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About Donna Windsor
25 February 1998 -

Currently Played by: Verity Rushworth
Sophie Jeffrey Played the original Donna from 10th August 1993 - Autumn 1997)

Verity Rushworth


Eithne's Profile of Donna

IMDB entry: Verity Rushworth

Character: Donna Windsor

Parents: Viv, mother and Vic, father (deceased)

Siblings: Kelly, half sister and Scott, half brother

Age: It was finally been confirmed in December 2003 that Donna was born 31 December 1985. Up until that point the scripts had varied suggesting both 1985 and 1986. The script has been changed. In December 1994, she was 9 years old indicating that she was born in 1985. This age seems to be consistant through to 1997 at least as she was going to Secondary School in 1996. However the scripts have subseqeuntly changed her birth year to 1986 to fit her in with today's brat pack.

(In the episode of 27th December 1994, she said she was nine years old). She is the only one of the Winder children that a birth date hasn't been given for.

First Appearance: either 10th August (most likely) or 10th September 1993

Played by: Sophie Jeffrey (1993-1997) and Verity Rushworth (1998- )


Donna Windsor is the youngest in the Windsor family. She is a little spoilt, but not as devious as Kellie, or as wild as Scott. Donna has a habit of going away for long periods of time without being seen on screen. In 1993 when she first arrived she got drunk with her siblings. Donna was distraught when the truth came out about Viv’s affair with Terry, and Donna was torn between her parents. She eventually moved into the Woolpack with her mother. When Kelly went missing in 1997 Donna was upset, although she later helped Kelly meet Tom. Later that month Donna was lead a little of the rails by Andy Sugden, who persuaded her to skip school and go joyriding in Leeds with him and Robert. After this Viv started her war against Andy and the Sugden family.

In 2001 Donna lost her virginity to Marc, and was one of the teenagers involved in the hit and run. Marc dumped Donna because Viv told Angie about Marc sleeping with Donna. Later Donna was upset that Marc and Eve were together. Donna had to do community service as punishment for the hit and run, but was devastated when Marc was sent to prison.

About Sophie Jeffrey: The original Donna left the show in 1997 to continue with her school work

About Verity Rushworth: Verity is the second actress to play Donna. She has also appeared in an October 1997 episode of ITV drama Heartbeat.

Profile From The former Official Site

Played by Sophie Jeffrey then Verity Rushworth
First Appearance on 10 September 1993 –
Family; Parents: Vic and Viv Windsor, Brother Scott and Sister Kelly

1993 [the events here sound a bit muddled with something that happened in 1996/1997]
Donna drinks cider with Kelly, Scott and Roy and goes to the village disco. She sees her mum cuddling Terry and becomes hysterical after witnessing a fight between her family. She sees a kiss between Terry and Viv, and is upset by Kellys disappearance and her mums neglect.

1994 [this event didn't happen until at least 1996]
She is at the quarry when Andy falls in the water. Drinks some whisky and collapses after drinking alcopops in the Woolpack. Gets punched in the face by Andy, she goes to Roberts party, but is nasty to Andy. Later gets involved in another fight with Andy at school. Overhears her mum tell Terry that she wants to leave her kids and go to Leeds with him. She also tells her dad about Viv seeing Terry.

Donna cons some money out of her dad to have her nose pierced. She then tells her parents that she has been excluded from school because of objections to her new look. She goes with her mum to see the head, but refuses to remove it, she shouts at him. Her life is turned upside down after her dad in a post office raid by Billy Hopwood, Andy’s real father. She goes on a camping trip and kisses Marc, who later ignores her.

She is told of Kelly’s suicide attempt and tries to come to terms the consequences. Then she starts hanging around with Ollie. She invites Marc into the back of the shop but he declines. She is embarrassed when Viv has a solo protest against the mini bus. At he bus crash, Donna rushes to see if Marc is all right. They get together and Ollie has to interrupt the pair kissing to tell her that Viv wants her home
She looks at the bruising on Marc’s back and arranges to spend time alone with him. She goes to see Marc at the Reynold. Donna asks Kelly’s advice about sex.

