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Dawn Woods (nee Hope)

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Dawn Woods (nee Hope)

played by Julia Mallam

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16 February 2003 - present

Dawn's Parents Bob & Jean

Dawn is the eldest child of Bob Hope and his 1st wife Jean. She is married to Terry Woods.

Dawn with Terry Woods

Eithne's Profile for Dawn ©2003

Character: Dawn Woods (nee Hope)

Married: Terry Woods
Parents: Bob and Jean Hope

Jamie, younger brother, a younger half brother and a younger half sister
Age: 19 in February 2003

First Appearance:
16th February 2003

Played by:
Julia Mallam

Dawn first appeared with Terry Woods after a holiday to Spain. They had fallen in love and gotten engaged. Bob, Dawn’s father, was shocked by the news that his daughter was getting married to Terry. Jean, Dawn’s mother soon turned up, but Dawn wouldn’t budge and was intent on marrying Terry, despite the age difference. Jean later returned to Spain.

Dawn and Terry later moved into a house in the village. Bob continued to try and break them up, but his plotting and schemeing didn't work. On March 18th 2003 Dawn married Terry. But the wedding wasn't exactly one of the quitest in Emmerdale history as Bob interupted in the middle of the ceremony. Bob had been told by Jean about Viv's fling with a chauffer on Tricia's hen night. But Dawn married Terry in the end.

Dawn and Terry are set to marry on the 18th March 2003

15th February 2003 - Click here for the Sun's Guide to This Week's Soaps
Bob, his daughter Dawn and Terry

TERRY has been a loser in love so often that the village is in shock when he returns from Spain with a smile on his face and a beautiful young girl on his arm.

As the couple walk into The Woolpack, Bob is mortified to realise that Terry’s new lover is his 19-year-old daughter Dawn - and she is wearing an engagement ring!

Terry tries to laugh off the embarrassment, but Bob can’t see the funny side and sets out to block any wedding.

“Terry can’t believe his good fortune,” says Billy Hartman, who plays the ageing groom-to-be. “He was bitter at being rejected by Louise as he went off on holiday, but he soon forgot about that when he met Dawn.

“He is an old romantic. He was desperate to fall in love. He doesn’t care about the age difference if Dawn doesn’t. It’s a bit awkward her being Bob’s daughter but Terry is fed up of living alone. He has a chance of happiness and is not going to let Bob or anyone else get in his way.”

Louise, newly returned from her own break in Australia, is one of the first people to see Terry and Dawn, and is clearly taken aback that he has got over her rejection so quickly.

The gossip about Terry’s fresh-faced fiancée spreads like wildfire. At first, Bob insists people should not be judgmental about someone just because she is young. But when Terry and Dawn walk into the pub, Bob is astonished it’s his daughter they’re talking about.

“Terry tries to break the ice, joking that Bob
will soon become his father-in-law, but no one is really laughing,” says Billy.

Bob knows that Terry was head over heels in love with Louise only a very short time ago. He tells Dawn she must leave straightaway, but she flatly refuses.

Bob’s ex-wife Jean rushes over from Spain and the couple start arguing over who is responsible for their daughter’s disastrous decision to get married.

“Bob accuses Terry of using Dawn to get over Louise and insists he put an end to the relationship,” says Billy.

“Terry refuses, even though Bob clearly feels betrayed by the man he thought was his friend. The following day, Terry asks Ashley about getting married in the village and he says they can have a wedding in three weeks’ time. Terry is over the moon.”

Bob tells Dawn he will get used to the idea but he’s still bitterly opposed to the match.

“Terry tries to talk Bob into accepting the wedding,” says Billy. “But when he asks Bob to be his best man, he gets a very angry response!

“Then, Chris comes up trumps when he says Terry and Dawn can rent a house in the village. It is definitely not going to be easy, but Terry is convinced he and Dawn can make a go of life together.”

The Sun 8th March 2003

Bob is so keen to stop his teenage daughter Dawn marrying Terry that he agrees to fight dirty. But the plot blows up in his face.

Bob decides to go ahead with a sneaky scheme dreamed up by his ex-wife Jean, and appeals to Louise to seduce Terry.

