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Robert Jacob Sugden

Karl Davies

Appeared: 9 August 2001 -

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Son of Jack & Pat
b. 22 Apr 1986

Stepmother: Sarah

Siblings, Jackie Merrick, Andy Sugden (adopted), half-siblings, Sandie Merrick, Victoria Sugden.

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Played by Christopher Smith then Karl Davies
First Appearance 22 April 1986 (Originally played by Robert Smith)
Family; Dad Jack; Mum Pat; adopted brother; Andy

Robert takes Andy to Demdyke Quarry and is unable to stop him getting trapped. He gets help for him. Sets the tone for the rest of the relationship, with Robert continually trying to rescue his friend from all kinds of trouble

Andy starts to bully him, and Robert gradually starts to fight back. He is
left in charge of his sister, Victoria, while Jack continues his affair with Rachel, and senses that something is wrong between his parents. Mum Sarah tells him about his dad's affair and he catches Jack kissing Rachel.
He teases Andy about fancying Emma and writing a poem. He is embarrassed when Emma gives him a goodbye kiss. He asks Ned for boxing tips to scare off bullies, then punches Donna Windsor in the face. Robert overhears Sarah telling Jack that she does not love him anymore.

Discovers that his mum has left to be with Richie. He skives from school and then goes to see Sarah and blames himself for the split up of the family.
He is told that Sarah has died. He tells the police what he saw the night of the barn fire and is overjoyed when Jack is allowed home.
He sees Richie in the village and attacks him, blames him for killing Sarah.
Robert has to go to court as a witness. Admits to Andy that he sometimes thinks that Jack may have killed Sarah. He asks Diane if she thinks Jack is guilty.
Attends Sarah’s funeral. Is emotional when Jack has to go back to prison, and waits for the verdict on his dads trial.

The trial opens with Richie testifying that he saw Jack light the barn fire. Robert is called to give evidence, and claims he saw Jack try to save Sarah. Under examination, Robert begins to falter, but miraculously Richie changes his statement and Jack is found not guilty.
Jack and the kids try to rebuild their lives and go on holiday to Spain. Andy confesses to Andy that it was him who lit the fire. Robert cannot forgive him, and starts his vengeance by flirting with Andys new girlfriend Katie.

Robert is involved in a hit and run with the other teenagers in the village, and spins a web of lies to try and get away with murder.

THE SUN 26th July 2003


Weekdays ITV1

Donna is delighted to help new driver Robert turn his car into a passion wagon. But when Robert starts getting distracted by another woman, Donna is instantly jealous.

While Robert insists he and Elaine are just mates and he’s helping her learn to drive, Donna is not so sure.

“Donna really fancies Robert,” says Verity Rushworth, who plays the teenage temptress. “The trouble is, living in a tiny village means that there’s nowhere for them to go to be together.

“When Robert passes his test and gets a car, Donna is delighted! They head off to a quiet country lane where nature takes its course.

“Donna is thrilled, until Robert remembers he is supposed to be taking Elaine out for a driving lesson.

“Furious, Donna insists on going too and makes such a nuisance of herself chattering from the back seat that Elaine reverses into a gatepost.”

Later, Elaine tells Donna she doesn’t fancy Robert, but Donna isn’t convinced. And when Robert and Elaine are alone in the car when it runs out of petrol in a country lane, he starts flirting with her.

She reminds him he already has a girlfriend, but will temptation get the better of them?

ITV.COM Teenage Kicks

Friday | 01.08.03

Randy Robert continues his pursuit of a second girlfriend tonight.

The Sugden schoolboy has already captured the heart of Donna Windsor but has set his sights another village lovely - newcomer Elaine Marsden.

And Robert is finding his new set of wheels is the perfect excuse to lure unwitting Elaine to got out with him - even if she has no idea of his romantic intentions.

The pair embark on a second driving lesson tonight, free from Donna's watchful eyes. And Robert ensures that the car runs out of petrol miles from home so they are forced to spend some quality time together.

But Elaine has no intention of becoming another notch on his bedpost. And luckily for her, dad Ronnie, has also sussed Robert's game.

Ronnie is furious to discover that Elaine has not turned up for work, and that she is with Robert. He hunts for the pair and when he finds them, Elaine is dragged home with clear instructions not to go near Robert again.

Donna is delighted that Elaine is out of the picture but will Robert give up so easily?

The Sun 25th August 2003


Weekdays  ITV1


RONNIE and Frances throw a Seventies party and as the drinks flow it seems that romance is in the air for some of the revellers.

Laurel takes a drunken Ashley back home and tells him she loves him - but by then he is asleep on the sofa. And with Donna away, Elaine and Robert share a kiss.

But there is no happy ending for either couple.

" Laurel is besotted by Ashley," says Charlotte Bellamy, who plays the lovelorn Miss Potts. "Nicola tries to warn Laurel not to make a fool of herself but Laurel thinks she can make Ashley happy."

Louise mentions she is going to try her luck at speed-dating, a night of five-minute mini-dates, in the hope of finding a new man. Lonely Ashley takes an interest, so Laurel instantly wants to come too. The evening goes slowly until Ashley and Laurel finally have their mini-date.

" They have a great time," says Charlotte. "But I don’t think he thinks of her as a possible partner. They go back to the Marsdens’ party afterwards and by then Ashley has really had too much to drink. Laurel takes him home and, as she settles him onto the sofa, she whispers to him that she loves him. But by then Ashley is fast asleep!"

Meanwhile, Robert and Elaine share a tender kiss but Elaine is instantly wracked with guilt over Robert’s regular girlfriend, Donna.

Robert coolly says that no-one need know, which only upsets Elaine further and she rushes off in tears.


Cheating Hearts

Tuesday | 16.09.03

Donna slaps Robert after finding out he has used her.

