita was pleased Chesney said he was okay and left them to it. However, when Cilla heard what had happened, pound signs filled her eyes and she demanded they take Chesney to hospital and Rita to court for compensation. Chesney's injuries were only minor but Cilla was determined to make a big deal out of it. She called the police and Rita was charged with assault. They even saw an ambulance-chasing lawyer who said they would be lucky to get £500. That wasn't good enough for Cilla. She taunted Rita and one night as Rita was locking up, forced her way in and informed her she wanted £5,000 and she would drop it. Rita was resolute and told her to go to hell. But Cilla never let up even when Chesney was supposedly so badly injured he couldn't go anywhere, but was playing on the street. At the trial, she made out she was mother earth and had coached Chesney what to say beforehand. Rita was disgusted at that as well as the £500 compensation and £500 costs she had to pay and ended up in the cells overnight for contempt of court. Les was perfectly happy with it, but Cilla wasn't and was determined to go to Florida like she promised her boy. More taunts from Cilla, who in another furtive meeting in the Kabin when no one else was around, offered to drop the civil suit for £3,000. Rita was still having none of it. Les eventually managed to persuade Cilla to drop it.

A few months later, Chesney got a pleasant surprise. Due to Maya pretending to have killed Tyrone's dog Monica, she bought a Great Dane puppy as a present from a mystery person and left it on his doorstep. When Monica returned home, Tyrone gave the puppy called Schmeichel to Chesney. He was delighted but Cilla hated the thing. When Chesney found out Cilla was seeing her old boyfriend Ronnie behind Les's back, she threatened to have the dog put down if he told. He eventually confessed to Fiz but Cilla tried worming her way out of it when Fiz told Les. he believed Cilla until Chesney piped up and said it was true. Cilla threatened the dog again but Les threw her out, saying he wanted nothing of hers in the house. Chesney decided to run away to London with Schmeichel but Rita found him waiting at the bus stop. She tricked him into going to the shop with her while she rang Fiz to tell her by saying Schmeichel needed food. As Norris helped Chesney fill his pockets, Rita spoke to Fiz after telling Chesney she was looking up the bus times and agreed to look after him that night. She then returned to Chesney and said the last bus had gone and he was welcome to stay with her. He declined but changed his mind when she pointed out Schmeichel needed rest. The following day Les was called to Street Cars to take a fare to London. Pleased at such a job he gladly accepted but his joy turned to sadness when he saw the fare was Chesney. He readily agreed to take him back in. But then Chesney started bunking off school and spent time with the dog. Things were fine in the Battersby household until Cilla returned one day, expecting to pick up with Les where she left off. She hadn't counted on her rival Janice being with Les though. She started to turn Chesney against Janice and Les even had to separate them when they had a fight. Les asked Janice to move in while Cilla used Chesney to see Les much to Janice's annoyance. Les had to choose and chose Janice. Chesney was dragged away by his mother minus the dog since she didn't want it. He kept calling for Les all along the street and tightly gripped the postbox pleading but to no avail. Les felt bad but there wasn't a lot he could do. Cilla was pleased when the romance with Janice fizzled out. She and Chesney moved back in. All was going well until Cilla decided she and Les needed a break. She asked Fiz to look after her brother but she refused, saying she was going out. Knowing this, Cilla lied and off she and Les went. Chesney soon ran out of food for him and Schmeichel but when the electricity card ran out, he knew he had to do something. He went across the road and asked Tommy Harris if he could lend him some money to buy a new card. Tommy and Angela were disgusted anyone could leave the boy alone and invited him to stay with them until his sister got back. When Cilla and Les did, in typical Cilla fashion, she made out she was entirely blameless and it was Fiz's fault.

Chesney continued being the cheeky tyke throughout the rest of the year and hid with Sophie Webster under the buffet table in the Rover's back room on New Year's Eve where they overheard many conversations. As the older residents were criticising Sally Webster, Sophie was trying to kiss Chesney. Sophie stormed out leaving Chesney to con Blanche, Emily, Vera, Betty and Rita out of money by making out what a miserable Christmas he'd had, even though part of it was true, especially about no proper dinner.

Chesney & Schmeichel

His little heart was cruelly broken by his mother twice concerning his dog, Schmeichel. First of all, due to him chewing her make-up, she ordered he be kept at the kennels. Then no sooner had the dog returned home than he was destroying one of her shoes so she sold him to her friend Yana and made out to everyone he'd run away. When she tried to get the dog back, Yana wanted £200, double what she'd paid. So Cilla pretended he'd been kidnapped, cut out letters from a paper to make a ransom demand then dropped it on the mat. Fiz and Kirk eventually discovered what she'd done after the dog was safely back with Chesney and forced her to be nice to Chesney and the dog or they'd tell.

By mid-March, Cilla started being selfish again. She wanted to go away with Les and after failing to con Fiz into looking after her brother, succeeded getting the Croppers to do it. Hayley had been surprised when Cilla brought him round the same day, since Roy hadn't warned her. Chesney settled in quite well and was enjoying being spoilt. He made up a sob story about having to do the cleaning, washing, ironing, breakfast and Roy fell for it. As they were about to sit down and watch a video, Chesney turned on the waterworks, saying he missed Schmeichel and wanted him there. Roy eventually relented but before the night was out, the huge dog had been collected and made a beeline for Roy. Roy told him he was afraid of dogs ever since the neighbour's ate Geoffrey, his Gerbil when he was young. Roy eventually got on with Schmeichel and tried to instil discipline in him much to Chesney's amusement. His few days stay ended up being weeks, Cilla and Les working in Spain. He really missed his mother despite enjoying his stay with the Croppers. Roy decided to take him to Spain to be with them but they hadn't realised Les and Cilla had arrived back and they passed each other at the airport. They missed the plane and returned to the cafe. Chesney was delighted to see his mum again. His joy wasn't to last though when, at the end of May, his beloved dog was hit by the bus Claire was driving on her first day.


Schmeichel survived but the vet's bill was nearly £1000. Despite Ashley's protests, Claire paid but had been conned out of an extra £200 by Cilla. He started taking quite a shine to young Sophie Webster, now they'd added a year to her age and tried to talk to Les about women. In September Les's beloved Status Quo were in the Rovers. Chesney tried to tell him but even after he got Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi's autograph on Les's denim jacket, he was accused of faking them and ruining his jacket. On Halloween he acted as page boy at his mother and Les's fake wedding they held just for the presents.

During 2006 Chesney was adopted by Les and they changed their names to Battersby-Brown. Not much happened to Chesney until towards the end of the year. His mother had been acting strangely leading to him and Les believing she was having an affair. So Les took comfort in Cilla's friend Yana. Chesney caught them in flagrante on the sofa. It was revealed Cilla had cancer. Les felt guilty and once Cilla discovered his infidelity, tricked them all into believing it was malignant and she would die. They raised money for her to take Chesney to Florida only once they uncovered her lies, she had no compassion for what she'd put her son through, took the money and went to Florida alone.

2007 was also a fairly quiet start to the year. He got a part in the school production of Bugsy Malone. Halfway through Les got a job as a roadie for a Status Quo tribute band, never to be seen again.

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