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News Stories about the actress Emily Symons and the character Louise Appleton she plays in Emmerdale.

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News Stories About Emily Symons

Daily Mirror Emily weds Mr Write Jul 9 2003



EMMERDALE star Emily Symons has married a descendant of stationery tycoon WH Smith after a secret two-year romance.

She tied the knot with aristocrat Lorenzo Smith in a hush-hush ceremony at Henley-on-Thames.

The Aussie actress went to extraordinary lengths to keep their relationship under wraps.

But yesterday 33-year-old Emily finally came clean about her Mr Right.

She revealed that she and Lorenzo - second son of Viscount Hambledon - had just returned from honeymoon in Positano, Italy.

She told the Mirror: "We had a perfect wedding day surrounded by family and close friends." Emily had consistently denied any romantic involvement since her heart was very publicly broken by ex-Southampton footballer Matt Le Tissier.

He dumped her after she gave up her role in Home and Away and migrated to Britain to be with him.

Since then she has always insisted she is "happily single".

But in reality she has been dating Lorenzo since 2001 - soon after she landed the part of Woolpack landlady Louise Appleton. A friend said: "Emily has been fiercely protective of their relationship."

An Emmerdale spokesperson said last night: "We wish her every happiness."

ITV.COM Symons Says "I'm Married"

Thursday | 10.07.03

Congratulations are in order for Emmerdale sex siren Emily Symons.

The gorgeous Aussie has announced that she has married her English boyfriend Lorenzo Smith in a romantic ceremony after a short romance.

The nuptials came as a shock to many as Emily insisted that she and the hunky Lorenzo were just pals when speculation surrounding their relationship heated up.

But now things are official the blushing bride - who wore traditional white and carried a poesy of lilies at the Henley-on-Thames wedding - is happy to wax lyrical about the love match.

She told The Mirror, “We had a perfect wedding day surrounded by family and close friends.”

And Lorenzo, who is the second son of Viscount Hambledon, is quite a catch. He is a descendant of stationary tycoon WH Smith with aristocratic heritage.

Previously, Emily - who shot to fame as ditzy Marilyn in Home and Away - had a serious romance with footballer Matt Le Tissier that ended in heartbreak.

But with that behind her, a gorgeous new hubby and a thrilling storyline in the hit show, life is looking pretty sweet for Emily.

ITV.COM Mother Care

Wednesday | 15.01.04


Emmerdale's Emily Symons and Sheree Murphy really are firm friends.

The stunning actresses traded more than just acting tips during Sheree's final months in the Dales - as Emily lent Sheree her mum!

When Sheree's character Tricia Dingle left to make a Bollywood film earlier this year, it was a fictional device to give the actress maternity leave. And when she returned to film her final weeks as the tragic barmaid, Sheree had both son Taylor and baby daughter Ruby to consider as well.

Faced with the prospect of having to employe a stranger to look after the kids while she was on-set, Sheree was dreading the situation - until kindly Emily stepped in.

The Antipodean beauty was delighted to offer Sheree the services of her own mum - an arrangement that suited all concerned perfectly.

Sheree beams, "We were so lucky to be able to get someone we know with Emily's mum. The kids love her - it's just like having my own mum here!"

News stories About Louise Appleton


The Sun Online 8th December 2002


Weekdays ITV

RAY is convinced that Mack is Louise’s mystery stalker and angrily attacks him.

But the onslaught lands Ray in trouble for assault, and Louise feels even more vulnerable when he is arrested.

Following Ray’s release from police custody, Louise receives a ghoulish gift of decapitated dolls’ heads in the post. She ignores Ray’s advice and confronts Mack about the terror campaign. But he denies it and she is inclined to believe him.

"Ray doesn’t know what to think," says Seamus Gubbins, who plays the successful businessman.

"He is used to dealing with problems quickly and squashing anyone who gets in his way.

"He really loves Louise and is frustrated that he can’t solve this stalker problem."

When Ray finds his car vandalised by Mack, he is certain that means Mack is guilty of pestering Louise, too.

Ray wants to call the police and report Mack, but Louise insists they wait until they have more evidence.

She is horrified when Brian tells her that he saw Mack sneaking a woman into Mill Cottage while Ray and Louise were away.

"The next day Ray accuses Mack of stalking Louise and Mack responds with a crude remark," says Seamus.

"Ray just loses it and goes for Mack. But before he can do much damage, he is dragged off by Jack."

Ray feels no regrets about the incident, until the police arrive at Mill Cottage and arrest him for assault, causing actual bodily harm.

He returns next day after being cautioned.

"Ray knows he must stay away from Mack," says Seamus.

"But he is alarmed when Louise says she’ll confront him and warns her not to."

But when Louise receives another creepy present - a package of dolls’ heads - she decides to take action and talks to Mack face to face.

He protests his innocence and Louise can’t decide whether or not he is telling the truth.

