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About Diane Blackstock
(nee Lambert)

Early Diane Blackstock fan card - circa 2000

Appeared: 23 November 1999 -

Diane was Born 21 June 1947

Married: Rodney Blackstock,

Children: Bernice Marie Thomas nee Blackstock

Granddaughter: Gabrielle Bernice Thomas

Sister: Val Lambert (10 years Diane's junior)

Diane has said she was 12 when her childhood ended because her mother died and she had to take the place of her baby sister's mother.

Engaged to Jack Sugden

According to "30 Years of Emmerdale" she has a nephew called Paul who has now been mentioned quite a lot since his mother Val arrived in the series n February 2004.

The current Diane Blackstock fancard

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First appearance on 23rd November 1999


Bernice’s mother makes her debut on the day of Roy’s release from prison. There is a welcome home party for him in the Woolpack and Diane makes an impression on Alan Turner when she tries make him dance. Her daughter's impending marriage to Gavin displeases her, and she warns him against crossing the Blackstock family. Later, Bernice confides that she has thrown him out of the house after catching him kissing Jason.  She tells Ashley about Gavin, and he comes close to telling her his true feelings for her daughter.

Diane and Alan chat about Bernice’s money problems now that Gavin has gone and she promises Bernice she will move here permanently and buy the pub. Bernice announces to the whole pub that her and her mum are taking over the Woolpack.
When Spanish chef Carlos arrives in the village Diane can’t wait to get a look at him.
Diane has been getting friendlier with Jack, after he discovered Sarah was having an affair with Richie, and has been his shoulder to cry on. She lends him the money to go and visit the kids in Spain. Jack and Diane finally kiss. They both say they are not ready for another relationship and he asks her to keep quiet about her staying over.
When Jack loses custody of Victoria he becomes depressed and refuses to get out of bed.

Diane’s relationship with Jack progresses and she spends the night with him after having a meal. Unfortunately, her ex-husband Rodney turns up and Jack gets annoyed that she has stood him up. Diane can’t believe Rodney has turned up after 26 years. She wants him to leave before Bernice returns. Bernice arrives back and guesses that Rodney is her father.

Jack unburdens his problems about the farm to Diane. He tells her that the farm is worth more on paper than it is as a working concern. After the fire Diane has to break the news to Richie that his lover Sarah is dead. She gives Jack a hard time and keeps asking him why Sarah and Richie were in the barn and how the fire started. Richie tells her Jack started the fire and she begins to have doubts over Jack’s innocence.

When Alan makes a move on Diane she is forced to admit to him that she is in love with Jack. Alan feels that he has made a fool of himself. Diane makes a mistake when comforting Jack - she lets it slip that she loves him.

Diane and Alan grow closer while Jack is in prison. They go on a couple of dates and he takes her on his bike around the Dales. Yet Diane knows there is no magic between them, she puts an end to it when she realises its Jack that she loves.
She then discovers that her daughter is having an affair with Carlos, and tries to stop them.. Bernice discovers she is pregnant and Diane has to support her and help her to makes some tough decisions about the baby, Ashley and Carlos. Diane herself gets into hot water when she has a drunken romp with ex hubby Rodney.

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Character: Diane Blackstock

Child: Bernice, daughter

Married: Rodney Blackstock

First Appearance: 23rd November 1999

Born: around 21st June 1947

Played by: Elizabeth Estensen


Diane married Rodney when she fell pregnant with Bernice, but the marriage didn’t last. Rodney met Maureen and divorced Diane. This left Diane a single mother at a very young age. In 1999 Diane turned up in the village and stayed. She lent Bernice the money to buy the Woolpack and started working there herself. In July 2000 Diane spent the night with Jack, although both Eric and Alan liked her. She and Jack became closer as time passed. It soon became clear that Diane was a very strong willed woman, who had made many sacrifices bringing up her daughter. In October 2000 Diane was shocked by the appearance of ex husband Rodney. She hadn’t seen him in over twenty years, and was not happy that he wanted to be a part of Bernice’s life. But Bernice returned from holiday and met her father for the first time in since 1974.

