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All about Rodney Blackstock

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First Appeared: 24 August or October 2000 -

Rodney was born in 1949. Married 1st Diane divorced
Married 2nd Maureen divorced

Two daughters:- Bernice (from 1st marriage) and Nicola (from 2nd marriage)
One Granddaughter Gabrielle Thomas (daughter of Bernice and AshleyThomas

Rodney with the two Mrs. Blackstocks - Maureen and Diane

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Played by Patrick Mower
First Appearance on 24th October 2000
Family; Ex wife Diane, Daughters Bernice and Nicola


Rodney first appears in the village after Ashley contacts him. When Rodney shows up in the Woolpack unannounced Diane is horrified as she hadn’t seen him for 26 years. Rodney manages to charm everyone in the pub apart from Diane and they argue continually. When Bernice returns from Sorento she serves a pint to Rodney at the bar without realising who he is. When he asks her if she knows who he is, it slowly sinks in that Rodney is her father. It comes as a big shock to Bernice. After a lot of tears and arguments Bernice comes to terms with Rodney being around Bernice and Ashley put sort out their differences and Rodney turns up unexpectedly in time for her wedding on Christmas Day.

Rodney’s other daughter, Nicola, who Bernice had yet to meet turns up in the village in January 2001. Rodney and Chris Tate get on well and make a few business deals. It looks like Rodney might be staying in the village for a while. When Bernice suffers from the miscarriage Rodney is deeply saddened and even harshly throws Tricia out of the Vicarage when she comes to apologise to Bernice, blaming her for the miscarriage. He also warns Carlos never to hurt Nicola or he will have him to deal with.  Rodney buys shares in Chez Marlon and although Kathy is keen Marlon takes a lot more convincing before he agrees.  Rodney finds love when new barmaid Louise arrives in the village. When Nicola’s relationship with Carlos gets rocky Rodney is there to be a shoulder to cry on. He is furious to discover that Bernice and Carlos have been having an affair at Nicola’s wedding to Carlos. He goes on the rampage.

Rodney Blackstock official fan card

The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 28th June 2003


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Rodney proposes to Steph

STEPH turns 50 this week and it hurts. She feels lonely and hard-up and is suddenly attracted to wealthy local businessman Rodney.

When he plans a surprise party for her, she is shocked but responds by throwing herself into his arms.

She jokes about them growing old together and when he doesn’t argue, she takes it as a sign - and announces their engagement!

But when she learns he is actually penniless, heartless Steph breaks off the romance.

Steph starts the week feeling gloomy about her birthday. “She reckons she should be living in a dream home in the sunshine by now,” says Lorraine Chase, who plays Tricia’s gold-digging mum.

“Her dad says life is a compromise and Steph’s mind starts working overtime. When she hears a row about money between Nicola and Rodney, she starts thinking he might not be a bad catch.”

When Rodney doesn’t resist her advances, she announces they are to be married.

“Everyone is shocked that Steph has got her meal ticket . . . whoops, I mean her man!” says Lorraine.

“But she gets cold feet when she checks his bank statements and realises that her would-be husband-to-be is flat broke.”


Poison Pollard

Monday | 11.08.03

Eric Pollard

Emmerdale's Eric Pollard has a new scheme up his sleeve.

The slippery businessman is desperate to get one over antique dealer rival Rodney Blackstock and believes he's hit upon the perfect plan.

Eric has heard reports that Rodney's land could be of historical value. Mill Cottage is an stunning old abode with attractive views and the entrepreneur is convinced that he could make a fortune from the land.

Pollard decides that before he launches the campaign to convince Rodney to sell the land to him, he needs to ensure that it will pay the dividends he hopes for.

Sneakily, Eric creeps onto the land armed with his trusty metal detector - and to his amazement he discovers some ancient coins.

After unearthing the coins, Eric realises that he has to part Rodney with them and the land - but his newfound arrogance tells him this will be no problem.

Is Rodney as naive as he looks?


Fairground Attraction

Tuesday | 26.08.03

Emmerdale veteran Rodney Blackstock makes a mysterious new female acquaintance.

The hot-blooded antiques dealer has had no luck with the ladies recently but his fortunes are about to change for the better.

Rodney suffered a horrible humiliation when he fell for scheming employee Steph Stokes a few weeks ago. He had mistakenly believed that she really loved him and even went as far as to propose before the money-grabbing local admitted the truth.

Since then he had enjoyed a tryst with Steph's pal Shelley but that too fizzled out.

Just as Rodney is wondering if his life will ever improve a fairground arrived in the Dales and sexy newcomer Juanita is making quite an impression on the lovelorn singleton.

The pair enjoy a cosy night at the Woolpack, which improves immeasurably after the twosome enjoy a few drinks and a few laughs.

Rodney is in awe of Juanita and her adventurous life and starts to consider ways of improving his own existence.

Will Rodney be seduced by life on the open road?


Rodney, You Plonker

Thursday | 11.09.03

Emmerdale aspiring entrepreneur Rodney Blackstock is out of his league.

The antiques dealer fancies himself as a property hotshot but his latest plan to make money has hit a massive stumbling block.

After bumping into a suave property developer, Rodney hit upon the idea of expanding his own business portfolio. After receiving a tip-off from the businessman, Rodney decides to attend an auction to bid for a nearby stately home to transform into swanky flats.

Sceptical employee Danny Daggartt is convinced that Rodney is chasing fool's gold but undeterred his optimistic boss drags him along to the auction.

However, even Rodney can't contain his surprise when he wins the bidding with a massive £1 million offer. But with the auctioneers after the money and a business opportunity on the table, Rodney knows that there is no going back in his latest scheme.

Will it all end in disaster for the wannabe tycoon?