"Ray is angry when he finds out that Louise has spoken to Mack," says Seamus.

"He suggests they move abroad to get away from it all once and for all. But Louise insists she is not going to be driven from her home."

BBC Puresoap 11th November 2002: Festive fright for Louise

Festive fright for Louise
Village life in Emmerdale refuses to succumb to the season of goodwill again this Christmas as the village is struck by a tragic death.
Louise, living in fear of her stalker, is looking forward to getting away from it all with Ray as he books her flights to a new life. But the stalker is determined to ruin the festive spirit.
Emily Symons, 33, who plays Louise, told Inside Soap: "Louise is desperate, but that doesn't stop her from giving the silent stalker a piece of her mind when he phones her again."
Prime suspect Terry tries to reason with Louise, but is exiled from the village when his attempts to get her to listen fail.
"Then Louise accepts a lift from a friendly face and suddenly realises that she's in the hands of her stalker," said Emily.
"Terrified, she grabs hold of the steering wheel to try to get control of the car, but it swerves and crashes."
Louise is unhurt and flees to her home, leaving the stalker lying motionless on the ground.
The bloodied figure appears at her door moments later, with fatal results.
"It really is cracking stuff," added Emily. "It will be a shock to everyone when they realise who the stalker is - and it's not over yet, not by a long shot!"

The Sun - Christmas Day Spoilers in Emmerdale

Emmerdale, ITV1 - After weeks of terror, Louise finally unmasks her stalker on Christmas Day. The shocking confrontation comes after Louise has decided to leave the pub and the village to start a new life elsewhere.

She has been driven to distraction by the vicious vendetta of creepy gifts and vile messages. Ray has booked flights for Christmas Day and he tries to reassure Louise that her ordeal is almost over.

But after saying her farewells at The Woolpack, Louise accepts a lift from someone who she considers a friend - and finds herself trapped with her stalker.


Louise stops her stalker - for good

She panics and there is a shocking sequence of events, leading to a desperate fight.

"Louise is terrified," says Emily Symons, who plays her.

"But she is also furious that this person has gone to such hideous lengths to cause her anguish and despair. She is fighting for her life but she is also hitting back in anger.

"Ray is not there so she is forced to struggle alone. It’s a terrible, terrible way to spend Christmas Day and the fight has a tragic end."

Louise is mortified by what she has done. In her shocked state, she realises she could be charged with murder.

"She begins a desperate attempt to cover her tracks," says Emily. "And she gets help from a surprise source."


BBC Puresoap 21st December 2002

Louise to show her vulnerable side
Emmerdale's Louise Appleton is facing more heartache in 2003.

Emmerdale producer Steve Frost told Inside Soap that viewers will see the more vulnerable side of Louise, played by Emily Symons, who has been hounded by a stalker.

Mr Frost told the magazine: "What we really want to see in the aftermath of the whole stalking storyline is the breakdown of Louise - to really get that mascara running and the hair ruffled!"

The Dingles also face a bleak New Year, but it will give Lisa a chance to show her fighting spirit.

Mr Frost added: "Rather than being crushed by Zak's absence, Lisa will take on the mantle of head of the family. Cain Dingle will also be central to the action - following Angie Reynolds' death, he's a real loose cannon, trapped in a world of pain.

" But there will be a new love interest for him, which will be a long-running story. And of-course, Zoe Tate will be having her baby, but we'll hold off from revealing to her that Scott Windsor is the father - we want to wait for the right moment for that one!"

Mr Frost also revealed that a new family is set to arrive in the village in the spring and he's keen they make the right impact.

He added: "Obviously, the Soapstars family didn't do as well as we hoped. So we are nervous, because bringing a new family in is always very difficult, and there's a lot riding on this one.

" But we've done plenty of groundwork, and spent lots of time on the casting process. I really want to keep the heart, warmth and comedy of the show alive, so we'll be bringing new characters in to sustain that, rather than change it."

Emily swaps sun for snow
By TV Plus reporters

Emily: Home or away?

A log fire, snow and Christmas lights twinkling in the dark... or a sun-drenched beach in Australia?

That's the tough choice faced by Emmerdale's Emily Symons every year, who has swapped a life in Sydney for the cold climates of Yorkshire.

Emily, 33, shot to fame as dippy Marilyn in Aussie soap Home And Away.

She now plays Woolpack landlady Louise Appleton, currently at the centre of a terrifying stalker plot. She talks to us about her festive season.

The Christmas that really stands out in her mind is the first one she ever spent in the UK.

"I didn't really know anybody and was doing my first panto, I was really nervous," says Emily.

"A girl I went to school with was over here and she invited me to spend the day at her parents'.

"They live in this glorious house, they were the kindest family and it was snowing. It was my English Christmas fantasy."

A Jason Donovan mug was one of the gifts given to Emily on that first ever Christmas Day in Britain.