In December Diane attended the wedding of Bernice and Ashley. January 2001 brought another member of the Blackstock family to Emmerdale. This time it was Nicola, Rodney’s youngest daughter. Diane and Nicola didn’t hit if off at all, and took digs at each other regularly. When Jack was arrested for killing Sarah in the barn fire Diane and Alan started getting closer. But she soon admitted that she only wanted to be friends. When Jack was released from prison Diane was over the moon. But their relationship turned sour after Diane and Rodney slept together after getting drunk.

Throughout the year Diane was a shoulder to lean on for Bernice. Diane was delighted when Bernice announced that she was pregnant, but saddened when it was revealed that Bernice had suffered a miscarriage. But when Diane found out the truth about Bernice’s affair with Carlos, she tried to get her daughter to see sense.

In October, when the truth about the affair came out, Diane tried as best she could to sort out her daughter’s life. In December Diane became a grandmother, and was delighted by Gabby’s arrival.

In the early months of 2002 Diane tried to stop Bernice from leaving Ashley and Gabby. But in April, when Bernice left Diane was upset. As 2002 continued Diane met Mack, who was working on Viv’s cafe. Although he was more than ten years her junior they didn’t let this get in their way. But in the end the age gap did get in the way. Mack and Diane finished their relationship.

In autumn 2002 Diane supported Louise, who was being stalked by an unknown person. Louise received phone calls, underwear and expensive jewelry from this person, with Diane supporting Louise all the time throughout this.

On Christmas Day of this year, Louise’s boyfriend Ray was murdered. Louise told everyone that she thought it was a burglar who had done it. Diane continued in her supporting mood a long time after the death. In early 2003 Jack and Diane started growing close again, as she helped organise Victoria’s birthday party. After some confusion Diane and Jack finally got back together, and have been together since then, with Diane confiding some of her (and Louise’s) big secrets.

In April 2003, Diane discovered that best friend and co-owner of the Woolpack, Louise was having an affair with a married man – Ronnie Marsden. Despite Diane’s best efforts the affair continued, until Ronnie’s wife Frances found out. But Louise’s love life was still in a mess. She told Diane the truth about her feelings for Terry.

Diane was shocked by these feelings and tried to prevent Louise from telling the newly married Terry of her feelings. Terry had always had a thing for Louise, but he too had helped her after Ray’s death until he met and married Dawn.

Diane was relieved when Louise told her that she hadn’t told Terry, but soon was horrified to learn why Louise felt so close to Terry – they were hiding a secret. Louise was Ray’s murderer and Terry had helped her to hide the fact that she’d murdered him. Diane was shocked and didn’t know what to do, but in the end decided to keep Louise’s secret. It was difficult for Diane though and eventually Louise confessed to Jack about what she had done.


About Elizabeth: Elizabeth has a long list of credits to her name, including Coronation Street and Casualty. For two years she had a recurring role in Coronation Street as Pam, Fiona’s mother. Elizabeth has also had minor parts in A Touch of Frost (1995), Casualty (1993), The Upper Hand (1993) and In The Land of Plenty (2001). She also starred in the 1970’s version of Our Day Out.

ITV.COM Blossoming love

Tuesday | 01.04.03


Jack Sugden and Diane Blackstock are falling in love again.
The pair have been close friends ever since Diane arrived in the village but their first attempt at romance was a disaster.

However, after the kindly landlady helps Jack make daughter Victoria's birthday party a hit, both feel their passion has been reignited.

Instead of talking to each other about their feelings the shy duo turn to other to help them sort out their feelings. Diane confides in friend Louise Appleton and Jack discusses his situation with son Robert.

Actress Elizabeth Estensen - who plays the straight-talking Diane - says, "It is obvious to everyone else that Diane and Jack would love to get back together. The trouble is, neither of them is sure how the other one feels, so they're both too scared to say anything."

But after a series of misunderstandings and missed chances the pair finally come clean about their true feelings.

Elizabeth adds, "At the end of the evening they share a kiss. It's not a mad, passionate thing, but they know it has changed their relationship."


Diane's Dilemma

Wednesday | 23.04.03


Woolpack landlady Diane Blackstock is in for a shock tonight.

The brassy barmaid is the first person to know about the torrid affair between Louise and Ronnie – and she doesn’t like it.

Temperatures soared over the weekend as Louise and Ronnie gave into their passion but both of them see the liaison as no big deal.

However, Diane knows only too well the pain that affairs can cause and is disgusted by Louise’s devil-may-care attitude.

