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About Patrick Mower who plays Rodney Blackstock in Emmerdale

Patrick Mower
Born: 12th September 1940

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First Appeared: 24 August or October 2000 -

A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various profiles and photos availabe to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site (that is no more). The following is one of those profiles.

Patrick Mower was a major TV star of the seventies and eighties with hit series like, Special Branch, Callen and Target. But since then he has worked mainly in the theatre and in films in Europe and further afield.
Popular panto star Patrick , who is now 60, is married to Anya, with whom he has a two year-old son Maxim. Patrick says, " One of the bonuses of joining Emmerdale is that the writing is brilliant compared with some of the movie scripts I've had."

For many soap stars, the recognition that comes with appearing in one of the nation's top TV shows can be a shock, but Patrick takes it all in his stride.

"I still seem to be very recognisable, even though I haven't been on mainstream TV for a while," he says. "I am expecting that to increase quite a bit more, but that's fine - I think it's part of the business.
People often ask me if it bothers me when I get asked for my autograph, and I tell them that the only time to object is when people stop asking you!"

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