She says she was overwhelmed by Christmas in the cold climate of Yorkshire.

"There was a Christmas tree, with all the presents under it. I was given cards and a Jason Donovan mug, and there was a beautifully-dressed table with a three-course lunch. We all sang carols, it was magical really."

The hectic pace of Emmerdale means Emily Symons misses out on having Christmas at home down under.

"My last memories of Christmas at home would be getting up in the morning and making sure my brother didn't get as many presents as me.

"Then I'd wake my mum and dad up, open the presents and then my mum used to cook a lunch for all of the rellies. And we'd go in our next-door neighbour's pool for the afternoon."


What's on Emily's Christmas list?

Emily Symons has no hesitation as to what will top her Christmas list this year.

"I want a Joseph coat," she says excitedly. "A long, really woolly one, and Tiffany diamond earrings - all the things I can't afford.

"But no, in real life, I really like kind of boring presents, like lovely jamees (pajamas) and slippers, and books. Although the diamond earrings would make a nice change and they'd definitely make my day special."

Before Emily found fame as Emmerdale's Louise, she was married to Flathead in Home And Away. She played dizzy beautician Marilyn on and off for 11 years.

"The main difference between both soaps is obviously the temperature," she says. "And in Emmerdale, the pace is much faster. In Australia we had a rehearsal day, we don't have that here. They work so fast."

So what made Emily kiss the sun-drenched shores of Australia goodbye and move to Yorkshire?

"Everyone over here is weather-obsessed," she laughs. "It's beautiful here. I don't mind the cold. I really love the Sunday woolly jumper thing where you come in, light a log fire and have a hot drink.

"I'm half English, my dad's English. I didn't know what to expect when I came to Emmerdale, but the cast have been more than friendly and kind."

And Emily says she has no plans to move back to Sydney because she loves Britain so much.

"I'm very happy here," she says. "I say never say never, because nothing I plan works out, but I don't know where I'm going to end up."

The 33-year-old actress is now getting her teeth into a meaty Christmas storyline.

Her character Louise has a stalker and things are due to get dark and intense...


BBC Puresoap 30th December 2002

Charity to give fake alibi

Emma Atkins who plays Charity

Emmerdale's Charity is to give barmaid Louise Appleton a fake alibi to cover the night on which she accidentally killed her stalker boyfriend Ray Mullan.

Charity (Emma Atkins) believe she is helping Louise (Emily Symons) in her bid to avoid a murder charge, but detectives see through the tale and charge Louise, according to the Daily Star.

" Perhaps Louise should have just told police the truth instead of covering up what happened and trying to make the death look accidental," an Emmerdale insider told the newspaper.

" She would probably have been able to plead self-defence given the ordeal Ray put her through. Now it doesn't look good at all for her."

Louise also has to face Ray's criminal friends who arrive in Emmerdale wanting answers as to how he died.

" They make it a frightening time," the insider added.

The Sun 6th January 2003



Weekdays  ITV


Louise is relieved when the police cordon is removed from Mill Cottage.

But life is far from returning to normal when the police suspect that Ray was murdered. And they’re convinced that the killer and the stalker could be the same person -  possibly one of Ray’s dodgy business associates.

Louise worries the finger of suspicion will point at her.
“It seems as if this nightmare will never end,” says Emily Symons, who plays Louise.

“She finds the whole pretence of playing Ray’s innocent, grieving girlfriend a real strain.

“She only has Terry to talk to -  he’s risking his freedom to help her and she’s grateful for that.

“But she also wishes she had just told the truth and taken whatever punishment she got.”

DI Dove tells Louise that although the police presence will be scaled down, the investigation will be continuing.

“Louise is petrified that she’ll be found out at any moment,” says Emily.

“She panics and decides she can’t stay in Mill Cottage another minute, so she turns to Diane, and is relieved when she invites her to stay at The Woolpack.”

Keen to get back to normality, Louise returns to work at the pub.

Meanwhile, as the police conduct their inquiries, Terry is one of the villagers they grill. He just wants to protect Louise.

“This is a pretty desperate time for Louise,” says Emily. “She feels guilty, sorry, frightened and terribly lonely.”

The Sun 13th January 2003


Weekdays  ITV

LOUISE is shocked when she’s subjected to yet more police questioning after the inquest decides Ray’s death was accidental.

DI Dove isn’t satisfied with the findings of the inquest, and she asks Louise to go through her story again.

But Terry persuades Charity to come to the rescue with an alibi.

“Louise is extremely relieved to be off the hook at last,” admits Emily Symons, who stars as the unlikely killer.

“But she isn’t too pleased that Charity knows what really happened to Ray.”

The week is a real ordeal for Louise. “She’s been dreading the inquest and she’s not sure she can face it,” adds Emily.

Ray’s injuries are described in detail to the court, and Louise gulps when the inquest hears that he died of a broken neck.