Angie catches the pair in Marc’s bedroom. Donna is embarrassed when Viv storms into her classroom and lectures her for sleeping with Marc. Surprisingly, she is not invited to Marc’s party and is upset when he won’t tell her what he plans to do after school. Viv tells her that she has met a man, Bob. She feels left out and is appalled by the news that Bob is moving in. She sleeps with Marc for the first time. Tricia consoles her when she thinks she could be pregnant. She is not too happy with the arrival of Carol.

She helps her mum when she marries Bob but Donna is livid when Viv tries to change her name on the school records to Hope. She asks Marc to sleep with her again and they sleep together at her house. Is caught by Viv and Bob in an intimate situation with Marc and ordered home. Marc soon gets bored and concentrates all his attention on the new girl in the village, Eve. Donna decides she wants to join the army. But the teenagers in the village are involved in a terrible accident; they have killed their teacher in a hit and run accident. Lies and deceit come easily to Eve and Donna doesn’t trust her one bit. Will this jepordise her chances of joining the army?

The Sun 31st March 2003

Bob and Matti have it out


Weekdays ITV1

CHEATING Viv Hope wants nothing more than for her husband, Bob, to forgive and forget her fling with a limo driver. Bob, however, is not in the mood to show mercy.

He’s determined to give Viv a hard time and wreak revenge.

“Bob really loves Viv,” says Tony Audenshaw, who plays the cheated husband. “That’s why he was so devastated when he learned she’d been unfaithful.”

Terry tries to comfort his friend by insisting Viv’s limo driver lover, Matti, is a womaniser. Bob hits on an idea. He books the limo and when it arrives, he and a reluctant Terry bundle Matti into the back.

Bob then demands the Lothario tells him about his session with Viv.

“Matti the driver is scared he is going to get thumped by Bob again,” says Tony. “He admits Viv said it was just a one-off because she loved her husband. The fling didn’t count.

“Bob decides if flings don’t count then he’ll have one himself, and he bursts into the pub searching for a willing partner. But, he can’t bring himself to be unfaithful to Viv.”

Viv begs Bob for a second chance but he insists their marriage is over. The next day, they receive the news that Donna, Viv’s daughter, has collapsed - and her friends
think she’s taken an overdose.

“That puts the row in perspective,” says Tony. “Viv sobs that Donna has tried to kill herself and, naturally, Bob comforts her.

“It’s soon clear that Donna hasn’t taken an overdose - it was a cry for help and attention.”

One good thing does emerge from Donna’s collapse, though. “The scare brings Bob and Viv closer,” explains Tony. “But when Viv’s hopes rise, Bob insists that they’re not back together; they’ve got to take the future very slowly.”


Drink hell of Emmerdale wild child

Emmerdale tackles the tough subject of under-age drinking in a forthcoming dramatic episode.

Teenage rebel Donna Windsor falls into a coma after sinking bottles of booze smuggled out of the village post office.

She and her pals sneak off to the cricket pavilion where they down the lot, with Donna supping more than her share.

In truth Donna, played by Verity Rushworth, is desperately sad and disturbed by the break up of her mum's marriage.

Her mother Viv (Deena Payne) has had a fling with a limousine driver and when partner Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) found out he he angrily declared the marriage was over.

The incessant rows have upset Donna more than Viv realises and she fails to spot the warning signs in her wayward daughter.

To make matters worse before she slips into unconsciousness Donna tells pals she has taken pills as well.

The hospital takes no chances and Donna has her stomach pumped. The next day she admits the overdose claim was a lie, but says what she did was a cry for help.
Viv and Bob agree to try again with their marriage for her sake.

ITV.COM Donna's Despair

Thursday | 03.04.03

Donna with dyed hair and lip piercing

Emmerdale's Donna Windsor is set to shock the village tonight.
The troubled youngster turns to drink after finding it hard to cope with the acrimonious split between mum Viv and husband Bob.

