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Seth Armstrong

Played by Stan Richards. 1930-2005

First Appearance on 16 May 1978

Last Appearance - September 2003 due to ill health.
Stan's voice was heard on an answer phone in the 4th November 2004 episode.
He was seen in a video clip played at The Woolpack on the
24th December 2004.

Widower to Margaret ("Meg") who died in 1993. Now childhood sweetheart lives with Betty Eagleton

Children - Fred and Jimmy (by Meg)










































Character History

The Armstrong’s arrive in the village and are immediately known as a “difficult family.”Seth’s first job was as the school boiler man.

He became gamekeeper at Home Farm Estates in this year; his boss was Maurice Westrop.

Helped out Helen Eacott. Took Jackie Merrick under his wing teaching him to handle ferrets and a shotgun.

Alan Turner arrived in this year and this was to be the start of a (in)famous partnership.

Meg ended their relationship and he had to sleep in a shed at Home Farm. He later won Meg back with a bottle of port. He was exposed as a cheat at the local horticultural show when his veg won first prize.

Alan gave Seth a digital watch to improve his time-keeping. Seth was found to be cheating again when his pumpkin won the heaviest prize, it then split and was found to be filled with nails.

Seth opened the NY Social Club in opposition to the Woolpack. Unfortunately his beer made everyone ill and he made a profit of 10p before clsoing down. Seth won a donkey in a dominoes match, he called it Amos.

Seth played a trick on Alan when he was dieting by fixing his scales. Seth took in Nick Bates this year, he taught him how to tickle trout; he also put a couple of trout into Mrs Bates dressing gown which Alan Turner wore.

Seth started wearing a new pair of dentures. He frightened everyone with his wide grin. He ended up leaving them on a scarecrow.

One of his saddest moments came when he found the body of his young friend Jackie Merrick slumped in his car, he had accidentally shot himself and he had to break the news to Joe.

End of an era this year when Amos left the Woolpack. Seth immediately started to set up rivalry between Alan and Ernie Shuttleworth at the Malt Shovel. Seth became a pensioner in this year.

A sad year began with the death of Meg. Seth seemed at a loss when she died and moved in with Archie and Nick. The year ended with the plane crash.

Began the year homeless and jobless. The Easter Steam Fair was organised to raise money for the village disaster fund and Seth was there performing his famous ferrets down the trousers routine. As the year went on he became closer to Betty Eagleton and proposed to her. They eventually decided just to live together. Comforted Alan when Shirley died, and became a hero after accidentally shooting the Beast of Beckindale.

Seth got his old job back as gamekeeper. Moved in with Betty. He had a new experience this year when he saw a strip show, he took a cold shower later when Betty found out.

He takes it easier in his job (if that is possible). He said goodbye to one lodger Tom and hello to Paddy Kirk the vet.

Visited his sister in the Isle of Wight (Stan broke his leg). Returned to Emmerdale in November to discover the Woolpack in ruins.

He was sacked by Eric (Home Farm manager) telling Betty he got £200 severance pay, when Stella had actually given him £1000. He went to Rachel’s funeral.

Seth wins some money on the horses but he's then attacked and his money stolen. After the mugging he confesses to Betty and they both break down. Seth later becomes agoraphobic. The whole village rallies round him and he soon gets over the trauma. Seth celebrates his 74th birthday in style when Betty organises a surprise party.

Seth supports Zak in his dilemma about Cain. Zak is worried, he’s discovered a lump and won’t tell anyone. Eventually he admits his fears to Seth, who encourages him to go to the doctor.

Seth was part of a Royal Command Performance he has to run from Keeper's Cottage next to the village post office, which was blown up during The Queen's visit to the set of Emmerdale, 11 July 2002 

Seth was seen less and less due to Stan's failing health and was written as staying with Kathy Glover,
Alice Bates and her family in Australia.

Seth finally made one return appearance (left) on Christmas Eve 2004 in a short video sent to Betty from Australia. He appeared thinner but still his old chirpy Seth Armstrong.

Actor Stan Richards died quietly in his sleep on Friday 11th February 2005 we are therefore waiting to see what becomes of Seth.


Stan Richards 1930-2005

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