“Louise feels that her guilt must be obvious to everyone,” reveals Emily.

But the coroner is satisfied that Ray’s death was an accident and releases the body. Louise starts to worry about seeing his family at the funeral.

“She’s pretty near to breaking point and almost tells Diane everything,” says Emily. “But she stops herself just in time.”

DI Dove clearly suspects Louise of some involvement in Ray’s death and continues her investigations.

She tackles Seth and Betty, whose memories of Louise’s movements on the fateful night seem to differ.

“Louise is really worried when Dove starts to quiz her again about what time she arrived at Home Farm,” sighs Emily.

“And when Dove forces her to re-enact the night Ray died, Louise begins to wish she’d told the truth from the beginning. But she can’t turn around and admit that she’s been lying all this time.”

Terry has watched Dove’s arrival with horror, and when the interview goes ahead he prepares to take action. He turns to spirited Charity, who shares his own hatred of Ray, and she charges to the rescue.

“Louise can’t believe what she’s hearing when Charity suddenly arrives and tells Dove that Louise was with her at the crucial time,” says Emily.

“Dove doesn’t seem to believe what Charity is saying, but there is nothing she can do. Dove makes it obvious that she’s sure Louise is hiding something.

“After Dove has gone, Charity reveals how much she hated Ray, which is why she spoke up.

“But Louise is worried. She doesn’t want anyone else getting involved - and she certainly doesn’t like the fact that someone else knows what really happened to Ray.”


Louise's honey trap

Monday | 17.03.03

Terry's true feelings for Dawn are about to be tested.
Not long ago Louise was the object of his affections but after she rejected him, Terry left on holiday and returned engaged.

Now, Dawn's frantic parents - Bob and Jean - are trying to scupper the marriage plans and believe that Louise Appleton may be just the person to help them.

Believing that deep down Terry still loves Louise, Bob begs the Woolpack landlady to test his resolve by setting a honey trap.

Louise has doubts but she has been left unnerved by the speed at which Terry has transferred his affections from her to Dawn and wants to find out the truth about their relationship.

In the past Louise turned to Terry for support in her hour of need. When she found out that rogue fiance Ray Mullan was the man stalking her and their violent confrontation ended in his death, Terry helped the stunning blonde to cover up the killing.

Will he be able to resist the charms of the woman he broke the law for?


Life in the Dales is just grand, says Emily

Emily Symons swopped the sun and surf of Australia for the wind and rain of the Yorkshire Dales - and she couldn't be happier.

Emily has the distinction of becoming a major star in two soaps set on opposite sides of the world - first as dizzy Marilyn Fisher in Home and Away, and then as down-to-earth Louise Appleton in Emmerdale.

Not only did she have to adjust to a totally different climate, but she has also had to show a great deal of acting versatility to play such contrasting characters.
Marilyn, the bonkers blonde beautician, was a comic masterpiece, all tottering stilettos and shiny lip gloss.

She couldn't be different from no-nonsense Louise, a tough cookie with just a hint of warmth.

Recently Emily starred in one of Emmerdale's most dramatic storylines - when Louise was plagued by a stalker who turned out to be her boyfriend Ray Mullan. When Louise realised who it was she made a bolt for freedom and Ray fell to his death down a flight of stairs.

Real life is a bit calmer for Emily who admits she has fallen in love with the English countryside.

" I absolutely love it in the UK, " she told Inside Soap magazine, " I don't know whether it's because I'm half English, but I took to it like a duck to water."

Emily has become a real country girl since moving to the UK complete with no fewer than three Barbour jackets and a Labrador called Star, she told the magazine.


Louise falling in love again?

You would think after her last taste of 'romance' Emmerdale's Louise Appleton would be wary of getting involved again.

Louise, played by Emily Symons, was plagued by a stalker who eventually turned out to be none other than her boyfriend Ray Mullen.

Since Ray died after taking a tumble down the stairs Louise, joint landlady of the Woolpack, has been all alone - but that is all about to change.

Louise is targeted by married Lothario Ronnie Marsden, played by Ray Ashcroft, who makes a determined play for her.

You might imagine Louise would know better, but she becomes besotted with the smooth-talking lorry driver and harmless flirting eventually leads to something more serious.
It is a great new storyline for Emily who holds the distinction of being a star in two
soaps on opposite sides of the world.

Before joining Emmerdale she played dizzy blonde Marilyn Fisher in Australian soap Home and Away.

Since swapping the sun and surf of Australia for the wind and rain of the Yorkshire Dales, Emily says she has never been happier and has become a real country lover.


Louise is looking for love

Emily Symons who plays Louise

Emmerdale's Louise Appleton is about to set her sights on a new man, and viewers can guarantee that love won't run smoothly.
It seems that the troubled landlady is back to her old self after killing her psychotic fiancee, Ray Mullen, last Christmas.