In an effort to blot out the whole sorry affair, Donna decides to get drunk and enjoy herself with her friends. But the evening soon turns into a nightmare.

An Emmerdale insider explains, "Viv hasn't noticed the effect that her strife is having on those around her and fails to spot Donna sneaking out a load of alcohol from the shop.

"As the youngsters gather down by the pavilion to play spin the bottle, Donna has decided to escape the marital problems at home and is determined to drown her sorrows.

"The game continues and she consumes more and more alcohol - despite Katie's warning to slow down. Unconcerned by Katie's words, Donna sinks her drink at a pace before passing out - claiming to have taken some pills."

As the ambulance comes to her rescue, mum Viv is forced to drag herself out of her own misery to face up to what has happened. And the enormity of the event brings her and Bob together as they worry about whether Donna will survive.

Will it be enough to make them reconsider?

THE SUN 26th July 2003


Weekdays ITV1

Donna is delighted to help new driver Robert turn his car into a passion wagon. But when Robert starts getting distracted by another woman, Donna is instantly jealous.

While Robert insists he and Elaine are just mates and he’s helping her learn to drive, Donna is not so sure.

“Donna really fancies Robert,” says Verity Rushworth, who plays the teenage temptress. “The trouble is, living in a tiny village means that there’s nowhere for them to go to be together.

“When Robert passes his test and gets a car, Donna is delighted! They head off to a quiet country lane where nature takes its course.

“Donna is thrilled, until Robert remembers he is supposed to be taking Elaine out for a driving lesson.

“Furious, Donna insists on going too and makes such a nuisance of herself chattering from the back seat that Elaine reverses into a gatepost.”

Later, Elaine tells Donna she doesn’t fancy Robert, but Donna isn’t convinced. And when Robert and Elaine are alone in the car when it runs out of petrol in a country lane, he starts flirting with her.

She reminds him he already has a girlfriend, but will temptation get the better of them?

ITV.COM Teenage Kicks

Friday | 01.08.03

Randy Robert continues his pursuit of a second girlfriend tonight.

The Sugden schoolboy has already captured the heart of Donna Windsor but has set his sights another village lovely - newcomer Elaine Marsden.

And Robert is finding his new set of wheels is the perfect excuse to lure unwitting Elaine to got out with him - even if she has no idea of his romantic intentions.

The pair embark on a second driving lesson tonight, free from Donna's watchful eyes. And Robert ensures that the car runs out of petrol miles from home so they are forced to spend some quality time together.

But Elaine has no intention of becoming another notch on his bedpost. And luckily for her, dad Ronnie, has also sussed Robert's game.

Ronnie is furious to discover that Elaine has not turned up for work, and that she is with Robert. He hunts for the pair and when he finds them, Elaine is dragged home with clear instructions not to go near Robert again.

Donna is delighted that Elaine is out of the picture but will Robert give up so easily?


Cheating Hearts

Tuesday | 16.09.03

Donna slaps Robert after finding out he has used her.

Emmerdale's Robert Sugden and Donna Windsor are playing romantic games.

The teenage twosome split up last week when Donna discovered roguish Robert had been wooing local lovely Elaine Marsden behind her back.

Determined to preserve her self-respect Donna has held her head high after discovering the heartbreaking truth about her boyfriend. Robert, who has little respect for either girl, was unrepentant about his cheating behaviour, leaving Donna to vow never to get involved with him again.

But Robert's new romance hasn't panned out in the way he had hoped. Sensible Elaine has refused to give in to his pressure for them to sleep together and it seems that Robert will be taking cold showers for some time.

However, when Donna marches round to the farm to collect some belongings from him, Robert finds himself drawn to her again. Dressed up to the nines and with an attitude to match, Donna is every teenage boy's dream. And soon the pair find themselves in bed together again.

But is Robert interested in Donna for her mind....