But she is horrified by the idea and immediately tells Terry about it. Terry confronts his old friend and tells him he can’t believe the lengths he’s going to just to stop the wedding.

And Terry insists that it wouldn’t have worked anyway because he truly does love Dawn.

“Bob is at his wits’ end with worry as the wedding preparations are stepped up,” says Tony Audenshaw, who plays the frantic father.

“He thinks Dawn is throwing her life away for a man who really loves someone else. He pleads with Dawn again to reconsider but she refuses to listen.

“Dawn asks Bob to accept the wedding and to give her away. With a heavy heart, he agrees.”

But Bob confesses to Viv that he is worried Dawn is only marrying Terry to find the father figure she missed as a child.

And Jean urges Bob to prove to their daughter that Terry is really in love with Louise.

“Bob can’t see any other solution, so he questions Louise about Terry,” says Tony.

“She denies they ever had a fling and is even more outraged when Bob suggests that she seduce Terry to show Dawn who he really wants.

“When Terry has a go at him later, Bob sees that he’s running out of friends fast. But he still can’t stand the thought of his little girl becoming Mrs Terry Woods.”

THE SUN EMMERDALE 15th March 2003

Tery and Dawn on their wedding day

Weekdays ITV1

IT'S no surprise that tears are shed in the Dales on Terry and his young bride Dawn’s wedding day.

As one marriage begins, it could be the end of another. Fists fly when father-of-the-bride Bob accuses Viv of cheating on him.

“Bob doesn’t know if he’s coming or going,” says Tony Audenshaw, who plays Viv’s harassed hubby.

“He’s so wound up about Dawn and Terry he doesn’t think about his own marriage. His ex-wife Jean is out to cause trouble and she tells him Viv slept with limo driver, Matti.”

Bob thought it was Steph who had been steaming up the windows on Tricia’s hen night, but when he asks Diane, the look on her face tells him the truth. “He is absolutely shattered,” says Tony.

“He loves Viv and has been totally faithful to her. And he is also desperate to stop Dawn marrying ‘Mr Wrong’.”

But Dawn’s mind is made up. And she is thrilled when Jean books a limo for her. Jean is so keen to cause trouble between Viv and Bob she deliberately hires rent-a-car Romeo Matti.

As the service starts, Bob rushes in and demands the wedding be stopped. Dawn stands up to him and Terry tells Bob his own marriage is an example of how a couple can find happiness.

“That tips Bob right over the edge,” says Tony. “He just blurts out that his own marriage is nothing to go by because Viv slept with the limo driver.”

As Jean smirks in triumph and Viv pleads with her husband, Bob belts Matti and storms off.

Next day, Terry pleads with Bob not to leave the village.
“He agrees but can’t find it in himself to forgive Viv, even though he does still love her,” explains Tony. “Bob suggests they separate for a while. Jean asks Bob to go to Spain with her but he turns her down.

“He might not know what is going to happen to his marriage, but he is never going back to Jean!”

Dawn & Terru

Dawn's Doubts

Tuesday | 18.03.03

It's Dawn Hope's wedding day but she's having serious doubts.
The stunning 19-year-old was overjoyed when boyfriend Terry Woods popped the question but those close to her have made strong objections.

Wilful Dawn made it clear to her anxious father Bob and mum Jean that she loves Terry - despite their huge age gap - and will wed him no matter what.

But now she is starting to feel isolated. Her pre-wedding jitters are intensified by the erratic behaviour of her dad and with no one to turn to she considers cancelling the nuptials.

Emmerdale star Julia Mallam, who plays the anxious bride, explains, "The night before the wedding Dawn admits to Terry that she's plagued with doubts. It's not marrying Terry that worries her. She genuinely loves him. It's just the lack of support from her family."

And Bob's attempts to scupper the wedding could mean he loses his daughter forever.

Julia adds, "You can't blame her for being furious - as far as she's concerned, he hasn't been a proper dad to her the past 19 years, so he's got no right to start laying down the law now."

