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Casey Carswell

Played by & IMDB entry for Zoe Henry

Appeared: 16 March 2007 -


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Claire Peacock first came across Casey when she was a Samaritans volunteer. Casey had lost her child and became suicidal. Claire stupidly gave Casey her mobile number and she kept calling. They met up a few times and became friends. One day when Casey was visiting Claire, Joshua had an accident so Claire rushed him to A&E leaving Casey alone with baby Freddie. When Claire returned the house was empty. Casey later turned up having just taken Freddie out for a while but Claire was livid. They did make up. Then the house was set on fire as Claire slept. The fire was mainly in Freddie's room and they believed he was dead. However due to a story rewrite he was found under a bush. Claire had to prove she was not mad and Casey really existed. She even confronted her on the street with the help of Rita Sullivan and Kevin Webster but she denied she was Casey, making them think Claire was cracking up. Eventually she managed to find a really bad photo Josh had taken of them both which proved Casey was real. They tracked her down and went to her house. Casey denied everything she was accused of, leading Ashley to believe even more Claire's mental state wasn't as it should be. It didn't take long for Casey to take advantage of the situation and in July as Claire was visiting her mother, kissed Ashley.

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