Sex disease shock for Emmerdale
There's some terrible news in store for four youngsters in the tragedy-hit village of Emmerdale.
They are left reeling when a VD epidemic sweeps the village, and fear they have contracted chlamydia after a sex merry-go-round, according to The Sun.
Bride-to-be Katie Addyman, played by Sammy Winward, goes for tests after sleeping with her future brother-in-law, and the best man, Robert (Karl Davies).
He realises he has the disease after sleeping with Katie's bridesmaid Donna (Verity Rushworth) on the wedding night.
Katie is scared that hubby-to-be Andy Sugden (Kelvin Fletcher) will be infected and will find out about her cheating ways.
The VD storyline is due to unfold next month.
A spokeswoman for Emmerdale told The Sun: "It will be very carefully scripted.
"Chlamydia affects a lot of young women and men, many do not realise they have it.

" It will cause a lot of heartache for Katie who fears Andy is also infected and she will have to tell him everything about her affair with his brother Robert."

Extract from The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 15th February 2004,,2001330006-2004070675_3,00.html


Sun to Fri - ITV1

HER wedding to Andy should be the happiest day of her young life, but Katie Addyman is a mass of nerves and mixed feelings as it approaches.

She loves Andy. Unfortunately, she also loves his best man - and brother - Robert. And she can’t resist sleeping with him on her last night as a single woman!

As the ceremony looms, Katie is worried about Robert’s increasingly angry behaviour and fears he is going to wreck the big day.

"It’s all her fault and she knows it," says Sammy Winward, who plays pretty Katie. "The fling with Robert started out as a bit of fun, but now it has got way out of hand. The trouble is, she loves both brothers."

Robert and Katie are almost caught out when Andy finds flowers Robert sends her, but Katie convinces him they are a gift from her to him.

Later, an out-of-control Robert appeals to Katie not to go through with the wedding, shouting at her in the street not to marry Andy.

"Katie is hurt and embarrassed," says Sammy. "She sees how much Robert cares for her. She feels totally torn but is determined to go through with the wedding, no matter what. She just can’t let Andy down."

The night before the wedding, Andy follows tradition and packs a bag, leaving Katie to spend the evening with bridesmaid Donna.

Robert turns up after Donna goes to bed, pointing out this is Katie’s last chance to do a runner with him, but she resists.

When he leaves, Katie opens a present Andy has left her. It’s a necklace with a heart-shaped locket inscribed, ‘I love you, Mrs Sugden’.

"Katie is terribly moved by Andy’s love," says Sammy. "She goes off to sleep on the sofa all mixed-up and unsure of what to do. But when Robert returns, she can’t resist him and leads him to the bedroom.

"In the morning, Donna almost catches her with Robert. He pleads with her to change her mind but Katie tries to be decisive - she is going ahead with the wedding.

"Even when Donna admits red wine has been spilled over her wedding dress, Katie stays cool," adds Sammy. "She finds the strength to carry on. But as the big moment approaches, Katie is on tenterhooks in case Robert wrecks everything.

"It’s unbelievably tense at the church as Katie desperately hopes Robert lets the wedding go ahead."

Robert’s Revenge

Wednesday | 18.02.04

Emmerdale's heartbroken Robert Sugden takes his revenge on lover Katie.

The love rat local is devastated that Katie went ahead with her wedding to his brother Andy despite his heartfelt pleas.

Having had to endure a painful day, Robert decides to get blind drunk at the reception - much to his father Jack's disgust. Unable to hide his feelings of disappointment and heartbreak the young local throws caution to the wind by downing drink after drink.

And having made a spectacle of himself at the happy event, Robert finishes off the night in spectacular style by leading bridesmaid Donna Windsor off to bed.

Donna has been vying for the hunky mechanic's attention for ages, ever since he cruelly dumped her to take up with best pal Elaine Marsden. And since Robert can't get Katie's attention he decides to play her at her own game - by bedding her good friend.

Will his drastic actions get Robert what he really wants?