The Sun 26th April 2003

Newlywed Dawn gives husband Terry a shock when she tells him he is going to be a father, but he manages to convince his bride that he is pleased.

“Dawn is over the moon,” says Julia Mallam, who plays her. “But she sees something is troubling Terry. He admits he is concerned for Louise but insists his feelings are purely platonic. It’s the last thing Dawn wants to hear, but she believes Terry when he seems delighted that they’re having a baby.”

Dawn’s dad Bob is stunned. “Bob thinks it was a shotgun wedding,” says Julia. “But Dawn tells him, very forcefully, that she and Terry only wed because they love each other. Bob’s wife Viv doesn’t take it at all well. I don’t think she sees herself as a grandma!”

Terry realises he’s got to keep himself in shape and starts jogging again. Bob joins him and the two bond as Bob sees how much Terry loves Dawn.

Viv tries her best to accept the news but she snaps when Nicola tells her she’d make a perfect grandmother.

But Dawn is blissfully happy. “She is suspicious about Terry’s feelings for his ‘friend’ Louise,” says Julia, “but she’s sure the baby will bring them closer.


Terry’s Newlywed Worries

Thursday | 24.04.03

Terry and Dawn

Terry Woods is worried about his new bride Dawn Hope.

Having married the much younger girl, Terry was convinced that love would bridge the age gap but now he’s not so sure. Dawn is exasperated at how lazy and unfit her husband is and sets about trying to get him into shape. But Terry is happy as he is and wishes that his wife could be equally as content.

After a string of romantic disasters, Terry’s insecurity about his failings flares up and he questions if he is the right man for Dawn after all.

The void between the pair leads Terry to return to his old role of confident to Louise Appleton. Although marriage appears to have cured him of the passionate unrequited love he felt for the pretty barmaid, Terry still has a soft spot for her.

But eagle-eyed Dawn is bound to notice if his relationship with the blonde bombshell begins to hot up again. And some life-changing news is just around the corner for the troubled couple.



Dawn's dilemma

Tuesday | 29.04.03

Terry and Dawn

Emmerdale newlywed Dawn Woods has big news for husband Terry.
The pretty local has felt ill for the last week and she is convinced it can mean only one thing - she's pregnant.

And when a test confirms the news, Dawn starts to worry about how the revelation will affect her fledgling marriage. Especially since Terry has become preoccupied with his former love interest landlady Louise Appleton.

Julia Mallam, who plays the young mum-to-be, says, "When Dawn realises she may be pregnant, it's a pretty emotional moment. Dawn and Terry haven't been arguing, but there has been a little bit of friction between them because Terry is so overprotective of Louise.

"So, what should be a happy moment is marred by the fact her husband is always harping on about another woman.

"But Terry reassures her that Louise is just a friend. It does placate her - but both Terry and Dawn are worried about what the other is thinking.

"They weren't planning on starting a family yet - they've only just got married. But neither is talking about what's really bothering them in case they don't get the response they were hoping for."

Will the news make or break the troubled twosome?

The Sun's Guide to the Week's Soaps 9th June 2003


Weekdays ITV1

Terry takes Dawn to see a doctor

Pregnant newlywed Dawn is convinced that having a baby will help her and Terry bridge the generation gap between them. But when a medical threat to their unborn child emerges, the marriage is instantly in crisis.

“Dawn couldn’t be happier to be pregnant,” says Julia Mallam, who plays the expectant teen.

“Although the baby wasn’t planned, they both want a family. And Dawn thinks it will help them put the problems of the past behind them.”

But alarm bells ring when Joseph Tate’s young French visitor Anton goes down with German measles.

“Dawn has had contact with Anton,” says Julia. “And Diane points out that German measles can be dangerous for pregnant women.

“This worries Dawn because she hasn’t been immunised. Terry is concerned and takes her to the doctor to have some tests.

“It turns out Dawn has contracted German measles, which means their baby could be born deaf. Dawn is devastated.”

Terry is also upset but doesn’t know how to handle Dawn’s despair. “Terry says he’ll be there for her whatever, and Dawn is even more upset. She thinks maybe Terry wants her to have an abortion. It’s like a horrible nightmare.”