Emmerdale's Robert Sugden and Donna Windsor are playing romantic games.

The teenage twosome split up last week when Donna discovered roguish Robert had been wooing local lovely Elaine Marsden behind her back.

Determined to preserve her self-respect Donna has held her head high after discovering the heartbreaking truth about her boyfriend. Robert, who has little respect for either girl, was unrepentant about his cheating behaviour, leaving Donna to vow never to get involved with him again.

But Robert's new romance hasn't panned out in the way he had hoped. Sensible Elaine has refused to give in to his pressure for them to sleep together and it seems that Robert will be taking cold showers for some time.

However, when Donna marches round to the farm to collect some belongings from him, Robert finds himself drawn to her again. Dressed up to the nines and with an attitude to match, Donna is every teenage boy's dream. And soon the pair find themselves in bed together again.

But is Robert interested in Donna for her mind....

Elaine and Robert 26th September 2003

Robert leaves girlfriend for dead
Emmerdale's Robert Sugden has had a tricky time recently trying to choose between the two women in his life - but things are about to get much worse.
The two-timer, who has been romancing Donna Windsor and Elaine Marsden, puts one of the girls in grave danger after crashing his car.
The drama happens when Robert, played by Karl Davies, decides Elaine is the girl for him and takes her on a romantic picnic in the hope of a little passion.
But they end up rowing when Elaine rejects his advances and he says he might get further if he was a woman!
Elaine storms off and Robert follows her in the car. He persuades her to get in but disaster strikes when they continue to argue and Robert is so distracted they end up crashing.
Amazingly Robert staggers away from the wreckage, leaving Elaine in the car covered in blood.
He has no idea if she is dead or alive but panics at the thought of getting into trouble.
The episode is shown on September 29 on ITV1.

The Sun's Weekly Guide to the Soaps 28th September 2003

Robert and elain after the crash


Mon, Weds, Thurs, Fri - ITV1


RANDY Robert’s attempts to get Elaine to sleep with him lead to a car crash in which she gets badly hurt - and her shameless suitor blames her for the accident!

"When Elaine agrees to go for a picnic, Robert is convinced this is his big chance," says Karl Davies, who plays him. "But Elaine wants to take things slowly and storms off when he tries to make a move."

Robert jumps into Elaine’s car and hurtles after her. He manages to persuade her to get in but, while talking to her, he loses control of the vehicle, which crashes in to a ditch and hits a tree, dazing Robert momentarily and knocking Elaine out cold.

"Robert panics," says Karl. "He could lose his licence and his job, so he drags Elaine over to the driving seat to make it look as if she was driving!"

While Robert has only minor injuries, Elaine is rushed to hospital with a suspected fractured skull.

"When Elaine comes round, she can’t remember anything," adds Karl. "She accepts Robert’s story and he starts to think he is off the hook."

ITV.COM Checkmate!

Monday | 26.01.04

Emmerdale's illicit lovers Robert and Katie have been caught out.

The cheating twosome were rumbled by Daz Hopwood - and it looks like only a skilled bit of blackmailing will conceal the truth.

When Daz set fire to Scott Windsor's garage, he had no idea that he was about to stumble on a terrible secret. He has been under the care of kindly step-brother Andy and feels that his older sibling and fiancée Katie are his closest friends.

The realisation that Katie is sleeping with Andy's adopted brother is a huge shock, as is Robert's plan to keep him quiet.

Actress Sammy Winward - who plays adulterous Katie - says, "Robert warns Daz to keep quiet and - to ensure his silence - Robert takes the blame for starting the fire.

"They hope that will be the end of it, but they are still nervous. Daz is quite unreliable and Katie is terrified that he will tell Andy the truth. She is worried about these near misses they keep having - but that worry obviously isn't enough to stop her sleeping with Robert. "

Will Daz stay true to his word?

ITV.COM Double-Crossed

Tuesday | 27.01.04

Emmerdale's Daz Hopwood is double-crossed by bad boy Robert Sugden.

The tearaway teen has stumbled upon Robert's secret affair with brother Andy's fiancée Katie Addyman but his troubles are just beginning.

When Robert and Katie realised that they had been caught, their first thoughts were of how to keep young Daz quiet. The cheating duo struck a deal with Daz, where Robert agreed to take the blame for the fire in exchange for Daz's silence.

However, Andy knows that his brothers are keeping something secret from him and figures that they know the true circumstances surrounding the blaze. But when Andy presses Robert for information, Daz is horrified to discover the true extent of his treachery.

Breaching their pact entirely, Robert tells Andy the truth that Daz was to blame for the fire, knowing that the revelation will diminish his trust in the troubled youngster.

So when Daz offers Andy the truth about his deceitful loved-ones, will the trusting farmer believe his wild tale?

ITV.COM Guilty Conscience

Thursday | 29.01.04

Emmerdale cheat Katie Addyman is troubled by her deceitful antics.

The blonde beauty is troubled by her affair with bad boy Robert Sugden and the way they have destroyed a young life.

Ever since Robert and Katie were caught in a passionate clinch by her fiancé Andy’s stepbrother Daz, she has been in a panic.

Desperate to conceal the truth from unsuspecting Andy, the pair have gone to great lengths to ensure Daz's silence. But after their blackmailing failed, Katie told Andy it was either her or Daz and he was promptly dispatched into a care home.

Now Katie’s conscience has started to bother her, and she decides the only way to appease it is to end her affair for good.

But when she tries to finish with Robert, she ends up back in his arms again.

Actress Sammy Windward explains, "Katie feels terrible about what she is doing, but something keeps drawing her back to Robert.

‘She hasn’t intentionally allowed it to carry on, but Robert adds excitement to her life and as a young girl, she feels she needs that at the moment.

