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Bev Unwin

Appeared: 2002 - 2004, returned Summer 2005 - around 22nd December 2006

Born: ?? ?? ??

Married: Charlie Unwin

Children: Shelley
Sharon (dead)

Played by IMDB entry for Susie Blake

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Bev Unwin ran a pub with her late husband and had two children, Shelley and Sharon. Her daughter Sharon died in March 2003.

Bev made her first appearance in the show in March 2003 at daughter Sharon's funeral. Her other daughter Shelley attended the funeral with her fiancé Peter Barlow, however Shelley was upset when Peter had to rush off, not knowing he was getting married to another woman, Lucy, who was pregnant with his baby.

Shortly afterwards Bev arrived in Weatherfield and moved into the Rovers with Shelley who was the manager. Bev started helping out behind the bar and put fellow barmaid Maria Sutherland's nose out of joint which resulted in Maria quitting. Bev was happy for Shelley when she and Peter set a wedding date and the couple married in July 2003, with Shelley still in the dark about Lucy.

When Shelley eventually did find out the truth Bev supported her over her break up with Peter.
Bev briefly befriended Tracey Barlow and entered into a 1p bet that Tracy could get Roy Cropper into bed. Tracy did so by drugging him at Peter and Shelley's sham wedding. However the joke went too far when Tracy convinced him he was the father of her unborn baby.

Bev grew lonely and longed for a man to pay her any attention. She made a pass at womanising Irish man and Rovers barman Ciaran, who was much younger than her, and the pair enjoyed a one night stand together. However Ciaran was engaged to shop worker Sunita and so wasn’t interested in anything long term. Despite Betty Williams walking in on the pair kissing their fling was kept under wraps until after Sunita had jilted Ciaran in December 2003. Bev hoped Ciaran becoming single again meant they could carry on a casual affair but he refused.

It wasn’t long before Bev was eyeing up builder Charlie Stubbs who had just bought a yard on Victoria Street. Bev threw herself at him and had several one night stands but he was more interested in her daughter Shelley and started dating her which caused a rift between the mother and daughter. Charlie was controlling and when he slept with Bev behind Shelley's back he played them off against each other and in June 2004 when Bev left the Street she wasn’t on the best terms with Shelley.

We didn’t see Bev again until several months later, just before Christmas in 2003 when she started making contact with Shelley again. By now Charlie has become even more controlling and Bev feared for Shelley's safety. They met up a few times however it was too much for Shelley who phoned Bev to tell her they couldn’t meet any longer. Over Christmas Bev got in touch with old friend Deirdre Rachid who lived next door to Shelley, and asked her if she would arrange a meet up with Shelley, without Charlie knowing. Deirdre managed to get a message to Shelley that Bev was waiting at number 1 and Shelley managed to sneak out without Charlie noticing. Bev tried to persuade Shelley that Charlie didn’t really care about her but Shelley refused to listen. Bev disappeared off the scene again for several months after making Deirdre promise to keep an eye on Shelley.

Bev returned to the street in the summer of 2005 after Deirdre had contacted her to tell her all was not well with Shelley. On arriving at the Rovers Bev pushed past a surprised Charlie and went upstairs to find Shelley. She was horrified to discover Shelley has black eyes, not knowing they were from cosmetic surgery that Shelley had had done. She made a scene in the Rovers and was thrown out of the pub. Bev remained on bad terms with Shelley for months afterwards, but found a job at the Weatherfield Arms, another local pub and became friends with Liz McDonald who also worked there. When Shelley and Charlie announced they were getting married Bev was in despair because Shelley was about to make a huge mistake however she attended the wedding and was delighted when Shelley realised just in time what Charlie was like and jilted him.

It wasn’t long after this that Bev moved back into the Rovers after Shelley had kicked Charlie out, and started working as a barmaid there once again. In January 2006 she went on a cruise with Liz and her boyfriend Vernon. However Shelley was shocked when Liz returned without Bev, who had met another man on the cruise and gone to live with him. A few weeks later however Bev was phoning the Rovers to ask for someone to collect her as her new man had dumped her on the motorway. Fred who took the call raced to collect her and Bev was so upset Fred comforted her. Fred ended up proposing and Bev accepted.

Shelley was delighted for her mum however was more than a little put out that Bev struck a close bond with Fred’s daughter in law Claire who was about to have a baby. Shelley felt as though she would never give her mother a grandchild. Shelley was also put out that Bev was marrying Fred who owned the Rovers as Shelley was supposed to be the manageress. This prompted Shelley to accept a job as a manageress at a pub in the Derbyshire countryside. However when rumours started circulating that Shelley had had a one night stand with Charlie Bev was worried and asked Shelley to reassure her there was no truth in it. Despite it being the truth Shelley lied to her mother to save her feelings, and despite Tracy Barlow, who Charlie was now dating, trying to spoil things she enjoyed a farewell drink at the Rovers.

Bev missed Shelley and this led Fred and Bev to make the decision to retire to the country after their wedding. The pub was put up for sale and Fred and Bev excepted an offer from Steve and Liz McDonald. Bev and Fred recently had to cut short their holiday due to the problems Fred’s son and daughter in law have been going through.

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