ITV.COM Dawn in Danger?

Tuesday | 10.06.03

Terry and Dawn

Expectant mum Dawn is set to face a health crisis.
The young newlywed has unwittingly put herself and her unborn baby in grave danger and it could end in heartbreak for them.

The trouble starts when Dawn spends time at Home Farm with Chris Tate's young son Joseph and his friend. The pal suddenly comes down with a bout of German measles and is rushed to hospital – much to the distress of those around him.

When Dawn's husband Terry Woods finds out about the incident he is terribly worried. Aware that the illness could pose a real threat to his new family, he begs Dawn to consult her doctor.

Terrified Dawn does what he says and so begins their anxious wait to see what will happen.

Actress Julia Mallam – who plays the pregnant Dawn – is glad the soap is tackling such issues.

She says, "When people chat to me it makes me realise how much they enjoy watching the show, and how important storylines like this are in soap as they raise public awareness."

Woods’ Woes

Thursday | 12.06.03

Emmerdale's Terry and Dawn Woods are devastated after recent events.
The newly-wed twosome had feared the worst when they discovered that pregnant Dawn had been exposed to German measles by an ailing child.

And after their trip to the doctor’s last night, both are numb at the thought that their unborn child could be rendered deaf by the illness.

The odd couple have only been married for a few months but throughout their turbulent romance – Dawn's father Bob was furious at the love match – they have been able to count on each other.

But this latest revelation knocks them for six and both retreat into their own little worlds to try and make sense of the dilemma.

Although their baby was unplanned both Terry and Dawn were delighted when they discovered they were about to become parents. And Dawn can hardly bear the thought of having to give up their plans of a happy family life.

Unfortunately, Terry's negative reaction leads her to believe that he wants her to get rid of the baby.

Will the tormented duo decide is right for Woods Jnr?



ITV.COM Dawn Rage

Tuesday | 24.02.04

" Emmerdale’s Terry Woods has family and work woes to overcome.

"The recovering stroke victim wants to return to his previous lifestyle but his illness prevents him from being able to handle work.

"So when boss Zoe Tate finds him asleep at his desk, she orders him to go home and insists he cannot work in his condition.

"Unable to break the news to loyal young wife Dawn, Terry heads for the Woolpack - but it’s only a matter of time before his spouse discovers where he is..

And when she finds him drunk during the working day, Dawn is convinced Terry is not taking his work seriously.

Actress Julia Mallam explains, "Dawn is clueless that Terry has been sent home and she’s furious when she hears he’s in the pub.

"However, she understands that it might take time to adjust to working for Zoe - but she doesn’t suspect for a minute that Terry might have lost his job."

Will Dawn discover Terry’s humiliating secret?

ITV.COM Dawn Rumbles Terry

Thursday | 26.02.04

Emmerdale's Dawn Woods finally discovers her husband Terry's work secret.

The stressed-out mum had been delighted when her stroke victim spouse returned to work for former employer Zoe Tate at Home Farm.

But what Dawn doesn't know is that Terry's slow recovery has forced Zoe to insist he takes more time off, leaving the defeated man even more depressed.

However, when Zak Dingle accidentally offers his sympathy to Dawn over Terry's predicament, the pretty youngster explodes in fury.

Actress Julia Mallam, who plays devoted Dawn, says, "Dawn is in total shock when Zoe says sorry because as far as she's concerned Terry has been going to work as normal.

"Dawn is really hurt - she can't believe that after everything they've been through, Terry's done this. So when he refuses to apologise, it's the final straw. She tells him to get a grip and walks out."

Is it the end of the line for the luckless couple?

Extract From The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps - 7th March 2004,,2001330006-2004101759_3,00.html


Sun to Fri - ITV1


DAWN upsets her stroke-victim husband, Terry, when she accepts Scott’s offer of a job at Home Farm.

Terry is furious and insists she doesn’t need to work. But Dawn takes the job anyway and finds herself kissing Scott when they share a drink after work.

Afterwards, Dawn rushes guiltily home to troubled Terry. The couple try desperately hard to solve their bedroom problems but fail dismally and Terry loses his temper.