But her love-life will certainly become complicated again with the new target of her affections - married newcomer Ronnie Marsden.

After initially ignoring Ronnie - actor Ray Ashcroft - Louise becomes involved in a charity football tournament and finds herself softening towards him.

Australian actress Emily Symons - who plays Louise - told Inside Soap: "There's an obvious attraction between them and Louise laps up the attention."

She added: "She really shouldn't do it, but after everything that happened with Ray, she hasn't thought about men for a long time and it feels nice to have someone fancying her again."
Ronnie makes it clear that he's after more than just friendship and Louise plays along, although she at first believes she is not interested in a relationship.

" As far as Louise is concerned, she doesn't love Ronnie or want him as a boyfriend, so she thinks no one's going to get hurt. But I think she's more vulnerable than she'll admit," says Emily.

The former Home And Away actress thinks Louise is still coming to terms with the ordeal she went through with Ray, and is not thinking of the consequences of this affair.
She says: "The whole thing is a recipe for disaster."

Louise Plays With Fire

Friday | 18.04.03


Emmerdale's football tournament triggers a very different round of game playing.
Woolpack landlady Louise Appleton begins flirting with married newcomer Roy Marsden and it seems that he is taking her banter very seriously.

It has been a difficult few months for the stunning local. At Christmas she discovered her fiance Ray Mullen was the man who had been stalking her, and in a violent confrontation she killed him. Plagued by fears that she will be caught by police, Louise has had little time to worry about life's simple pleasures. Until now.

Emily Symons - who plays lusty Louise - says, "At first, Louise doesn't even notice Ronnie. She thought he was a bit of a player who really fancied himself.

"Louise offers to manage the Woolpack team, and Ronnie teases her about her lack of knowledge. But there's an obvious attraction between them, and Louise laps up the attention.

"She really shouldn't do it, but after everything that happened with Ray, she hasn't thought about men for a long time, and it feels nice to have someone fancying her again."

Will Ronnie's wife Frances be the one to suffer this time?

The Sun 21st April 2003


Weekdays ITV1

SPRING is definitely in the air as lonely Louise scores with family man Ronnie at the footie contest. A tussle out on the pitch leads to a kiss later, and the couple embark on a
passionate affair.

“Louise wants a bloke to sleep with but doesn’t want any commitment,” explains Emily Symons, who plays the eye-catching barmaid. “Ronnie’s perfect for that.”

Louise’s fling with boyfriend-turned-stalker Ray is dead and buried - just like him! - and she does feel a twinge of jealousy that former admirer Terry has found himself a young wife.

“Ronnie picks her up at the bus stop,” laughs Emily. “They are grown-ups and know what they’re doing, and they agree it should just be casual and fun between them.

“Louise gets a kick out of a new man fancying her, of course, but I think really she is just very lonely. She reckons it can be harmless.”

But her business partner Diane notices that Louise is suddenly glowing.

“She confides in Diane, who is horrified,” says Emily. “Diane feels guilty that she is betraying Ronnie’s wife Frances and is concerned that Louise is going to get hurt. But Louise is not in the mood for sensible advice.”

Ronnie's Romance

Monday | 21.04.03


Emmerdale love rat Ronnie Marsden ignites his passionate side tonight.

The married dad-of-three will make a play for stunning landlady Louise Appleton after playful flirting leads to a full blown illicit affair.

The pair, having discovered a spark during a conversation about the upcoming football match, embark on a steamy romance after Louise falls during the game. And it begins a series of events which are bound to end in tears for the scandalous duo.

One person who doesn't approve of the burgeoning relationship is actress Emily Symons, who plays gorgeous Louise.

She says, "As far as Louise is concerned she doesn't love Ronnie or want him as a boyfriend, so she thinks no-one is going to get hurt. But I think she is more vulnerable than she'll admit.

"The whole thing is a recipe for disaster, but she isn't thinking of the consequences."

Will the lovebirds be able to keep their secret?

ITV.COM Lou Blue After 'Fess Mess

Friday | 27.06.03


Troubled Emmerdale beauty Louise Appleton confesses her terrible crime tonight.

The blonde stunner has been keeping the secret that she killed evil fiancé Ray Mullen but tells pal Diane Blackstock the truth.

She confesses because she wants to make furious Diane understand why she is intent on recapturing the heart of old flame Terry Woods. But Diane is quite unprepared for the shock revelation that Terry helped Louise cover up Ray's murder - and the news looks set to permanently damage their rocky friendship.

Actress Emily Symons - who plays Louise - admits that the situation is tricky for both women.

She says, "Diane can't take in what Louise is telling her. She can't believe how much Louise has kept from her over the past few months. Diane's reaction isn't good. Louise feels a bit let down - she's worn her heart on her sleeve and is now vulnerable.

