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Amy Katherine Barlow AKA Patience Cropper

Tracy with her daughter Amy (played by one of the orignal babies but not Rebecca Pike)
Amy at around 8 months old - played by Rebecca Pike
Amy March 2005 played by Rebecca Pike
Amy played by Louise Morris July 2005
Amy December 2005 played by Madison Hampson

Currently Played by: Madison Hampson - since October 2005.
(Played upto June 2005 by Rebecca Pike,
July-October 2005 - Louisa Morris )

(They used three babies at first to play Amy. After a month they just used two. Since Amy has been three months old they have used just Rebecca Pike - Rebecca was in the part from the start until Louisa took over the role.)

Character Appeared from: 9th February 2004 -

Born: 9th February 2004

Daughter of Tracy Barlow & allegedly Steve McDonald

Granddaughter of Ken Barlow, Deirdre Rachid and allegedly Liz Mcdonald.

Her birth certificate states that she is called "Patience Cropper" and is the daughter of Roy and Hayley Cropper. This is because Tracy Barlow sold her baby to the Croppers for £25,000. However Tracy soon wanted her baby back. Tracy changed the baby's name to "Amy Barlow" but it is doubtful that under British law the child's birth cetificate could be changed. The scriptwriters kept to this too as there was a story of Tracy discovering just how difficult it would be to get the birth certificate altered.

Although Tracy has Amy back, she dumps her on anyone who will offer to look after her. When it is Tracy's turn to look aftre Amy, she expects her father to remain home to help her.

As of October 2004, Tracy is using Amy as a tool to break up the marriage of Karen and Steve McDonald.

Steve and Amy 6th October 2004

Karen, Steve & Amy 8th October 2004 (Rebecca Pike as Amy)

2005 has seen many a battle over Amy. Steve first tried to pretend he had feelings for Tracy to get close to Amy. However Tracy worked out Steve was just using her to get to Amy on the day they were to go to court to establish Steve's paternal rights as Amy's father. Since then Tracy has been hellbent on revenge. This story is still in mid-flow although relations do seem calmer - for now!

Louisa Morris as Amy - 25th July 2005 Tracy has Steve arrested claiming he had kidnapped Amy.  However in reality Tracy had arranged for Steve to take his daughter out for the day pretending she had forgiven Steve.

6th February 2006 Amy and Tracy move in with Charlie Stubbs.  Madison Hampson is seen in the picture

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