"It’s a difficult week for Dawn and Terry," says Julia Mallam, who plays Dawn. "Terry’s determined to be the man of the house and provide for his family, but he’s just not well enough to work yet. It’s obvious Dawn should take the job but Terry can’t see it. He’s very frustrated and angry."

Scott knows Zoe needs an assistant and he suggests Dawn. It seems the perfect solution but, when Scott comes up with the idea at a family meal at Viv’s, Terry flies off the handle.

"Dawn wants to do the job," says Julia. "Terry insists she doesn’t need to work, but she does. They need the cash. When Terry hears her say that, he’s so angry he storms out.

"But Dawn sees an escape from her domestic drudgery and tells Scott she’ll start the next day.

"She is very determined and Terry is even more upset when, in the morning, she gives TJ to Viv to look after on the grounds that Terry is still too ill.

"At work, Scott is flirty with her and she enjoys it, but declines the offer of a drink with him afterwards as she has to pick up the baby."

The next day she leaves TJ with Viv again in spite of Terry’s protests.

After Dawn’s gone, Terry marches round to Viv’s and demands his son back. Dawn decides not to rush home and Terry has a hard time looking after a screaming TJ.

"Dawn agrees to an after-work drink with Scott," says Julia. "She relaxes and admits that her sex life has been non-existent since Terry’s stroke.

"Somehow she finds herself kissing Scott - and enjoying it. But then she realises what she’s done and panics. She gets upset and rushes off home."

Next day she doesn’t feel she can face Scott, but when she hears him flirting on the phone she feels jealous.

"That night she tries again to help Terry make love to her, but it doesn’t work out," says Julia. "He’s angry and frustrated and smashes up a photo of his old, fit self.

"Dawn tries to cheer him up. She still wants their marriage to work, despite their problems."

BBC Pure Soap 8th March 2004

Emmerdale Dawn's guilty kiss

Emmerdale Dawn's guilty kiss
Dawn Woods finally gives into temptation and kisses Emmerdale's Scott Windsor.
And Dawn's the one to initiate the kiss, despite Scott's reputation as the village love rat.
The kiss comes after Dawn lands a job at Home Farm to help cover for Terry who is recovering after a stroke.
Dawn moves in for the kiss after going for a drink with Scott at the end of her shift.
But the young mum, played by Julia Mallam, is overcome with guilt and hurries home to husband Terry and baby TJ.
"I think Dawn kisses him because she's down in the dumps over her marriage to Terry, which is extremely rocky at the moment," Julia told Inside Soap magazine.
"Dawn feels physically sick after she kisses Scott and she can't believe what she has done," said the actress, who has just signed her contract with the soap for another year.
But Julia reveals that viewers who are expecting the pair to embark on a passionate affair will be disappointed.
"This doesn't go further than a kiss and I'm quite happy that Dawn retains her integrity throughout it all," said Julia.
The coming months see Dawn taking control and making some life changing decisions which could change the Woods household for good.

Scott Free

Tuesday | 16.03.04

Emmerdale's Bob Hope is worried about his daughter Dawn Woods.

The concerned father has noted the developing relationship between the young mum and his step-son Scott Windsor - and fears for her marriage.

Ever since Dawn arrived in the village from Spain and announced she was marrying middle-aged chauffeur Terry Woods, Bob has been troubled. Initially he was totally against the union but softened after seeing how much the couple were in love.

However, since Terry's tragic stroke a few months ago, just after Dawn gave birth to their son TJ, their romance has gone off the boil. Sick of being a full-time nurse to her ailing husband and desperate for some fun, Dawn has actively encouraged roguish Scott's attentions - leading her to put her marriage in danger.

So when Bob confronts her about the close friendship she shares with Scott, guilty Dawn is forced to be honest with her doting dad.

And when she admits her feelings for the hunky local are not just platonic, Bob fears Terry will be left with a broken heart.

Can the Woods' marriage be saved?

Extract from The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps - 28th March 2004


Sun to Fri - ITV1

EVEN though everyone said her marriage wouldn’t last, Dawn just wouldn’t have it.