"She has confessed her deepest and darkest secrets and hasn't got the support she wanted. But Diane is struggling to take it all in."

Will Diane go to the police?


Diane's Dilemma

Wednesday | 23.04.03

Diane - upto now has offered Louise nothing but support

Woolpack landlady Diane Blackstock is in for a shock tonight.

The brassy barmaid is the first person to know about the torrid affair between Louise and Ronnie – and she doesn’t like it.

Temperatures soared over the weekend as Louise and Ronnie gave into their passion but both of them see the liaison as no big deal.

However, Diane knows only too well the pain that affairs can cause and is disgusted by Louise’s devil-may-care attitude.

Diane had thought that since her fiancé Ray Mullen’s death, Louise had revealed her true self to her. But the cold attitude Louise displays when discussing the life-changing romance leaves Diane wondering if she ever knew her at all.

And viewers will be left asking the same question in coming weeks. Not content with her trysts with Ronnie, Louise begins to play games with Terry Woods as well.

Newlywed Terry, who used to have a major unrequited crush on Louise, is perplexed when Louise starts paying him attention.

Will he fall into her web of deceit too?

The Sun 26th April 2003

Diane walks in on Louise and Ronnie


Weekdays  ITV1

DIANE hatches a scheme to stop her co-landlady Louise seeing married Ronnie. But just as she thinks her plan is working, Diane catches the couple in the pub’s cellar.

Convinced Louise’s affair will cause trouble, Diane tries to nip the romance in the bud.

“She decides to make Louise feel guilty,” says Elizabeth Estensen, who plays Diane.

Ronnie’s wife Frances is asked to babysit Ashley’s daughter Gabby in the back room at the pub. Louise is taken aback to be spending time with her lover’s wife, but sees Frances doesn’t deserve to be cheated on.

“Diane assumes her plan has worked,” says Elizabeth. “But the next day she catches Louise and Ronnie in a very compromising position.”

Diane tells Jack about the affair. “Diane is worried,” says Elizabeth. “She thinks that when it all comes out Louise will leave and she’ll be left to clear up the mess.”


Louise reveals all

Monday | 28.04.03

Louise and Ronnie

Emmerdale beauty Louise Appleton is about to spill the beans.
The lusty landlady has been enjoying a passionate fling with married newcomer Ronnie Marsden and can't help sharing her secret with friends.

First, she told her closest pal Diane Blackstock about their trysts and now trusted confidante Terry Woods is next to hear the tale.

Terry and Louise have been close ever since he helped her cover up the murder of psycho ex-lover Ray Mullen. Terry fell in love with the sexy local but she made it clear they could only ever be friends - so he married someone else.

But a heart-to-heart in the Woolpack leads them back into familiar territory. Louise tells Terry all about her romance with a mystery man who happens to be married and shocks him.

Like Diane, Terry cannot understand how Louise can be so calm about the situation and also wonders if there could have been a chance for them after all.

Confusion sets in with troubled Terry, who is still struggling to settle into married life.

But fate has other ideas, and Louise is going to be the last thing on Terry's mind later this week.

IIT.COM Fatal Attraction?

Tuesday | 16.06.03

Emmerdale's Louise Appleton has a dramatic change of heart tonight.
Louise has always thought of Terry Woods as a pal but her feelings have changed and she wants to act on them.

But Terry is no longer at her beck and call. Despite being deeply in love with Louise for a long time, Terry collected himself and took a trip to Spain – where he fell in love with young bride Dawn Hope.

However, Louise is undeterred. After the trauma of the violent end to her relationship with Ray Mullen – where she killed him in self-defence – and Terry's part in helping her clear it up, Louise is determined to get what she wants.

Luckily for pregnant Dawn, Louise's best friend and co-worker Diane Blackstock is keeping an eye on the flighty landlady. She warns Louise not to be selfish and to leave Terry alone – for everybody's sake.

But with her life in tatters around her, will Louise head her advice?

ITV.COM Terry Returns

Thursday | 26.06.03

Terry Woods arrives home unaware he's a man in demand.
The newlywed father-to-be has no clue that his previously unrequited feelings for Woolpack landlady Louise Appleton are about to come to fruition.

And the change in circumstances could not have come at a worse time for Terry as he and his wife Dawn try to come to terms with the possibility their new baby could be born deaf.

However, Dawn's fragile condition and Terry's obvious devotion to his wife are no deterrent to loopy Louise – who has transformed into a maneater in recent months.

Her new penchant for married men is worrying her best pal Diane, who has been unsuccessfully warning her off.

But with Terry back in Emmerdale displaying signs that he is not quite over his infatuation with the blonde bombshell, Louise is finding it hard to contain her emotions.

Actress Emily Symons, who plays her, explains, "Louise thinks Terry would be putty in her hands. She thinks he must still be holding a torch for her and wants to talk to him about how she feels.

