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Kelly Glover née Windsor

Appeared: 10 August 1993 - Easter 1997, 24 June 1997 - 1 November 2000, 24 June 2005 -

Played by Adele Silva

Kelly arrives back in Emmerdale on the 24th June 2005 with a flashy sports car

Daughter of Vic Windsor & 1st wife Anne (who Kelly thought died of cancer when she was very young. Turned out she had got run over in the street after discovering Viv and Vic in bed together).

Kelly was Born: 5th Dec 1980

Married 26 or 27 May 1999 Roy Glover. He left her in August 2,000 and moved to Spain. One is left to assume they are now divorded.

Siblings: one half-sister Donna, one step-brother Scott

Step-mother: Viv Windsor/Hope


Kelly has had two pregnancies known to date. Both ended in disaster. The first resulted from a one stand in December 1997 with the recently widowed Biff Fowler. However instead of telling Biff as soon as she discovered she was pregnant, Kelly turned her attentions to her boss Chris Tate. She decided to seduce Chris and then pass off the baby as his so he would pay for an abortion. Unfortunatley for Kelly this plan backfired because Chris was thrilled at the idea he would be a father again and set about supporting her, moving her into Home Farm and giving her anything she wanted. Kelly eventually got her wish in a round about way though and did lose the baby in tragic circumstances when Chris's evil stepmother Kim Tate pushed Kelly down the Home Farm stairs. Kim's finacee Steve Marchant bought Kelly's silence.

While Chris grieved for a baby that wasn't his, there were a couple of people in the village that knew the truth. From the start Kelly had confided in her then best friend Mandy Dingle and of her plans to con Chris that it was his. Mandy confided in her boyfriend Paddy Kirk and eventually word got back to Biff. Kelly of course denied everything. However when faced with the reality that Roy Glover was still a virgin., Biff just knew the baby had been his

Kelly's second pregancy was discovered by viewers in January 2,000 after she had tried to kill herself. The reason for her suicide attempt was simple, she was disgusted with herself for the feelings she had for her stepbrother Scott. Faced with the shocking prospect that she was pregnant and the father could either have been Roy (who was now her husband) or her stepborther's, she could take no more.

Kelly wasn't a troublesome child, indeed she wasn't even a troublesome teenager to either her father or her stepmother. However that all began to change when Kelly was fifteen and she got muddled up with animal rights. This way of thinking was totally different to anything from Vic and Viv's outlook on life. However Kelly still remained relatively close to Viv for the time being, after all she was the only mother Kelly really remembered. (Later scripts suggested that Kelly had been around four years old when Viv came into her life following Kelly's own mother's death).

In the early years Kelly even called Viv "Mum" but that all changed on Kelly's 16th birthday when she along with Scott, Donna and Vic came home and caught Viv with Terry Woods. Relations between Viv and her stepdaughter were never the same and Kelly's good girl attitude went out of the window. With her parents disintergrating marriage (long before the affair came out), Kelly had turned more and more to her English teacher Tom Bainbridge for sympathy.

The Emmerdale Companion (1998):-

As schoolgirl Kelly Windsor, Adele Silva caused a sensation by sleeping with her English teacher Tom Bainbridge [1997]. After three years in Emmerdale, Adele was happy that she finally had a storyline to get her teeth into.

"Kelly had previously been just a spiky teenager, constantly moaning" says Adele. "Then she turned vegetarian, sabotaged her father Vic's business by putting 'Meat Is Murder' stickers on tins of corned beef, and went in a cattle truck with her boyfriend Roy Glover, stealing away with all the calves to stop them being exported. [This took place New Year's Day 1996 and Roy was nearly killed.]

"But Kelly really changed when she fell for her teacher. She got older - or at least thought she was older and more mature - and was trying to prove to her dad that she was independent. I don't think it was a very good move for her. When she was round Tom, she was actually very immature and childlike - she thought she was grown-up like him, but she wasn't. When she was with her dad, she was more independent. She changes round different people" [Kelly disappeard with Tom for a few months, coming back on the 24th June 1997 having discovered Tom in bed with a younger pupil..."

The above was an extract from the Emmerdale Companion Profile of Kelly & Adele Silva.

However Viv's betrayal drew Kelly further toward her teacher and so began an illegal affair that was caught out by Betty Eagleton at New Year's Eve 1996. With the secret soon around the village, Kelly denied everything in order to help Tom keep his job. But village pressure forced Tom and Kelly to run away together. When Kelly did eventually return her whole outlook on life had changed. Her first taste of grown up young love had ended in disaster. She had been betrayed by her stepmother and now Tom after coming home and finding him in bed with a fifth former at the new school he was working at. So, Kelly now used men perhaps how she perceived she had been used and the rest is history.