‘Katie loves Andy but they have so much responsibility that they are old before their time. Robert keeps her feeling young."

The Sun 26th January 2004


Sun to Fri - ITV1


ROBERT and Katie’s hot affair almost ends with them being burned alive when tearaway Daz sets Scott’s garage on fire.

The lovers manage to get out safely, but Daz then spots Andy’s bride-to-be and adopted brother kissing.

At first, Robert tries to persuade Daz into keeping quiet. But when the truth comes out, Katie says the wedding is off unless Daz is put back into care.

"It’s a horrible thing to do," says Sammy Winward, who plays Katie. "But she is so infatuated with Robert that she is not really thinking straight."

Daz decides to torch the garage after Scott refuses to let him do his community service there, which means he will be sent back to Manchester and placed in a youth offenders’ scheme.

As Daz starts the fire outside, Robert and Katie are enjoying a steamy liaison inside - and have locked the doors so they are not disturbed.

The pair realise the place is ablaze and escape just in time, but are seen kissing by Daz.

Realising the boy is on to them, Robert promises to take the blame for the fire if Daz keeps quiet.

But Andy doesn’t buy Robert’s story - he rightly suspects that half-brother Daz was the culprit.

Trying to get the truth out of Daz gets nowhere, but when Andy talks to Robert again he admits that Daz started the blaze.

When an outraged Daz then blurts out to Andy that he saw the lovers together, bride-to-be Katie is forced to take action.

"Andy doesn’t believe Daz," says Sammy, "and Katie insists that Daz has got to go because of all his lies."

Disgusted with Daz, Andy tries to send him back to his mother, Denise, but she wants nothing to do with him.

"Katie tells Andy straight that if he doesn’t get rid of Daz, it will be the end of their relationship," Sammy explains. "Andy sends Daz into care, despite the boy’s pleas that he is telling the truth."

When a social worker arrives to collect Daz, Andy is upset as his young half-brother reminds him of his promise to stand by him.

"Katie does feel guilty afterwards," says Sammy. "She tries to end the affair because of all the troubles it’s causing.

"She is supposed to be getting married in three weeks, but is so attracted to Robert she can’t resist him, and they finish up in bed again. Next day, they almost get caught in bed when Paul calls round.

"Robert wants them to go to a hotel for more privacy, but Katie refuses. She is feeling guilty about the whole thing.


The Sun 1st February 2004


Sun to Fri - ITV1

BROTHERLY love goes out of the window when Andy and Robert lurch into a booze-fuelled fight over Katie.

Robert sparks the aggro after he is dumped by Katie. She has been having an affair with him even though she’s about to marry Andy, but now says she is going to stay faithful to her fiancé after all.

The rejection proves unbearable. Robert has too much to drink and starts a full-on fight with his stepbrother in the pub.

"Emotions are running pretty high and it gets out of control," says Karl Davies, who plays rampant mechanic Robert.

At the start of the week, Robert turns Pear Tree Cottage into a real love nest with candles and romantic music, and he and Katie get passionate.

"Their affair may have started as a fling, but Robert is really close to being in love with Katie," reveals Karl.

The cheating couple begin to take risks and are almost caught canoodling in the barn when Andy drives up.

"Robert has to hide behind a haystack when he walks in," says Karl.

Katie’s guilt grows as she gets caught up in preparing for the wedding, and she confides in Chas at the pub that she has a lover.

While Andy performs a string of racy dares as part of his stag week, Katie takes time to think about what she is doing and she decides to end the affair.

"Robert is gobsmacked when she says it’s over," says Karl. "He tries to convince her she’ll be back, but Katie rings Andy to come and fetch her.

"When he sees Andy and Katie kissing, Robert takes out his fury on Charity’s car at the garage."

To make things worse, Katie stuns Robert the next day when she confesses that even though she had to end it, she does love him.

That’s the final straw for Robert, who goes to drown his sorrows.

"He gets plastered in The Woolpack and turns really nasty when one of Andy’s dares ends up with him kissing Viv," says Karl.

"Robert cruelly taunts his brother that Katie is popular with all of the Windsors, particularly Scott. That makes Andy lose his temper and lash out.

"Next thing, they are on the floor punching away at each other and have to be pulled apart by Danny, Syd and Paul."

Love Rat Rattled

Thursday | 05.02.04

Emmerdale's Robert Sugden finally gets in touch with his emotions.

The unscrupulous love rat has taken great pleasure in seducing and dumping an array of village beauties but he's finally met his match.

In Katie Addyman - his brother Andy's longterm love and fiancée - Robert has found his perfect woman. Although the pair began their illicit liaison with no preconceptions of a proper relationship, both have now become smitten.

Fearing that her feelings are getting totally out of hand, Katie decides she has to finish things with her bad boy lover. She is determined to go through with the wedding and wants to rid herself of the terrible guilt she feels.

But Robert is heartbroken by her decision.

Actress Sammy Winward explains, "He's quite un-Robert-like when Katie tells him. You would expect him to move straight on to the next girl, but he takes it really badly.

"I think Katie is his first real love, but he has fallen for completely the wrong girl and he can't accept that it's over."

How will Robert cope with his heartbreak?

Sex disease shock for Emmerdale
There's some terrible news in store for four youngsters in the tragedy-hit village of Emmerdale.
They are left reeling when a VD epidemic sweeps the village, and fear they have contracted chlamydia after a sex merry-go-round, according to The Sun.
Bride-to-be Katie Addyman, played by Sammy Winward, goes for tests after sleeping with her future brother-in-law, and the best man, Robert (Karl Davies).
He realises he has the disease after sleeping with Katie's bridesmaid Donna (Verity Rushworth) on the wedding night.
Katie is scared that hubby-to-be Andy Sugden (Kelvin Fletcher) will be infected and will find out about her cheating ways.
The VD storyline is due to unfold next month.
A spokeswoman for Emmerdale told The Sun: "It will be very carefully scripted.
"Chlamydia affects a lot of young women and men, many do not realise they have it.

