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Jarvis Skelton

Appeared: 1st November 2002 -
Played by: Richard Moore

Jarvis 2005

Born: 26th May 1940 (Please note this was on the programme but the episode should of originally aired 25th May)

Jarvis moved to the village in 2002 and became a dustman. At first he worked for Tate Haulage but now his employers are King and Sons. He remains single although the love of his life was his former dancing partner Freda Darby. However in February 2003 she revealed to him that she did not feel the same and furthermore in the past she had only ever seen him as a friend. In June 2005 he revealed he has had three wives. There has always been an air of mystery about Jarvis.

ITV.COM Chequered Past

Thursday | 24.03.04

Emmerdale’s Edna Birch is about to get a nasty surprise.

The prudish pensioner is the subject of a search by pal Jarvis Skelton after requesting he finds out information about her grandmother.

Proud Edna is convinced her relative was a high society mover and shaker, who won respect and admiration from all around her.

But when unsuspecting Jarvis puts his family tree research into action, he discovers Edna’s grandmother had a reputation for all the wrong reasons.

It turns out that the lady in question made her living by working as a prostitute - and was notorious in her time. And poor Edna has no idea that her family was famous for such raunchy reasons.

The news comes as a delightful surprise to Edna’s mischievous pals Laurel Potts and Pearl Ladderbanks, but Jarvis knows it is bound to cause the straight-laced local painful embarrassment.

Will Jarvis tell Edna the truth?

screen captures of Jarvis from 30th December 2002

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Edna, Jarvis' ex dancing partner Freda and Jarvis

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