Relations between Viv and Kelly did not improve especially after Kelly found out the truth in 1998 of how her real mother died. After Vic was murdered, and especially after Kelly tried to kill herself, Viv started to feel some responsibility towards Kelly again. When the truth had come out how Scott had used Kelly in their incestious affair and then how he had destroyed her suicide notes, Viv and Kelly became close again. However this new found closeness lasted bary two months as Kelly turned her attentions to Viv's new beau Bob Hope. In reality Kelly didn't really have an opinion about Bob. However Donna hated the new man in her mother's life at this point in time. So Kelly took it upon herself to get rid of him. She attempted this by the only way she knew how and flirted with him. If Kelly thought she was then going to blame Bob for trying it on then she was very much mistaken, Viv saw everything and told her that was it and threw her out. Kelly moved to London to begin work with contacts of Chris Tate. Not to be seen again for 5 years. The only reference in that time being how she sent Christmas cards (although it does look like the scripts are to be changed here).


Press Release 18 February 2005


Actress Adele Silva is set for an eventful return to Emmerdale this June after a five-year absence, to ensure a red-hot summer in the Yorkshire dales.

Adele, 24 played temptress Kelly Windsor for seven years before leaving in November 2000 to pursue other projects. She will return to the ITV1 soap in May for an initial three-month contract.

Viewers will see Kelly storm back on screen in mid-June causing havoc for her step-mum Viv (Deena Payne), half-sister Donna (Verity Rushworth) and step-brother Scott (Ben Freeman).

Adele first appeared in Emmerdale on 10 August 1993 as schoolgirl Kelly, the daughter of Vic Windsor (Alun Lewis) and his first wife Anne. She was embroiled in some of the show’s most controversial storylines including conning Chris Tate (Peter Amory) into believing he was the father of her unborn child in 1998. She then married Roy Glover (Nicky Evans) in 1999 despite having an affair with her step-brother Scott (Ben Freeman) at the time. Kelly also attempted suicide in a dramatic storyline in 2000.

Kelly was last seen leaving for London after a blazing row with Viv over her new relationship with Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw).

Adele says of her return “I’m very excited and can’t wait to start filming. It will be interesting to see what Kelly has been up to during the past five years and I’m looking forward to catching up with some old friends at Emmerdale.”

An Emmerdale spokesperson says: “Kelly has some grievances to settle and will be stirring things up from the moment she arrives back in the village.”

"Every role I take, I seem to end up crying." Adele Silva

To read more about Adele see Paul Berridge's profile below.

Adele's last appearence in Emmerdale was on 1st November 2000, when Kelly failed to seduce Viv's boyfriend Bob Hope, and Viv threw her out of the family home. She was last seen in a taxi heading for London. Kelly says goodbye to Emmerdale

Lelly and Roy on their wedding day

IMDB entry for: Adele Silva

About Adele
She was Born: 19th November 1980

A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various profiles and photos availabe to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site (that is no more). The following about Adele Silva (and all teh photos on this page) is one of those profiles - although the coloured boxes above have been added.

Adele Silva says that she gets a lot of letters from weirdos, who want her to send them pictures of herself in the nude.

Whats weird about that?

Is Adele Silva ready to move to Hollywood? She was impressed by a recent visit to Tinseltown and admits that: "I would definitely consider a career out there, but I wouldn't move over unless I had a job offer.

Paul Berridge 1999/2000

18 year old Adele - wild child Kelly in Emmerdale - is a feisty young woman who is not afraid to speak her own mind. "I've got a quite a fierce temper and I won't be pushed around." she says. "It doesn't take much to get me angry but It's all over very quickly. I'm just a passionate person."