Money For Nothing

Thursday | 24.09.03


Emmerdale's would-be entrepreneur Rodney Blackstock faces humiliation and financial ruin.

The antiques dealer recklessly bid £1 million to win an impressive country mansion but had to borrow money to honour his bill.

In an effort to solve his financial woes, the wheeler-dealer turned to loan sharks for cash - a move he is living to regret.

Daughter Nicola is distressed to hear that her frightened father is having to hide from his debt collectors as he has no way to pay the first instalment.

But rival businessman Eric Pollard is delighted to see Rodney squirm. When Rodney approaches the factory boss and appeals for help, Pollard offers an insulting solution.

He offer Rodney a ludicrously low sum of money to buy the prime property - pointing out that it would buy the desperate man more time to find more money.

Determined to get his own back, Rodney decides it is time that Pollard's absent wife Gloria is brought up to date on her husband's business dealings - and his new found closeness with Dales siren Steph Stokes

Website notes 2004

Diane's sister Val arrived in Emmerdale in February 2004. She claims Rodney broke her heart when she was 19 and they had an affair. She doesn't seem too worried then or now by the fact he was married to her sister Diane at the time of the affair. Rodney and Val's affair began one night when Val went over to Rodney & Diane's home. Diane was out and was babysitting Bernice who was in bed. The affair continued for a while until one morning Diane woke up to find a note saying Rodney had left her for Rita "the hatchet girl" with whom Rodney had been seeing. He would live with Rita for five years. The end of Rodney's marriage to Diane also signaled the end of his affair to Val. They would not see each other again for nearly 30 years.

Diane did not know about the affair between her then husband Rodney and her sister Val until 5th April 2004.

Two weeks after Rodney left Val began seeing Jimmy Pepper and was soon pregnant supposedly with his child. Could this be of any significance?

[Some re-writing of back histories has occurred. Rodney is supposed have bene born in 1949 and Diane 1947. Val is 10 years younger than Diane which would make her born around 1957. Bernice was born in 1968 and Rodney left Diane when Bernice was about five years old circa 1973. Rodney's daughter Nicola was born to Rodney's 2nd wife Maureen in 1978.

However if Val was 19 at the time of her affair to Rodney, this means the affair occured around 1976. It also was revealed/confirmed in the 5th April 2004 episode that Rodney spent 5 years with Rita "the hatchet girl." If this is the case where does Nicola fit in? It means her age has changed or Rodney and Diane's birth years have changed?]

Another Emmerdale love triangle
Those Emmerdale folk spend so much time jumping in and out of each other's beds, it's a wonder any work gets done.
Following the recent sexual revelations surrounding the close-knit Sugden clan, the ongoing love triangle between toy-boy Danny (Cleveland Campbell), Val (Charlie Hardwick) and mature millionaire Rodney (Patrick Mower) looks set to reach boiling point next month.
It's definitely crunch time for Val at the beginning of April when she sneaks Danny into her bedroom behind Rodney's back, and is then forced to finally choose between her two lovers.
"The storyline is set to hot up," an Emmerdale spokesperson said.
"Like all love triangles, things ultimately get found out, and sparks are certainly set to fly when Val gets rumbled. How long will she be able to juggle her lovers?"
Not for much longer by the sound of things. Cast and crew have already shot a scene where Val's suitors come to blows.
"Me and Rodney have a little fall out over Val," revealed Cleveland Campbell, 26.
So which of the beaus comes off better?
"Neither," he explained. "But we both give as good as we get."

Click Here for Daily Mirror article BASHER BLACKSTOCK! Apr 3 2004

Rodney flattens Danny after he finds out the youngster has also been sleeping with Val

Extract from The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps - 4th April 2004,,2001330006-2004150028_3,00.html



SMOOTH millionaire Rodney is proud of his reputation as a ladykiller. So he is incensed when he finds out he’s been sharing Val with his young protégé, Danny.

Danny is just as angry to discover his boss has been sleeping with Val. And the men come to blows on the village green.

Rodney tells ex-wife Diane that the affair with her sister began while they were still married, many years ago. She is stunned and orders Val out of her life.

"Rodney sees Danny and Val snogging when he checks the CCTV footage after a theft," says Patrick Mower, who plays the wine-dealing ladies’ man.

He sets off to confront Danny, and after a heated exchange outside the pub a fight breaks out that is witnessed by a number of Woolpack drinkers.

Diane stops the scrap and goes ballistic when she finds out it’s all Val’s fault. She threatens to throw her sister out of the pub.

Val visits Rodney to ask for another chance and says that she’ll tell Diane about their affair if he doesn’t agree to go back out with her - but Rodney confesses all to Diane himself.

Furious, she throws Val out.

Val turns to Jack in her hour of need and he lets her stay, telling Diane that he can’t make Val sleep on the streets.

He later asks Diane to swallow her pride and let her sister move back in. Not wanting to see him put out, she agrees.

ITV.COM An Affair To Remember

Monday | 05.04.04

Emmerdale's Rodney Blackstock confronts his romantic demons this week.

The hot-blooded antiques dealer has been secretly seeing Val Lambert, with whom he conducted an affair during his marriage to her sister.

Rodney was upset at the weekend when he realised Val has been two-timing him with his youthful employee Danny Daggart. Resolved to cut her out of his life, Rodney confronts the love cheat and tells her there is no going back for them.

In retaliation, Val threatens to come clean to unsuspecting sister Diane about her and Rodney's passionate affair - but the brave veteran decides to take matters into his own hands.

Knowing that the revelation is bound to infuriate the kindly Woolpack landlady, Rodney tries to break the news to Diane gently.

But the double betrayal by her one-time husband and sister is a devastating blow to Diane. Will either of them enjoy a good relationship with her again?



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