" It will cause a lot of heartache for Katie who fears Andy is also infected and she will have to tell him everything about her affair with his brother Robert."

Extract from The Mirror's Guide to the Weekly Soaps, so click here to read it in full

Feb 13 2004

Emmerdale - ITV1, Sun-Fri


For a girl who saw fiance Andy apparently at ease in a pair of Viv Hope’s leopard-skin briefs during his stag week, teenage bride-to-be Katie has every reason to worry about her imminent nuptials.

Katie on her wedding day with Andy and Robert

But spending an anxious night tossing and turning before her big day probably has more to do with best man Robert being in her bed.

Never mind bridal trains, because in Soapland weddings are like buses – and this is the second one to come along in the same week. While the warring McDonalds slug it out in the grand setting of a country house in Corrie, Andy and Katie make do with the village community centre festooned with garish balloons like a down-market lap-dancing club. And Randy Rob is determined the bride definitely won’t get to the church on time.

‘Make the most of tonight,’ he tells her. ‘It’s your last chance to do a runner.’

With her knickers round her ankles as he again slides under her duvet that won’t be an easy option. What started out as a thrilling saga of illicit lust has turned into a full-blown love affair. But for once, Katie wants to do the right thing by dull Andy.

‘Get dressed and go,’ she tells her lover the morning after their night of passion. ‘It’s my wedding day. It’s going to be the happiest day of my life.’

Hitch or ditch? Now that’s the real question.

ITV.COM Brotherly Love

Friday | 13.02.04

Emmerdale love rat Robert Sugden is becoming a desperate man.

The hunky teenager has fallen deeply in love with secret belle Katie but has to watch her marry his unsuspecting brother Andy.

So with time running out for the illicit duo, Robert decides he has to stop the wedding - and win Katie from his duped sibling.

But Robert hasn't banked on Katie's determination to become a married woman. Although she is deeply attached to the local bad boy, Katie hasn't seriously thought about leaving Andy because she plans to end the affair instead.

Actress Sammy Winward - who plays the flighty bride - explains, "Katie has always intended to go ahead with the wedding. Initially she thought that the affair with Robert was just a little fling.

"Andy is a safe kind of guy and although he's not boring as such, Katie doesn't find him very exciting either. Robert on the other hand is a risk-taker and Katie finds that extremely attractive."

However, with Katie adamant she will marry Andy and Robert required to take on best man duties - will the wedding go ahead as planned?

Extract from The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 15th February 2004,,2001330006-2004070675_3,00.html


Sun to Fri - ITV1

HER wedding to Andy should be the happiest day of her young life, but Katie Addyman is a mass of nerves and mixed feelings as it approaches.

She loves Andy. Unfortunately, she also loves his best man - and brother - Robert. And she can’t resist sleeping with him on her last night as a single woman!

As the ceremony looms, Katie is worried about Robert’s increasingly angry behaviour and fears he is going to wreck the big day.

"It’s all her fault and she knows it," says Sammy Winward, who plays pretty Katie. "The fling with Robert started out as a bit of fun, but now it has got way out of hand. The trouble is, she loves both brothers."

Robert and Katie are almost caught out when Andy finds flowers Robert sends her, but Katie convinces him they are a gift from her to him.

Later, an out-of-control Robert appeals to Katie not to go through with the wedding, shouting at her in the street not to marry Andy.

"Katie is hurt and embarrassed," says Sammy. "She sees how much Robert cares for her. She feels totally torn but is determined to go through with the wedding, no matter what. She just can’t let Andy down."

The night before the wedding, Andy follows tradition and packs a bag, leaving Katie to spend the evening with bridesmaid Donna.

Robert turns up after Donna goes to bed, pointing out this is Katie’s last chance to do a runner with him, but she resists.

When he leaves, Katie opens a present Andy has left her. It’s a necklace with a heart-shaped locket inscribed, ‘I love you, Mrs Sugden’.

"Katie is terribly moved by Andy’s love," says Sammy. "She goes off to sleep on the sofa all mixed-up and unsure of what to do. But when Robert returns, she can’t resist him and leads him to the bedroom.

"In the morning, Donna almost catches her with Robert. He pleads with her to change her mind but Katie tries to be decisive - she is going ahead with the wedding.

"Even when Donna admits red wine has been spilled over her wedding dress, Katie stays cool," adds Sammy. "She finds the strength to carry on. But as the big moment approaches, Katie is on tenterhooks in case Robert wrecks everything.

"It’s unbelievably tense at the church as Katie desperately hopes Robert lets the wedding go ahead."


Cover Story:: I've been slapped, called a pig... by myfans.(Features)

Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland); 2/15/2004


Soap star and extreme sports fan Karl Davies has a list of things he is not allowed to do.

The Emmerdale actor's contract bans him from outdoor activities such as snowboarding and skiing and they won't let him try diving and parachuting.

But none of Karl's favourite sports are as dangerous as playing love rat Robert Sugden. Robert has gone from village bad boy to out-and-out villain after sleeping with his brother Andy's (Kelvin Fletcher) fiancAe Katie Addyman (Sammy Windward).

And Karl, 21, has been getting a lot of stick from fans. He said: 'I was out shopping in the January sales when a random lady walking past stopped me, put her hand on my chest and said, 'You're Emmerdale, aren't you?'

'I said, 'Well just a little bit of it', which I thought was quite a witty answer for being so surprised.

'And then she gave me a good prod and said, 'Well, I don't normally recognise people from the TV but I recognise you because you're a pig!' And walked off. She was deadly serious.