Diane had thought that since her fiancé Ray Mullen’s death, Louise had revealed her true self to her. But the cold attitude Louise displays when discussing the life-changing romance leaves Diane wondering if she ever knew her at all.

And viewers will be left asking the same question in coming weeks. Not content with her trysts with Ronnie, Louise begins to play games with Terry Woods as well.

Newlywed Terry, who used to have a major unrequited crush on Louise, is perplexed when Louise starts paying him attention.

Will he fall into her web of deceit too?

 Diane is shell-shocked by Louise's confession.

ITV.COMLou Blue After 'Fess Mess

Friday | 27.06.03


Troubled Emmerdale beauty Louise Appleton confesses her terrible crime tonight.

The blonde stunner has been keeping the secret that she killed evil fiancé Ray Mullen but tells pal Diane Blackstock the truth.

She confesses because she wants to make furious Diane understand why she is intent on recapturing the heart of old flame Terry Woods. But Diane is quite unprepared for the shock revelation that Terry helped Louise cover up Ray's murder - and the news looks set to permanently damage their rocky friendship.

Actress Emily Symons - who plays Louise - admits that the situation is tricky for both women.

She says, "Diane can't take in what Louise is telling her. She can't believe how much Louise has kept from her over the past few months. Diane's reaction isn't good. Louise feels a bit let down - she's worn her heart on her sleeve and is now vulnerable.

"She has confessed her deepest and darkest secrets and hasn't got the support she wanted. But Diane is struggling to take it all in."

Will Diane go to the police?

ITV.COM She Drives Me Crazy

Monday | 30.06.03

Emmerdale's Terry Woods fears for his future after Louise's revelations.

The newlywed chauffeur is horrified tonight when pal Diane Blackstock marches round to see him and demands to know the whole truth.

Diane is still reeling from Louise's confession that she murdered Ray and Terry helped her cover up the crime. She needs answers and, feeling she can no longer trust Louise, she decides to confront Terry herself.

And his reaction is one of absolute terror when he realises the terrible secret is now in her hands. And Diane is in no mood to be messed with.

She is sickened that Terry helped Louise to create a bond between them – with a view to embarking on a romance with her.

And now Terry is happily married to young wife Dawn and has a baby on the way, he is distraught that his past could destroy his family.

He is also angry that Louise could have confided in Diane about something so important – risking both their futures.

Will Terry prevent Diane from going to the police?

The Sun 5th July 2003

Diane and Louise share a prison cell for the night


Weekdays ITV1

WARRING joint landladies Diane and Louise are arrested when the police raid a late-night lock-in at The Woolpack.

After they are thrown into a cell together, Louise almost tells the police her guilty secret - that she killed her stalker boyfriend Ray.

But Diane saves the day when she covers up for Louise, and the two women become friends again.

"Diane does care for Louise," says Elizabeth Estensen, who plays the formidable Mrs Blackstock.

"But the revelations about Ray have knocked her sideways, and she is also furious that Louise has told people that Diane is going through the menopause. She knows it’s Louise’s way of explaining Diane’s shock, but she hates it."

The trouble starts when Viv reports the pub to the police because she is angry that barman Bob is late home yet again.

"It’s Louise who suggests the lock-in," says Elizabeth. "But Diane loses her temper after the police arrive and she insults them.

"She gets arrested and when Louise tries to intervene, she is arrested as well!"

The two women have plenty of opportunity to air their differences when they are shut in the same cell.

"They blame each other and have a big row," says Elizabeth. "Diane is still reeling from the impact of Louise’s confession about Ray.

"And she is even more annoyed with Louise for telling her boyfriend Jack and others that she is in the middle of the ‘change of life’.

"But when Louise gets so upset that it seems she is going to blurt out everything to the police, it is Diane who quickly covers for her."

The women are released, and Louise takes the first chance she gets to tell Jack the truth behind Diane’s strange behaviour.


Jail Birds

Thursday | 10.07.03

Louise and Diane

Emmerdale landladies Louise and Diane are banged up in jail.

The squabbling duo made the mistake of venting their fury against one and other in public - in front of two off-duty policemen.

And the consequence of their outburst - plus the fact they were operating an illegal lock-in at the time - has earned them a night in the cells.

For Louise this is a terrifying taste of what she can expect if the truth of her involvement in psycho fiancé Ray Mullen’s murder ever comes out. But the incarceration has more profound effect on her cellmate pal.