Click here for Daily Mirror - BED AND BAWD! Mar 5 2004

Emmerdale - ITV1, Sun-Fri

By Tony Stewart,
Robert and Donna have moved in with Andy and Katie.  Katie walks in on the pair kissing.  How will she deal with her feelings for Robert?

Extract From The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps - 7th March 2004,,2001330006-2004101759_3,00.html


Sun to Fri - ITV1

NEWLYWED Katie is determined to put her fling with Robert behind her and make her marriage to Andy work.

But she’s horrified when Robert starts working on the farm, and then moves in to the spare room with Donna - all in a bid to make her jealous.

"It’s a nightmare," says Sammy Winward, who plays the teenage bride. "She wants to forget about Robert, but how can she when he’s living under the same roof?"

Jack ignites Katie’s problems when he suggests that Robert helps Andy with the lambing.

"Katie has a go at Robert and asks him what on Earth he’s playing at," says Sammy.

"She insists that it’s over between them but Robert seems determined to revive the affair."

Donna is upset that Robert has been spending all his time at the farm and asks Katie how she can get him back.

"Katie warns Donna to steer well clear," says Sammy. "And she suggests to Andy that they take in a lodger to help out, in the hope that whoever it is will do so much work that there won’t be any extra chores for Robert."

But next day, Robert and Donna call round to announce they are back together and, after staying for a while, they ask if they can sleep over to avoid drink-driving.

"Katie is furious," says Sammy. "She makes a scene but Andy can’t see what the fuss is about.

"It’s even worse for Katie when Robert and Donna keep her awake with their antics in the bedroom. Katie gets so angry when Robert has a dig that she worries Donna will start to suspect something."

The next night, when Katie and Andy’s car breaks down, Katie goes to get Robert, because he sold it to them. But she sees him sneaking Donna into the Sugdens.

She flips and tells Viv what her daughter is up to. Viv tells Robert’s dad, Jack - who has banned Donna from the house as it sets a bad example to Victoria - and he’s furious.

Donna and Robert both find themselves in trouble at home, so they decide to move in at the farm with Andy. Robert calls Andy and gets the all-clear.

"Katie returns home later to find she is now part of a cosy foursome," says Sammy. "Robert and Donna are making themselves at home and he’s pleased with himself.

"Katie is shattered. How can she put the past behind her if he’s right under her nose? Andy is puzzled and asks why she’s so upset, but he’s the last person she can tell.

ITV.COM Green-Eyed Monster

Wednesday | 10.03.04

Emmerdale newlywed Katie Addyman is put in an awkward situation.

The stunning youngster has returned from her honeymoon to find secret lover Robert Sugden in a passionate romance with close pal Donna.

When Katie married her long term love Andy Sugden - Robert’s adopted brother - she promised herself there would be no more intimacy between herself and the hunky mechanic.

But her feelings for Robert haven’t disappeared and she is horrified that he has forgotten her so easily.

So when Robert and new love Donna stay over at Butler’s Farm and make saucy noises all night, Katie feels like she’s being driven mad with jealousy.

The truth is that she is the first girl Robert has ever loved and seeing her marry someone else almost destroyed him. So with no more cards left to play Robert is dishing out some revenge on his former sweetheart.

Will his plan to make her insanely jealous work?

ITV.COM Houseguests From Hell

Friday | 12.03.04

Emmerdale's Katie Sugden unwittingly makes her life difficult at home.

The green-eyed farmer's wife is furious that secret ex-lover Robert Sugden has rekindled his passionate romance with her close pal Donna Windsor.

Katie had hoped that Robert would remain single following her insistence that they must stop seeing each other behind his unsuspecting brother Andy's back. Although Robert was heartbroken, he decided to play Katie at her own game by flaunting his relationship with Donna.

So when Katie catches the lovers sneaking into Robert's dad Jack's home for a raunchy encounter, she immediately grasses them up to both their parents. Jack and Donna's mum Viv try to lay the law down to the lusty duo but their warnings fall on deaf ears.