'I was in front of a queue of people waiting for a sandwich at Marks & Spencer at the time and they were killing themselves laughing at me. Thanks very much.'

Karl is bracing himself for more flak this week when wedding bells ring for Katie and Andy. Robert is the best man but in name only, especially when he beds the bride - again - the night before the nuptials.

Next day he forgets the rings. But, as dad Jack (Clive Hornby) looks on, will he keep his mouth shut or ruin the big day?

The shocking plot is the latest twist in the Dales-set soap's plan to rival EastEnders and Coronation Street. There has been a run of explosive storylines, including the death of Chris Tate (Peter Amory) and trial of his wife Charity (Emma Atkins).

But while Robert's antics are popular with viewers they have put Karl off marriage for a while. He said: 'I've never been a fan of marriage at this age but I can see many more complications now, to say the least.

'Thankfully, I haven't got a brother who would do that to me.

'But I'm happily single and that's the way it's going to stay for a while after this.'

The storyline has put Karl centre stage but he admits he had doubts it would work.

He said: 'I had a meeting with the producers last year when they said the story was going to come up and at first I thought, 'It won't work'. Andy and Katie were deeply in love and supposed to be this perfect couple. I couldn't see it.

'But I think the way it's panned out has made sense. She is basically bored with a mundane life and I'm just a bit of excitement on the side.'

The actor comes from Stockport, near Manchester, but now stays in Leeds, sharing a house with a number of co-stars, including Tony Audenshaw, who plays Bob Hope, and best pal Vicky Binns, who used to play Ollie Reynolds.

Karl describes it somewhat ruefully as a 'spontaneous party house', since it is where the cast tend to end up after a night out.

He gets his thrills away from work in extreme sports, pushing himself as far as bosses will allow. Karl said: 'We are not allowed to do anything too extreme or to go skiing, snow boarding or anything like that while we're under contract. But I'll try anything once.

'Climbing is a big passion of mine, usually indoor because it's a bit safer.

'I used to do it in competition when I was around 14, 15, and 16. It was just local competition at junior level.

'I wouldn't say I was any great shakes but there was a climbing wall near where I lived. I used to really enjoy it but because of work I don't get to do as much.

'I've got to do scuba diving one day, that's the next on my list to tick off, and skydiving, eventually.'

Karl's taste for heights came in handy during the Emmerdale cast's annual charity fund-raising outing to Inveraray, Argyll. He went wing-walking on a bi-plane and had his tracksuit all but ripped from his legs by the wind. The poppers up the sides burst open and flapped behind him as they flew.

Karl said: 'I'm up for it but I'll probably let somebody else do the wing-walking next time because it's a great experience. But if there's any other crazy activity to do, I'll do it.'

Given his encounters with angry fans, some would say continuing with his role as Emmerdale's Mr Nasty comes into that category. But he has high hopes for screen character Robert.

In fact, Karl has his fingers crossed Robert's behaviour gets worse.

Besides, as far as he's concerned, Robert is not really all bad - just misunderstood.

He said: 'Robert and Andy have a history and are never going to be the best of friends.

'But he's not doing it because of a hatred for Andy - it's more a love for Katie and unfortunately Andy's the casualty. It started as one-upmanship on his brother but it's gone much further than that now.

'There's a lot of life in Robert, especially now he's becoming more of an out-and-out villain instead of a bit-player.

'He has been growing up, earning some money and becoming an all-round nasty character, so, hopefully, there's somewhere that can go.'

First, though, there's the wedding. Karl, Kelvin and Sammy are good friends off-set and have discussed what they think will happen.

They are not giving anything away but it is fair to say nobody's banking on a happy ending. Karl said: 'We'll have to wait and see. It has hit Robert hard that he's fallen in love with Katie. It is new territory for him and he doesn't know how to deal with it.

'He's not very good at expressing his feelings - except for his physical ones, obviously.

'All I can say is a lot happens. Robert realises he has to stand there as best man by his brother and watch him marry the woman he loves.

'It's just a question of whether he can stand there and not speak out.

'And, of course, there is that moment in the ceremony when the vicar says, 'If anybody knows a reason why this man and woman should not be joined together in holy matrimony, speak now...'

Seems we will just have to wait and see what happens. It will undoubtedly all end in tears. Karl is just worried they might be his next time he pops out for a sandwich.

Four soap weddings and a whole lot of trouble and strife A wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life - unless you live in soap land, that is, where it is more likely to turn into a disaster.

Alfie Moon and Kat Slater

EastEnders' barman Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) and tart with a heart Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) were supposed to take their vows on Christmas Day but Santa failed to bring Alfie's divorce papers in time.

He organised a fake wedding with an old pal standing in for the registrar but couldn't go through with it and confessed all to a distraught Kat and packed Queen Vic. But love found a way and he finally got his paperwork in order, talked the real registrar into abandoning his Christmas dinner and persuaded Kat - who had locked herself in the loo - to come out and become Mrs Moon.

Mel Healy and Ian Beale

The wedding of Mel Healy (Tamzin Outhwaite) and Albert Square's evil toad Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) on Hogmanay 1999 drew more than 20 million viewers and was a lesson in emotional blackmail.

Ian pressurised a reluctant Mel into going through with their ceremony by pretending his daughter Lucy (Casey Anne Rothery) had cancer.

Mel only went through with the service to be a good step-mum to Lucy. But when she found out later that day Ian had hidden the letter saying Lucy had been given the all-clear, it was their relationship which was terminal.

Mike Baldwin and Linda Sykes

In September 2000 Coronation Street saw Mike Baldwin (Johnny Briggs) and Linda Sykes (Jacqueline Pirie) walk down the aisle.