Diane is finding it hard to cope with the revelation and is still angry and confused by her troubled friend.

But as the situation comes to a head in the confined space, Diane finds out where her loyalties lie.

Actress Elizabeth Estensen - who plays the brassy blonde - explains, “They have a monumental row, and then Louise says she’s going to confess all to the police, and calls for an officer.

“But Diane just can’t let her do it, so she distracts him by ranting about how she’s menopausal. At the end of the day, Louise is her friend - she wants to protect her.”

Will the pair finally put their differences behind them?


The Sun 26th January 2004


Sun to Fri - ITV1

THERE hasn’t been much to celebrate in Emmerdale recently. But Jack changes all that when he asks Woolpack landlady Diane to marry him and she accepts.

The happy news comes after Jack reacts angrily when depressed Diane decides she wants to leave Emmerdale to live near her daughter Bernice, who is moving to Brighton.

Jack can’t bear the idea of losing the woman he loves, and proposes.

Diane is still in bits over Tricia’s death but she realises running away is not the answer and says "Yes".

"Diane does love Jack," explains Elizabeth Estensen, who plays the pub boss. "But she’s been through such a lot lately, it takes her a while to agree to marry him. She feels desperately guilty Tricia was killed when The Woolpack chimney fell on her in the New Year’s Eve storm."

Diane comes out of her mood a little at the start of the week when Bernice tells her she is moving to the South Coast to live with her boyfriend Charlie.

Mother and daughter share an emotional - and drunken - night, during which Diane reveals the depth of her grief and Bernice tries to comfort her.

"Next day, Diane has a dreadful hangover and gets in a row with Jack at the farm," says Elizabeth.

"He is angry that she shuts him out and she says she’ll move back into The Woolpack to try to sort herself out. But when she returns, Bernice gives her some tempting advice.

" Diane is in a bit of a mess and agrees with Bernice’s suggestion that she move to Brighton as well to make a new start.

"Jack is furious when he finds out. And, in the heat of a row, he blurts out his marriage proposal."

However, he gives Diane a deadline of just 24 hours to think it over.

The next day, as she is preparing for the re-opening of the pub, Marlon takes Diane to Tricia’s grave, where they toast his wife’s memory with champagne.

While reminiscing, Marlon tells Diane that she ought to grab happiness while she can.

"She sneaks off to find Jack," says Elizabeth, "to tell him she’ll marry him."

ITV.COM With This Farm Hand...

Wednesday | 28.01.04

Emmerdale's Jack Sugden makes a very dramatic decision this week.

The besotted local is deeply in love with partner Diane Blackstock but she is tortured by her grief over pal Tricia's death.

Ever since poor Tricia died, Diane has been unable to lift herself out of a deep depression. Fearing that she will never be able to live happily at the Woolpack again, Diane decides to make a permanent move - to Brighton.

The distraught landlady is convinced that building a new life with daughter Bernice will erase the painful memories of Tricia's demise from her memory. But Jack is horrified.

Realising that he could lose the love of his life, smitten Jack decides to lay his feelings on the line - and tells Diane she is the only woman for him via a romantic proposal.

But with her feelings in such a mess - and the promise of a peaceful life away from Emmerdale - will Diane accept his hand in marriage?

In Two Minds

Thursday | 29.01.04

Emmerdale’s Diane Blackstock has a lot of options to ponder.

The Woolpack landlady has been in a terrible state since Tricia’s death and is looking for a way to be happy again.

Diane has been unable to open up to her boyfriend Jack Sugden ever since the terrible accident, causing their previously strong relationship to falter.

And in response to the problems at home, Diane has been considering daughter Bernice’s offer of a new start in Brighton.

But Jack - who loves Diane deeply - wants to cement the relationship by getting married, and his romantic proposal has sent his belle into a spin.

Diane speaks to grief-stricken Marlon about Jack’s plan and he tells her to grab her chance at happiness, but it looks that Diane is still hell-bent on moving away.

However, when good pal Louise Appletion asks Diane what is stopping her from committing to her smitten partner, she starts to wonder whether she is about to make a terrible mistake.

Will Diane take the opportunity to run away from the village or will she take Jack up on his romantic proposition?

ITV.COM Sister Act

Monday | 02.02.04

Diane is shocked to see her sister Val's eyes

Emmerdale's Diane Blackstock's shocked by the arrival of sister Val.