Furious Robert storms out of home and Donna soon follows - and when Katie returns to her home at Butler's Farm, Andy informs her they have two new houseguests.

Can Katie handle living so close to randy Robert?


Donna's sex disease embarrassment
Verity Rushworth, aka Emmerdale's dippy Donna, reckons the soap has put her off going out on the town.
Next week viewers will see how she reacts to news that she's contracted a sexually transmitted disease.
The 18-year-old actress explained to Pure Soap: "Oh, I've had loads of really good storylines, but this chlamydia storyline has been the most embarrassing.
"Although it's just touched upon in the show, I'm dreading going out in Leeds, but it's all part of the job I suppose."
The decision by the show's scriptwriters to include the shocking plot, which could potentially see four of the soap's characters suffering from the condition, couldn't be more topical - recent figures revealed the number of children under 15 visiting clinics for contraception and STD test has nearly tripled over the past few years.
Only last year, The Family Planning Association (FPA) called for the government to introduce a national screening programme for chlamydia - the most commonly diagnosed STD in 2002 - to halt the growing crisis.
Next Wednesday (March 24), Viv discovers her darling daughter Donna has contracted the STD, but what will Robert do when he finds out, and will he fear the worst about who the condition has spread to?
And, how long will it be before newlywed Andy learns the truth?

Extract From The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 22nd March 2004


Sun to Fri - ITV1


Robert's affair with his brother's wife Katie is dangerously close to being exposed after his other lover, Donna, is told she has a sexually-transmitted disease.

Poor, deceived Donna has no idea of the possible implications when she reveals to Robert that she is suffering from chlamydia.

Robert is outraged at the possibility that Donna might have given him the disease - but then is horrified when he realises that if he has it too, he could have passed it on to Katie. And if she goes on to infect husband Andy, it’s almost certain to lead to their affair being discovered.

When Donna first gets her diagnosis she tries to confide her fears to Katie, but she says she is too busy with an essay and tells Donna to go and talk to her mum instead. All this leaves Donna feeling miserable, isolated and abandoned.

"She tries to talk to Robert," says Karl Davies, who plays the rural Romeo, "but the only response he can manage is to try to take her to bed again. When he finally notices that Donna is behaving differently, he starts to worry, and Andy suggests that she might be pregnant."

Eventually, Donna does tell her mum, Viv, who is completely mortified. She makes such a fuss that Donna is terrified she will confront Robert. Donna only manages to talk her mother out of it by insisting she should be the one to break the bad news to him.

"When she finally comes out with it, he is really angry," says Karl.

"Robert has never treated Donna very well, and this week he is pretty appalling to her. But when he considers the possibility that the disease could well expose his affair with Katie, his heart sinks. That could smash the whole family to pieces.

"It sparks an angry row between Robert and Katie when he tells her, and they realise they both have to get tested straightaway and pray the infection hasn't spread."

ITV.COM Caught Out?

Thursday | 24.03.04

Emmerdale’s Robert Sugden discovers the truth about girlfriend Donna Windsor.

All week anxious Donna’s strange behaviour has worried Robert, who fears she may be pregnant, but the reality far more serious implications.

As viewers know, poor Donna has discovered she has contracted sexual disease chlamydia and is struggling to confess her problem to Robert.

So when she finally plucks up the courage to tell him, Robert is horrified to think that he may also have chlamydia - and could have passed it on to secret lover Katie.

Robert knows that if his worst fears are true, the whole of Emmerdale will soon find out that the pair have duped unsuspecting Andy and have been enjoying a passionate romance.

And actor Karl Davies, who plays the love rat local, hopes the secret remains under wraps as he doesn’t want Robert settling down with the blonde beauty.

He explains, "I’m not sure that I’d want Andy getting all the girls, while Robert is playing happy families with Katie!

"But if Andy ever finds out, it’ll be great to film - it’s got such huge potential that it makes me feel a bit nervous. I want to do the story justice.