It was supposed to be the wedding of the millennium until Mike's son and best man Mark Redman (Paul Fox) revealed he was having an affair with the bride and got legless in an upstairs room of the wedding venue.

Roy Cropper (David Neilson) had to stand in as best man while the unhappy couple went through with their vows.

Hayley Patterson and Roy Cropper

In April 1999 the strangest soap wedding took place - and that's saying something - when transsexual Hayley Patterson (Julie Hesmondhalgh) and Roy Cropper tied the knot.

It wasn't legal under UK law but a friendly vicar agreed to give the couple the church wedding of their dreams - until Les Battersby (Bruce Jones) tipped off the press. Their wedding had to be called off at the last minute but Cupid couldn't be daunted and the couple had their day in Roy's Rolls cafe and Hayley changed her name by deed poll.

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Robert’s Revenge

Wednesday | 18.02.04

Emmerdale's heartbroken Robert Sugden takes his revenge on lover Katie.

The love rat local is devastated that Katie went ahead with her wedding to his brother Andy despite his heartfelt pleas.

Having had to endure a painful day, Robert decides to get blind drunk at the reception - much to his father Jack's disgust. Unable to hide his feelings of disappointment and heartbreak the young local throws caution to the wind by downing drink after drink.

And having made a spectacle of himself at the happy event, Robert finishes off the night in spectacular style by leading bridesmaid Donna Windsor off to bed.

Donna has been vying for the hunky mechanic's attention for ages, ever since he cruelly dumped her to take up with best pal Elaine Marsden. And since Robert can't get Katie's attention he decides to play her at her own game - by bedding her good friend.

Will his drastic actions get Robert what he really wants?

ITV.COM A New Start

Thursday | 19.02.04

Emmerdale teenager Robert Sugden decides to make a fresh start.

The hunky youngster has been on an emotional rollercoaster this week and is keen to put his shattered life back in order.

Having watched the love of his life - Katie Addyman - marry his adopted brother Andy after spending the past few weeks engaged in an illicit affair with him, Robert is deeply depressed.

Unlike his other lovers - Donna Windsor and Elaine Marsden - Katie really meant something to the love rat local and he had hoped she would ditch unsuspecting Andy in favour of a future with him.

But since his dreams were shattered, Robert has been forced to look forwards - and decides to throw himself into his work.

After his mother Sarah was killed in a horrific fire a few years ago, a trust fund was put together for Robert. He hits upon a plan to become a joint owner of the garage, alongside employer Scott Windsor, but needs capital to make the dream a reality.

However, in order to get his hands on the money, Robert needs the permission of dad Jack. And after his drunken performance at the wedding reception, Jack is less than impressed with his eldest son.

Can Robert persuade his disappointed dad he can be a responsible businessman?

Extract From The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps - 7th March 2004,,2001330006-2004101759_3,00.html


Sun to Fri - ITV1

NEWLYWED Katie is determined to put her fling with Robert behind her and make her marriage to Andy work.

But she’s horrified when Robert starts working on the farm, and then moves in to the spare room with Donna - all in a bid to make her jealous.

"It’s a nightmare," says Sammy Winward, who plays the teenage bride. "She wants to forget about Robert, but how can she when he’s living under the same roof?"

Jack ignites Katie’s problems when he suggests that Robert helps Andy with the lambing.

"Katie has a go at Robert and asks him what on Earth he’s playing at," says Sammy.

"She insists that it’s over between them but Robert seems determined to revive the affair."

Donna is upset that Robert has been spending all his time at the farm and asks Katie how she can get him back.

"Katie warns Donna to steer well clear," says Sammy. "And she suggests to Andy that they take in a lodger to help out, in the hope that whoever it is will do so much work that there won’t be any extra chores for Robert."

But next day, Robert and Donna call round to announce they are back together and, after staying for a while, they ask if they can sleep over to avoid drink-driving.

"Katie is furious," says Sammy. "She makes a scene but Andy can’t see what the fuss is about.

"It’s even worse for Katie when Robert and Donna keep her awake with their antics in the bedroom. Katie gets so angry when Robert has a dig that she worries Donna will start to suspect something."

The next night, when Katie and Andy’s car breaks down, Katie goes to get Robert, because he sold it to them. But she sees him sneaking Donna into the Sugdens.

She flips and tells Viv what her daughter is up to. Viv tells Robert’s dad, Jack - who has banned Donna from the house as it sets a bad example to Victoria - and he’s furious.

Donna and Robert both find themselves in trouble at home, so they decide to move in at the farm with Andy. Robert calls Andy and gets the all-clear.

"Katie returns home later to find she is now part of a cosy foursome," says Sammy. "Robert and Donna are making themselves at home and he’s pleased with himself.

"Katie is shattered. How can she put the past behind her if he’s right under her nose? Andy is puzzled and asks why she’s so upset, but he’s the last person she can tell.

ITV.COM Green-Eyed Monster

Wednesday | 10.03.04

Emmerdale newlywed Katie Addyman is put in an awkward situation.

The stunning youngster has returned from her honeymoon to find secret lover Robert Sugden in a passionate romance with close pal Donna.

When Katie married her long term love Andy Sugden - Robert’s adopted brother - she promised herself there would be no more intimacy between herself and the hunky mechanic.

But her feelings for Robert haven’t disappeared and she is horrified that he has forgotten her so easily.

So when Robert and new love Donna stay over at Butler’s Farm and make saucy noises all night, Katie feels like she’s being driven mad with jealousy.

The truth is that she is the first girl Robert has ever loved and seeing her marry someone else almost destroyed him. So with no more cards left to play Robert is dishing out some revenge on his former sweetheart.

Will his plan to make her insanely jealous work?

ITV.COM Houseguests From Hell

Friday | 12.03.04

Emmerdale's Katie Sugden unwittingly makes her life difficult at home.

