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Bethany Britney Platt

Played by & IMDB entry for Amy Walton & Emily Walton

Bethany Appeared: 4 June 2000 - (played by Mia Cookson 4 - 8 September 2000)

Born: 4th June 2000

Daughter of Sarah Platt and Neil Fearns

Granddaughter of Gail Platt & Brenda Fearns.

sister of Billy Platt


Poor old Bethany has had a bad start to life. She was conceived when her parents were only 12 in a school playground prank. When Bethany was finally born her mother, still very much a child herself, wasn't sure if she really wanted her. Sarah certainly wasn't ready to be a parent. The bonding process was helped along however by Bethany being kidnapped at just a few hours old by Allison Webster who had just lost her own baby. Sarah finally realised she did want her daughter and perhaps did care for her after all during this incident. Allison finally handed Bethany over to her husband Kevin Webster before killing herself by running in front of a lorry. A distraught Kevin had not only lost his child but now his wife. However Bethany was unharmed and handed back to her mother.

Sarah took a while to adjust to parenthood and hasn't always done what's best for Bethany, however Sarah does love her daughter and many of the traumas that have happened to Bethany have not been all her mother's fault.

In March 2003 Bethany was drugged and put in a car by her step-grandfather Richard Hillman. Along with the rest of the Platt family, Bethany nearly perished in a watery grave as he plunged the car into a river hoping to take them all to heaven. All did get saved but Richard.

During 2003 Sarah decided to set up home with Todd Grimshaw taking Bethany away from her normal surroundings in the Platt household. Sarah, Bethany and Todd lived in a seedy flat where Bethany got electricuted and rushed to hospital in August of that year. This prompted Beth's grandmother Gail Hillman to call in Social Services to try and get Bethany back living with her. Social Services deicded that Bethany was best off with her mother Sarah and Todd. For a while this caused family discord and Bethany's ties with her grandmother Gail were cut off.

In September 2003 Sarah learned that Bethany's Dad had died in a car crash. Sarah felt it only right that she take Bethany to the funeral to pay their last respects. While at the funeral Sarah met Neil's mother Brenda Fearns. Brenda was grief-stricken, she had lost her only child and it turned out her husband had left her a while before. All Brenda had left in the world now was Bethany.

Sarah and Todd felt obliged to let Brenda Fearns play a part in Bethany's life and for a while this worked with Brenda not only lavishing on Bethany but Sarah and Todd with luxuries. However it gradually became apparent that Neil's death had made Brenda become unhinged. It was clear she had had religious leanings but she was now taking this all too far and started lecturing 3 year old Bethany on the fact Sarah and Todd were living in sin. Then she told Bethany how soon she would be with her real daddy in heaven.

As January 2004 dawned, 3 and a half year old Bethany's life yet again was in danger. Brenda felt she would solve all her problems and give Bethany a better life if they both died and joined Neil in heaven. She took Bethany to the roof of a church and threatened to jump. In the end Emily Bishop was able to talk her down and hand back Bethany to Sarah.


Todd Grimshaw had always looked upon Bethany as a daughter and hoped to adopt her one day when he and Sarah eventually married. Bethany was very atached to Todd too. However any hopes of Bethany having a constant father figure in her life were dashed when Todd had an affair with Karl Foster. It ended his relationship with Sarah and despte his protests that he loved Sarah and Bethany, he was refused all access to Bethany ever again.

In June 2004 Sarah went into premature labour with her second child, Billy - a brother to Bethany. Sadly a few days later he died.


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