6th April 2004 - From this is Grimsby

We have all heard the radio adverts asking us if we are thinking about sex enough and we have all be warned about the so-called "Sex Lottery" - but are we really clued up when it comes to sexually transmitted infections (STIs)? Popular ITV1 soap Emmerdale is currently tackling the issue in one of its main storylines. Health writer HANNAH KENNARD reports.

When Viv Hope found out daughter Donna Windsor had somehow become infected with chlamydia, she was livid. No, she was disgusted. She immediately kicked out her cafe customers so she could surf the net and find out exactly what horrible disease her beloved daughter had caught.

Luckily, Donna isn't a real person - she is just a soap character.

Unfortunately, chlamydia is very real, and it infects thousands and of people every year.

Donna, who features in the ITV1 soap Emmerdale, has picked up the infection - which can lead to infertility - from her boyfriend, Robert Sugden, who happened to be sleeping with his brother's fiance Katie right up until the night before her wedding.

Donna and Katie happen to be best friends and their friendship and Katie's marriage could well be at risk if it turns out they are all infected.

But really, that is the least of their worries.

Although chlamydia is a very common STI, it is also one of the most serious and most silent, because it is very easily spread and often doesn't have any symptoms.

It is also on the increase nationwide.

The majority of women who are infected with chlamydia will not notice anything unusual, although some may spot an increased girl thingyl discharge, frequent or painful urination, pain during sex, or irregular periods.

Men are more likely to notice symptoms, but again, some may have none at all.

If they do, these are likely to be a discharge from the penis and pain or burning on urination.

Sometimes, even the eyes can become infected with chlamydia and both men and women may experience painful swelling and irritation.

Chlamydia can be silently and quickly transmitted in a number of ways, including through penetrative sexual intercourse, oral sex, mother to baby during birth or occasionally, by transferring the infection on fingers from the genitals to the eyes.

If a doctor suspects that a patient has chlamydia, samples will be taken from any place which may be infected such as the girl thingy and cervix in women, or the urethra in men, and sent to a laboratory for testing.

Increasingly, chlamydia tests are being taken using a urine sample.

The results are usually available within a week, and if the test is positive, the treatment for chlamydia is a simple course of antibiotics.

The real danger is where it is left untreated, either because the victim simply does not know they have it, or because they are too embarrassed to do anything about it.

Female sufferers who are not treated can develop pelvic inflammatory disease.

This can lead to fertility problems, ectopic pregnancy and chronic pelvic pain.

A spokeswoman for Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals NHS Trust said: "The symptoms of chlamydial infection can be mild or easy to miss so, if there is any suggestion at all of infection, it is always best for people to get things checked out.

" We have seen a slight increase in the number of people testing positive with chlamydia, in line with the national picture, but part of that is because people are becoming more aware of it and are seeking help and advice.

" We would urge anyone who wants help or advice about sexually transmitted infections or contraception to pop along to the Centre for Sexual Health at the Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital or to give us a ring on (01472) 875237."

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
Thursday | 20.05.04

Emmerdale's Donna Windsor sets her sights on a new man.

The pretty youngster is desperate to find herself a decent bloke after being devastated by ex-love Robert Sugden's scheming and cheating ways.

Poor Donna doesn't have a lot of choice in the small Emmerdale community. Most of the men in her age group are already taken or not interested. But Donna has found a friend in grieving widower Marlon Dingle, who understands heartbreak like no-one else.

Marlon has spent the past few months caught up in a deep depression following the untimely death of his beloved wife Tricia. But now Marlon is putting his life back together, and Donna thinks she could be just what he needs.

In an effort to entice Marlon into a new romance, deluded Donna throws on her best clothes and a lorry load of makeup. But an afternoon of throwing longing looks his way fails to make an impact on unsuspecting Marlon.

So when Val Lambert decides to voice her own suspicions about Donna's agenda to Marlon, the lovelorn chef is horrified.

Is Donna going to be disappointed in love once again?

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