The green-eyed farmer's wife is furious that secret ex-lover Robert Sugden has rekindled his passionate romance with her close pal Donna Windsor.

Katie had hoped that Robert would remain single following her insistence that they must stop seeing each other behind his unsuspecting brother Andy's back. Although Robert was heartbroken, he decided to play Katie at her own game by flaunting his relationship with Donna.

So when Katie catches the lovers sneaking into Robert's dad Jack's home for a raunchy encounter, she immediately grasses them up to both their parents. Jack and Donna's mum Viv try to lay the law down to the lusty duo but their warnings fall on deaf ears.

Furious Robert storms out of home and Donna soon follows - and when Katie returns to her home at Butler's Farm, Andy informs her they have two new houseguests.

Can Katie handle living so close to randy Robert?


Extract From The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 22nd March 2004


Sun to Fri - ITV1


Robert's affair with his brother's wife Katie is dangerously close to being exposed after his other lover, Donna, is told she has a sexually-transmitted disease.

Poor, deceived Donna has no idea of the possible implications when she reveals to Robert that she is suffering from chlamydia.

Robert is outraged at the possibility that Donna might have given him the disease - but then is horrified when he realises that if he has it too, he could have passed it on to Katie. And if she goes on to infect husband Andy, it’s almost certain to lead to their affair being discovered.

When Donna first gets her diagnosis she tries to confide her fears to Katie, but she says she is too busy with an essay and tells Donna to go and talk to her mum instead. All this leaves Donna feeling miserable, isolated and abandoned.

"She tries to talk to Robert," says Karl Davies, who plays the rural Romeo, "but the only response he can manage is to try to take her to bed again. When he finally notices that Donna is behaving differently, he starts to worry, and Andy suggests that she might be pregnant."

Eventually, Donna does tell her mum, Viv, who is completely mortified. She makes such a fuss that Donna is terrified she will confront Robert. Donna only manages to talk her mother out of it by insisting she should be the one to break the bad news to him.

"When she finally comes out with it, he is really angry," says Karl.

"Robert has never treated Donna very well, and this week he is pretty appalling to her. But when he considers the possibility that the disease could well expose his affair with Katie, his heart sinks. That could smash the whole family to pieces.

"It sparks an angry row between Robert and Katie when he tells her, and they realise they both have to get tested straightaway and pray the infection hasn't spread."

ITV.COM Caught Out?

Thursday | 24.03.04

Emmerdale’s Robert Sugden discovers the truth about girlfriend Donna Windsor.

All week anxious Donna’s strange behaviour has worried Robert, who fears she may be pregnant, but the reality far more serious implications.

As viewers know, poor Donna has discovered she has contracted sexual disease chlamydia and is struggling to confess her problem to Robert.

So when she finally plucks up the courage to tell him, Robert is horrified to think that he may also have chlamydia - and could have passed it on to secret lover Katie.

Robert knows that if his worst fears are true, the whole of Emmerdale will soon find out that the pair have duped unsuspecting Andy and have been enjoying a passionate romance.

And actor Karl Davies, who plays the love rat local, hopes the secret remains under wraps as he doesn’t want Robert settling down with the blonde beauty.

He explains, "I’m not sure that I’d want Andy getting all the girls, while Robert is playing happy families with Katie!

"But if Andy ever finds out, it’ll be great to film - it’s got such huge potential that it makes me feel a bit nervous. I want to do the story justice."

The Sun Online 31st March 2004,,2-2004150342,00.html


I Saw Roggert and Katie hathing a gonk in ged!

TV Editor

EMMERDALE lovers Katie and Robert Sugden are to have their affair exposed in one of soap’s barmiest-ever plots — involving a ventriloquist’s dummy.

New bride Katie will be caught in bed with her brother-in-law by his little sister.

Vile Robert threatens to kill ten-year-old Victoria if she utters a word — and the youngster is left so traumatised she can speak only through her dummy Alfie.

The script reaches a climax of pottiness when the puppet reveals all to Woolpack landlady Diane Blackstock — illustrated above.

A show insider said: “The affair has been building for months and viewers know it’s only a matter of time before their secret comes out.

Is the game up as Robert and Katie are caught by Victoria.

Shock ... Victoria catches lovers

“But nobody would have guessed it would be blurted out with the help of a ventriloquist’s dummy. It will cause huge shockwaves.”

Viewers will see Robert, played by Karl Davies, caught with brother Andy’s wife Katie — Sammy Winward — on April 9.

When Victoria is struck dumb, a doctor suggests she gets the dummy to help her speech return.

And she drops the bombshell while showing him off to Diane — who is engaged to the boys’ dad Jack. It is the latest in a string of dramatic plots that has sent Emmerdale ratings soaring.

A spokeswoman for the ITV1 soap said: “All our storylines are well-researched and this is based on medical fact.”

Extract from The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps - 4th April 2004,,2001330006-2004150028_3,00.html


Sun to Fri - ITV1

FIDELITY has never been Katie’s strong point, as she proves just six weeks after her wedding.

Although keen for her marriage to work, she can’t resist climbing into bed once again with her husband’s brother Robert and is forced to accept that her marriage to Andy is over.

Katie tells Robert she’ll leave Andy for him. But before they can put their plan into action, Victoria sees them in bed together.

Robert orders his sister to keep quiet about what she saw. But is it only a matter of time before their secret gets out?

"Katie finally admits to Robert their passionate affair was not just a fling after all," says Sammy Winward, who plays her. "She really loves Robert and agrees to leave Andy so they can be together."

The week opens with Andy confiding in Robert that he would like to buy the farm.

"Katie is upset that Andy hasn’t talked to her first and they argue," says Sammy. "She is already feeling down as she is worried about getting her test results to see if she has a sexually transmitted disease."