"But when she tells Diane this, she tells Louise that Terry and Dawn are made for each other, and that she should leave well alone."

Will Louise take the sage advice on board?

 Diane is shell-shocked by Louise's confession.

ITV.COMLou Blue After 'Fess Mess

Friday | 27.06.03


Troubled Emmerdale beauty Louise Appleton confesses her terrible crime tonight.

The blonde stunner has been keeping the secret that she killed evil fiancé Ray Mullen but tells pal Diane Blackstock the truth.

She confesses because she wants to make furious Diane understand why she is intent on recapturing the heart of old flame Terry Woods. But Diane is quite unprepared for the shock revelation that Terry helped Louise cover up Ray's murder - and the news looks set to permanently damage their rocky friendship.

Actress Emily Symons - who plays Louise - admits that the situation is tricky for both women.

She says, "Diane can't take in what Louise is telling her. She can't believe how much Louise has kept from her over the past few months. Diane's reaction isn't good. Louise feels a bit let down - she's worn her heart on her sleeve and is now vulnerable.

"She has confessed her deepest and darkest secrets and hasn't got the support she wanted. But Diane is struggling to take it all in."

Will Diane go to the police?


ITV.COM She Drives Me Crazy

Monday | 30.06.03


Emmerdale's Terry Woods fears for his future after Louise's revelations.

The newlywed chauffeur is horrified tonight when pal Diane Blackstock marches round to see him and demands to know the whole truth.

Diane is still reeling from Louise's confession that she murdered Ray and Terry helped her cover up the crime. She needs answers and, feeling she can no longer trust Louise, she decides to confront Terry herself.

And his reaction is one of absolute terror when he realises the terrible secret is now in her hands. And Diane is in no mood to be messed with.

She is sickened that Terry helped Louise to create a bond between them – with a view to embarking on a romance with her.

And now Terry is happily married to young wife Dawn and has a baby on the way, he is distraught that his past could destroy his family.

He is also angry that Louise could have confided in Diane about something so important – risking both their futures.

Will Terry prevent Diane from going to the police?

The Sun 5th July 2003

Diane and Louise share a prison cell for the night


Weekdays ITV1

WARRING joint landladies Diane and Louise are arrested when the police raid a late-night lock-in at The Woolpack.

After they are thrown into a cell together, Louise almost tells the police her guilty secret - that she killed her stalker boyfriend Ray.

But Diane saves the day when she covers up for Louise, and the two women become friends again.

"Diane does care for Louise," says Elizabeth Estensen, who plays the formidable Mrs Blackstock.

"But the revelations about Ray have knocked her sideways, and she is also furious that Louise has told people that Diane is going through the menopause. She knows it’s Louise’s way of explaining Diane’s shock, but she hates it."

The trouble starts when Viv reports the pub to the police because she is angry that barman Bob is late home yet again.

"It’s Louise who suggests the lock-in," says Elizabeth. "But Diane loses her temper after the police arrive and she insults them.

"She gets arrested and when Louise tries to intervene, she is arrested as well!"

The two women have plenty of opportunity to air their differences when they are shut in the same cell.

"They blame each other and have a big row," says Elizabeth. "Diane is still reeling from the impact of Louise’s confession about Ray.

"And she is even more annoyed with Louise for telling her boyfriend Jack and others that she is in the middle of the ‘change of life’.

"But when Louise gets so upset that it seems she is going to blurt out everything to the police, it is Diane who quickly covers for her."

The women are released, and Louise takes the first chance she gets to tell Jack the truth behind Diane’s strange behaviour.


Jail Birds

Thursday | 10.07.03

Louise and Diane

Emmerdale landladies Louise and Diane are banged up in jail.

The squabbling duo made the mistake of venting their fury against one and other in public - in front of two off-duty policemen.

And the consequence of their outburst - plus the fact they were operating an illegal lock-in at the time - has earned them a night in the cells.

For Louise this is a terrifying taste of what she can expect if the truth of her involvement in psycho fiancé Ray Mullen’s murder ever comes out. But the incarceration has more profound effect on her cellmate pal.

Diane is finding it hard to cope with the revelation and is still angry and confused by her troubled friend.

But as the situation comes to a head in the confined space, Diane finds out where her loyalties lie.

Actress Elizabeth Estensen - who plays the brassy blonde - explains, “They have a monumental row, and then Louise says she’s going to confess all to the police, and calls for an officer.

“But Diane just can’t let her do it, so she distracts him by ranting about how she’s menopausal. At the end of the day, Louise is her friend - she wants to protect her.”

Will the pair finally put their differences behind them?

The Sun's Weekly Guide to the Soaps 28th September 2003

Louise and Ashley kiss


Mon, Weds, Thurs, Fri - ITV1

LOUISE and Ashley set plenty of tongues wagging when she gives him a tender kiss on the cheek in The Woolpack.

