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Candice Stowe

Candice 2004

Played by & IMDB entry for Nikki Sanderson

Appeared: 5 November 1999 -

Born on or around 20th September 1986


For four years the character of Candice Stowe had to play second fiddle to Sarah Platt. She was introduced as Sarah's best friend from school in November 1999. It was clear from the start that Candice was streetwise and would take no nonsense from anyone. Gail could be forgiven for worrying that Candice might be a bad influence on Sarah. She was cocky, gobby, lipped her elders and smoked but within months it was Mrs Stowe who had concerns about her daughter's freiendship with Sarah.

Candice in 2003

When Sarah became pregnant Mrs Stowe wanted her daughter to have nothing more to do with Sarah. She was furious when Candice went behind her back and became baby Bethany's godmother. While Mrs Stowe and later Eileen Grimshaw could see no right in Sarah, Candice stuck by her friend through thick and thin. Whatever the crisis Sarah got herself into (including risking the safety of Candice and her then boyfriend Todd Grimshaw when Sarah got involved with an internet stalker in 2001), Candice was there to listen to Sarah's woes.

Candice contined to remain in Sarah's shadow only allowed the occasional story involving some romance with Todd or Jason Grimshaw or some boy at school. She had one story when around 16 where she wanted to lose her viginity to Jason Grimshaw. We found out then that tarty Candice had really been a straitlaced young lady and it was all an act. Even faced with sex for the first time, she and Jason backed out of it at the last minute. Candice wanted her first one to be special unlike Sarah's first time. However it would be with Jason Candice would lose her virginity to.

Sarah, Todd, Jason and Candice borrowed the keys to the Ramsden's house and got drunk. Even though Gail and Richard caught them and banned them from using the keys, unbeknownst to them Candice had already had a spare set copied. One night, she and Jason were alone, had a few drinks and had sex. Although she was dating Todd at the time, she really fancied Jason and was heartbroken when he told her it meant nothing. As they came out of the house, Todd saw them and a fight broke out between the brothers, which Richard had to break up. Todd dumped Candice there and then.

Everything changed storyline wise for Candice in 2003 when Candice was allowed to come into her own. Candice had never got on well at school. It jjust didn't interest her. She'd rather go shopping and as soon as she was 15 she was bunking off school when she got a job at a factory.

Summer 2003 Candice left school and got a job as a trainee in Audrey's hair salon (she had previously done work experience there a while before).

The exact nature of Candice's parents marriage had never been made clear. The script kept changing, however by autumn 2003 it was made quite clear Mr and Mrs Stowe were no longer together. Furthermore Mrs Stowe had a new boyfriend who Candice thought was a "creep." Candice complained to anyone who would listen to her about him. No one believed her really and just thought she was whining. However one day out of work hours Audrey found Candice crying alone in the salon. Candice explained how her mother's boyfriend had tried to come on to her but her mother didn't believe her and had thrown her out. Candice had no where to live. Audrey took the distressed girl under her wing and immediately arranged for her to move in with Fiz and Maria in the flat above the salon. This isn't always a happy arrangement but it is home to Candice.

Candice and Jason have an on / off again relationship

Candice has had relationships with Todd Grimshaw, Nick Tilsley and Jason Grimshaw over the years. In the summer of 2004 she showed interest in Mike Baldwin's great-nephew Warrren Baldwin but didn't believe him when he said he was a footballer for a living. Then in September she set her sights back on Jason. However he then went and bedded Sarah Platt. She was furious with Sarah, after all the years she had stood by Sarah. She didn't care that Sarah had slept with Jason really but what she did feel hurt about is it was Candice's eighteenth birthday and Sarah knew she had been interested in getting back with Jason. Then Sarah had lied to her about it all.

October 2004 - Candice still does not speak to her mother and at times this saddens her. She has an on again and off again relationship with Jason Grimshaw howeve as of 10th October 2004 she has made it quite clear Jason is no longer of any interest to her. She has her sights of being the future Posh to Warren Baldwin's Becks having found out that Warren really is a football player. He may only play for Weatherfield County for now but Candice has her sights on the big picture - Manchester United here they come!

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