Diane is busy preparing to celebrate her engagement to fiancé Jack Sugden and is less than enthusiastic about her sibling's dramatic entrance.

Val tells Diane that her badly bruised black eyes are the work of her violent old boyfriend, but canny Diane questions the truthfulness of the story. Although it is obvious that Val is going through a really hard time, Diane fears that being dragged into her web of catastrophe will only ruin her own life too.

When Jack discovers the pair engaged in an icy conversation he wonders what could have happened to make Diane so cold towards Val - but there's no time to discover the truth.

Instead Diane is strong-armed into offering Val a place to stay before going down to the Woolpack bar to enjoy her party.

Will Val make life even harder for poor Diane?

The Sun 1st February 2004


Sun to Fri - ITV1


DIANE is shocked when her long-lost younger sister Val arrives, sporting two black eyes and claiming her boyfriend beat her up.

In fact, the bruising is from plastic surgery and Val is on the run to avoid paying back the money she borrowed for the op.

"Diane hasn’t seen her in years," says Elizabeth Estensen, who plays The Woolpack’s landlady. "But she is worried by the bruises and lets Val stay at the pub, though she doesn’t trust her."

Val gets sympathy at Diane and Jack’s engagement party, but when a man comes looking for her next day, Diane hears the truth.

At first, she threatens to give Val’s ‘attacker’, who is called Eugene, some of his own medicine. But it turns out Val borrowed cash from him for an operation.

"Diane is furious," says Elizabeth, "but gets rid of him. However, when Val skives off while she is supposed to be helping in the pub, Diane tells the taken-in regulars that her sister isn’t a battered woman. She’s getting over a nose job!"


ITV.COM An Affair To Remember

Monday | 05.04.04

Emmerdale's Rodney Blackstock confronts his romantic demons this week.

The hot-blooded antiques dealer has been secretly seeing Val Lambert, with whom he conducted an affair during his marriage to her sister.

Rodney was upset at the weekend when he realised Val has been two-timing him with his youthful employee Danny Daggart. Resolved to cut her out of his life, Rodney confronts the love cheat and tells her there is no going back for them.

In retaliation, Val threatens to come clean to unsuspecting sister Diane about her and Rodney's passionate affair - but the brave veteran decides to take matters into his own hands.

Knowing that the revelation is bound to infuriate the kindly Woolpack landlady, Rodney tries to break the news to Diane gently.

But the double betrayal by her one-time husband and sister is a devastating blow to Diane. Will either of them enjoy a good relationship with her again?

ITV.COM Taking Sides

Tuesday | 06.04.04

Emmerdale veteran Jack Sugden is put in an awkward position.

The long-suffering farmer is torn between his loyalties to lover Diane Blackstock and her wayward sister Val Lambert, who she's thrown out.

Diane and Val have had an uneasy relationship ever since the flighty schemer landed on her sister's doorstep. Although Diane has tried to help Val change her ways, recent events have driven them even further apart.

Diane was horrified when she discovered Val had struck up a romance with her ex- husband Rodney Blackstock - but even more disgusted when the local lothario admitted to bedding Val during their marriage years ago.

Feeling utterly betrayed by two of the people closest to her, Diane is in no mood to forgive Val's indiscretions. So the troublesome blonde decides to put herself in Jack's care - much to his discomfort.

But with Val's reputation as a maneater firmly established, how will Diane react with she discovers Jack is letting her errant sister stay with him?

ITV.COM Under Suspicion
Friday | 21.05.04

Emmerdale's Andy Sugden is unable to hold his story up.

The troubled teenager shot his father Jack by mistake and his original target - scheming brother Robert - is helping him cover his tracks.

Ever since his beautiful wife Katie left him for Robert, Andy hasn't been in his right mind. And despite his father's strong support, the combination of heartache and alcohol led Andy to make a huge error of judgement.

And now it's Jack laying in hospital seriously injured instead of Robert - and the ailing patriarch's fiancée Diane Blackstock wants answers.

Poor Diane was on holiday when the tragedy occurred and has flown home to sit by her love's bedside. And as soon as she lays eyes on the lying brothers, she knows there's more to the accident than meets the eye.

So if Diane smells a rat, has Andy got any chance of fooling the police over the incident?


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