She and Robert travel to the clinic together and are relieved to find that they are in the clear.

"Katie still wants to make her marriage work and she and Andy take a shower together to forget their quarrel," says Sammy.

But Robert walks in as they reappear in their towels and Katie feels guilty that he has seen them. Later on, Robert kisses her and tells her that he wants to be with her for good!

"Katie is torn," says Sammy, "but when she sees Robert packing to go back to live with his dad, she realises she can’t bear to lose him. She agrees to leave Andy so she can be with Robert.

"Katie loves Robert in a way that she doesn’t feel about his brother."

Katie snaps at Andy when he suggests they go on holiday with Robert and Donna in the summer.

"She resents Andy being nice to her," says Sammy. "Later, she and Robert kiss passionately and finish up in bed together. They don’t hear Victoria come into the room and she sees them together.

"Afterwards, Robert overhears her about to tell Jack what she’s seen and just manages to stop her. He frightens her into keeping quiet."

ITV.COM All Clear?

Tuesday | 06.04.04

Emmerdale's teenage love cheats Robert and Katie face the music.

The guilty twosome fear they may have sexually transmitted disease chlamydia after discovering Robert's unsuspecting girlfriend Donna Windsor had caught it.

Katie is particularly nervous as she heads to the clinic to collect the results, as she knows if both of them have the disease they will be forced to admit their affair to her blissfully-ignorant husband Andy, Robert's adopted brother.

Both teenagers have been struggling to cope under the pressure of sharing a house together. While Donna and Andy continue on with their lives as normal, Katie and Robert have been fighting the urge to resume their passionate affair.

And when the pair emerge from the clinic - after discovering they are both in the clear - their buried feelings re-emerge.

Actress Sammy Winward, who plays the confused newlywed, explains, "Robert and Katie have a bit of a moment together after they leave the clinic and he tells her he loves her.

"It's something she does want to hear - but she also doesn't want to hear it, because she's stuck in the middle of these two people she cares for very much, and she doesn't know which one to choose."

ITV.COM She's Leaving Home

Thursday | 08.04.04

Emmerdale love cheat Katie Addyman comes to a big decision.

The blonde beauty has been agonising over her illicit relationship with ladykiller Robert Sugden, the adopted brother of her devoted husband Andy.

Having initially dismissed the romance as a fling, Katie is having to accept her feelings for Robert are much stronger than just pure lust. Living under the same roof as Robert and Andy is becoming unbearable for poor Katie - and having fallen back into Robert's arms this week - she knows she has to confront the truth.

Fearing that his presence is making Katie's life a misery, smitten Robert offers to move out in order to give her space. But as he starts to leave, Katie realises she has to be with him - whatever the consequences.

However, knowing the scandal the exposure of their relationship will cause, Robert puts his mind to working out how to cause Andy the minimum hurt.

Will Katie find the strength to leave Andy?

ITV.COM Victoria's Secret

Friday | 09.04.04

Robert threatens Victoria

Emmerdale youngster Victoria Sugden stumbles in on a shocking secret.

The sweet-natured schoolgirl is horrified when she discovers her older brother Robert in bed with her adopted brother Andy’s new wife Katie.

For the past few months Katie and Robert have very successfully kept their passionate affair under wraps, duping their family and friends.

But now things have got serious between them, Robert has devised a plan that will ensure they can be together properly.

The lusty mechanic wants Katie to leave Andy and disappear off to her father’s for six months. After that Robert says she will be able to come back and then they can pretend they've fallen for each other when she is a single woman.

However, when the loved-up pair carelessly jump into bed together at the Sugden’s family home - Victoria becomes the third person in on the deception.

And now that the little girl is in possession of such lurid information, can Robert and Katie maintain their facade and make their plan work?


ITV.COM Explosive Emmerdale
Friday | 21.05.04

Emmerdale emphatically trounced EastEnders in the ratings on Tuesday night as viewers enjoyed the special hour-long episode.

Viewers have been gripped over recent weeks wondering how Andy (Kelvin Fletcher) would exact revenge on cheating brother Robert (Karl Davies). Both boys have both been sleeping with Andy’s wife, Katie, played by Sammy Winward. She’d chosen life with Robert, but Andy had been spoiling for a fight ever since they revealed their adulterous affair.

With murder in mind, Andy’s moment of blind fury ended in catastrophe when he accidentally shot his father Jack, played by Emmerdale stalwart Clive Hornby, instead of Robert, leaving him bleeding and close to death.

“We’re thrilled with Emmerdale’s performance last night, " said John Whiston, Director of Drama, Arts and Kids at Granada. "It’s the culmination of months of hard work for Steve Frost, the writers and production team and they’ve been rewarded with fantastic ratings.”

“Emmerdale consistently delivers in terms of performance and quality of production. It’s a real success story and a jewel in the ITV1 schedule,” he added.

ITV.COM Under Suspicion
Friday | 21.05.04

Emmerdale's Andy Sugden is unable to hold his story up.

The troubled teenager shot his father Jack by mistake and his original target - scheming brother Robert - is helping him cover his tracks.

Ever since his beautiful wife Katie left him for Robert, Andy hasn't been in his right mind. And despite his father's strong support, the combination of heartache and alcohol led Andy to make a huge error of judgement.

And now it's Jack laying in hospital seriously injured instead of Robert - and the ailing patriarch's fiancée Diane Blackstock wants answers.

Poor Diane was on holiday when the tragedy occurred and has flown home to sit by her love's bedside. And as soon as she lays eyes on the lying brothers, she knows there's more to the accident than meets the eye.

So if Diane smells a rat, has Andy got any chance of fooling the police over the incident?

Christopher Smith as Robert Sugden

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