For her, it’s a way of winding up Edna and the gossips. But as the charade continues, Ashley struggles to hide his changing feelings for his friend.

The very public peck comes in a week where Louise rescues Ashley from a date with Susan, a woman he met speed-dating, by pretending they are engaged.

Louise and Ashley are both after new partners but she quickly realises her creepy date, Guy, isn’t the man for her and then notices Ashley can’t stop Susan going on about her ex.

"It’s hilarious," says Emily Symons, who plays the landlady. "Louise says she’s Ashley’s fiancée. Susan is shocked and angry. She pours a drink over the ‘womaniser’, and then Louise does the same."

Despite his soaking, it’s obvious Ashley is grateful and Edna and her gossiping friends are convinced something is going on between the vicar and the bar boss.

Next day, Louise helps Ashley out at the tea dance. Edna, Pearl and Betty note how close they seem. Laurel insists they’re just friends but Pearl is sure there’s real chemistry there.

"Ashley tells Louise to ignore the silly speculation," says Emily. But she kisses his cheek to give the gossips something to talk about.

"As the speculation grows, Louise winds up the locals even more. And when Ashley comes in to The Woolpack, she kisses him again."

Ashley is aware that his feelings for Louise are changing but he is determined to keep them hidden as he’s convinced she could never feel the same way about him.

ITV.COM Chastity Belts Louise

Friday | 20.02.04

Emmerdale stunners Chastity and Louise are heading for a showdown.

The Woolpack co-workers have endured a stormy and complicated relationship ever since the fiery Dingle took the job under landlady Louise's scrutiny.

As two of the most delectable women in the Dales, both Chastity and Louise are very competitive and their rivalry has spilled over into genuine dislike.

So when Chastity takes the day off work without asking Louise's permission, the furious manager decides to teach her a lesson. Louise corners Chas' ex- husband Gordon and informs him all about the incident where Chastity slapped their son Aaron's face.

Delighted to have something to hold over his ex, Gordon gleefully informs Chastity that she has no hope of getting custody of the youngster now - prompting a dramatic response from the heartbroken mother.

Chastity storms to the Woolpack to confront Louise and erupts on the sight of the blonde barmaid. Unable to contain her disdain for Louise, Chastity allows her fists to do the talking.

But will the violent display leave her without her son - and her job?

Extract From The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 22nd February 2004,,2001330006-2004080013_3,00.html


Sun to Fri - ITV1


THE personality clash between Chastity and Louise boils over as a furious Chas punches her boss in the face in The Woolpack.

Shocked and hurt, landlady Louise sacks her on the spot and orders her to pack her bags and move out of her room at the pub.

"Chas is so angry that she doesn’t care," says Lucy Pargeter, who plays the hard-hitting barmaid. "Louise has been getting on Chas’s nerves for ages and this time Louise went too far. She deserved it."

Chas flips after discovering Louise has been telling Gordon, Chas’s estranged husband, about her slapping their son, Aaron.

"Chastity feels really guilty about that," says Lucy. "She was badly provoked, but never meant to hit her son."

Chas tries to patch things up with Aaron, but he refuses to have anything to do with her. When Gordon arrives at the pub, Aaron doesn’t hesitate in telling him that his mother hit him. And when Louise is quick to confirm the youngster’s claims, Gordon’s shock turns to anger.

"When Chas comes in, Gordon tells her she’s not fit to be a mother, and he won’t let her see Aaron again," says Lucy. "Chas is devastated. She might seem hard, but she desperately wants a relationship with Aaron. Then, she finds out it’s Louise who has made it all sound worse. She just loses it and thumps her."

Louise is left nursing a black eye, while sacked Chas is forced to move in with the other Dingles.

"She is angry with herself for losing her temper, her job and her home," says Lucy. "She goes back to The Woolpack and tells Bob how sorry she is, but Louise refuses to take her back and even says she is barred."

Diane insists that they let Chas come to the pub as a customer though and later, at the karaoke, Chas dedicates a song to Louise - You’re So Vain.

IITV.COM Caught Out

Thursday | 01.04.04

Emmerdale newcomer Carl King finds himself in a tight spot.

The sneaky heart-throb has been wooing stunning Woolpack landlady Louise Appleton but has a secret life he's neglected to inform her of.

After her disastrous history with men, Louise was delighted to suddenly find herself getting attention from a decent-looking man. And she was delighted to find a chemistry with Carl that was absent from her ill-fated romance with vicar Ashley Thomas.

But this week, Louise finds herself in a horrible situation when she arrives for a date with Carl, only to find there is an insurmountable obstacle between them.

It seems that sly Carl has forgotten to inform Louise he is a married man - with two young children! And having already endured embarrassment and gossip as recently-departed Ronnie Marsden's mistress, Louise has no desire to put herself in that position again.

Will Carl be able to explain his actions to his horrified wife?

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