Adele goes back to her parents' home in Croydon, Surrey, most weekends. Adele, untill recently shared a flat with co-star Sheree Murphy in Leeds. The former schoolmates are the best of friends. Adele says: "I'm an only child and Sheree has four brothers. So we're like the sisters we both never had.
Adele was only 12 when she landed the role of Kelly in Emmerdale but already had a long screen career behind her. She joined Peggy O'Farrell's Dance School in East Ham, London, at the age of five. 'I was an active child,' says Adele. 'My mum needed to find things to entertain me.' It was while training there in dance and drama that the future Emmerdale 'babe' was spotted by a casting director and landed a role in the pantomime Babes in the Wood - as one of the two Babes - at the London Palladium in 1985, alongside stars such as Barbara Windsor and John Inman.
Set on a career in acting, Adele joined the Sylvia Young Theatre School and appeared in television commercials, before making her screen acting debut at the age of seven as Squeak in Doctor Who, alongside Sylvester McCoy as the Time Lord and Sophie Aldred as Ace. Her role, that of a girl whose brother turned into a cat, called on her to wear yellow contact lenses.
Adele subsequently acted in Mr Majeika, the children's series starring Stanley Baxter, playing Fenella Fudd, a girl with a lisp who helped to catch robbers, and took two roles in The Bill - as the daughter of a rapist and a girl who was shot by her brother with a gun he had found. She also played the daughter of a man whom corrupt solicitors tried to kill in director Don Leaver's film The Chain. 'Every role I take, I seem to end up crying,' muses Adele.
Shortly before landing the part of Kelly in Emmerdale, Adele played Beth, the daughter of lan Beale's girlfriend Ronnie, in EastEnders. The arrival of Adele and the other actors and actresses playing the Windsor family was a culture shock for the Emmerdale cast. 'We were all Londoners in a northern village,' she says 'I spoke quite fast and people couldn't understand what I was saying but, after a while, people got used to all of us.'


Former Emmerdale star in car hijack

Former Emmerdale actress Adele Silva has told how she was hit over the head by a robber who stole her car.

She was left cut and bruised after she was dragged along the road as she tried to stop the thief driving off in her silver Peugeot 205 convertible.

Adele, who played man-eater Kelly Glover in the ITV soap, was bumped from behind as she drove home.

The other driver pulled his car in front of hers and told her to get out to look at the damage. A second man hit her over the head, snatched her keys and drove off.

Adele said: "I tried to jump on his lap and take control of the steering wheel.

"I know it was probably a very foolish thing to do but I wasn't thinking."

She was dragged along the road and the thief almost hit an on-coming car in Croydon, South London, on Friday night, reports the Daily Mirror.

Story filed: 09:06 Wednesday 26th March 2003

The Mirror Ex-Emmerdale star left cut and bruised


Mar 26 2003

Ex-Emmerdale star left cut and bruised
By Eva Simpson

FORMER Emmerdale actress Adele Silva told yesterday of how she was hit over the head by a robber who stole her car.

The 22-year-old was left cut and bruised after she was dragged along the road as she tried to stop the thief driving off in her silver Peugeot 205 convertible.

Adele, who played man-eater Kelly Glover in the ITV soap, was bumped from behind as she drove home.

The other driver pulled his car in front of hers and told her to get out to look at the damage. A second man hit her over the head, snatched her keys and drove off.
Adele said: "I tried to jump on his lap and take control of the steering wheel.
" I know it was probably a very foolish thing to do but I wasn't thinking."
She was dragged along the road and the thief almost hit an on- coming car in Croydon, South London, on Friday night.

Adele's handbag, mobile phone and keys were in her car.
Police said the car-jacking was one of 140 reported in the last 18 months.

BBC Pure Soap 18th June 200

Ex-Emmerdale actress in carjack plea

Adele Silva

A young television actress has urged drivers to be aware of the dangers of carjacking, after she described how she was left battered and traumatised in a violent attack.

Ex-Emmerdale actress Adele Silva, 22, suffered a head injury and cuts to her body after she was dragged along the road attempting to stop a robber stealing her Peugeot 206 convertible.

Her ordeal began on a Saturday night in March this year when she was "bumped" in south London by a black car driving behind her, she told Company magazine.

A man in his twenties got out of the car as if to inspect the damage and asked her whether she wanted to have a look at the damage to her own car.

" There was only a tiny dent on the bumper, but just as I began to feel something wasn't right, the guy cracked me over the back of the head with his fist," she told Company.
" The impact wasn't enough to knock me to the ground, but it did stun me and in that second, he yanked the keys out of my hand and ran to my car.

" He got into the driver's seat and I remember thinking `Oh my God, he's going to steal my car'."

Ms Silva, who played Kelly Glover in the ITV1 soap opera, described how her "gut instinct" had been to chase after the man.

" I was being dragged along the road on my side as the car moved away and I remember being scared I was going to get pulled under the wheels.

It is vital that everyone was aware of the threat of carjacking, she said - at the time of the incident she knew very little about the phenomenon.


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