But since Terry had his stroke, being married to an older man and bringing up a baby has made her miserable.

Desperate for some passion, she decides to sleep with Scott. The encounter doesn’t happen, but it does lead to a furious row with Terry, after which she decides to end her marriage and head to Spain with their son, TJ.

" It’s a horrible week," says Julia Mallam, who plays disillusioned Dawn. "Scott means nothing to her but she’s fallen out of love with Terry."

Now Terry has his print shop job he thinks he should provide for his wife so he makes Dawn give up work at Home Farm.

" Scott takes Dawn’s wages round and there is a lot of sexual tension between them," says Julia.

They agree to meet later, but then Scott is kidnapped by the Dingles because of his part in Cain’s arrest. They tie him up, blindfold him and leave him on a platform they’ve built on the cricket field, telling him he’s on the edge of a cliff. Villagers find him there the next morning as his terror turns into humiliation.

Later, in the pub, Terry suggests a holiday but Dawn says their problems are too bad for that.

" She admits she was going to sleep with another man and Terry follows her gaze and realises she means Scott," says Julia. "They argue and Terry storms home, hurls a suitcase at Dawn and slams the door on her."

Terry tries to make it up to her the next day, but Dawn says she doesn’t love him and gets ready to take little TJ back to her mum in Spain.

But Terry is furious.

" He won’t let her take TJ," says Julia. "He sees a solicitor and then calls the police. Dawn finds that she can’t take her own son abroad without Terry’s permission.".


ITV.COM Dawn Breaks

Tuesday | 30.03.04

Emmerdale’s Dawn Woods can no longer stand her stressful life.

The pretty youngster is trapped in a stale marriage to stroke victim Terry and has to nurse both him and son TJ.

Dawn was given a brief glimpse of freedom when she won a job in the Tate Empire working alongside hunky Scott Windsor.

However, now she is back being a full-time mum, Dawn is dreaming of what her life could have been.

Although she loves Terry, Dawn now realises she jumped into their marriage too quickly and is seriously considering leaving.

And her feelings for Scott - which are reciprocated - are beginning to get the better of her.

So when he drops round to give her a final pay packet, sparks fly between them and Dawn gives into temptation by agreeing to meet him later behind Terry’s back.

But after backing out of a raunchy encounter with him once before, will Dawn be able to do the dirty on her ailing spouse?

ITV.COM Game Over

Wednesday | 31.03.04

Emmerdale’s troubled couple Dawn and Terry Woods reach breaking point.

The confused pair have been struggling to hold their fragile relationship together through the strain of Terry’s recovery from a severe stroke.

Following Dawn’s romantic encounter with Scott Windsor, the young mum has been forced to confront her feelings for Terry.

Although she truly loves her older husband, Dawn yearns for the life of a normal teenager and can’t believe the mess she’s in. Desperate for some excitement and passion in her life, Dawn feels completely cold towards her unsuspecting spouse.

So when Terry decides to whisk her off on holiday, convinced the trip will save their romance, Dawn’s reaction stuns him.

Actress Julia Mallam, who plays Dawn, explains, "Dawn totally throws it back in his face.

"The whole thing escalates and Terry tells her to get out. That’s when Dawn leaves and realises that her marriage is over."

Will Dawn come to regret her actions?

ITV.COM False Hope

Thursday | 01.04.04

Emmerdale's Terry Woods hopes he can save his floundering marriage.

The heartbroken local was stunned after young wife Dawn admitted she was sick of looking after him and their baby son TJ.

After suffering months of pain and frustration following his stroke, poor Terry has been unable to fulfil all of his husbandly duties. Dawn is a teenager with passion and excitement on her mind and has been developing strong feelings for her flirty friend Scott Windsor.

Knowing that Scott has moved in on his wife, Terry decides to confront the cocky hunk. But as humiliated Terry fires off an angry tirade at Scott, the Tate Empire henchman is quick to point out his deficiencies and tells Terry not to be surprised his wife is looking for passion elsewhere. Seeing red, Terry swings to punch Scott but the result of his actions only leave him looking more of a fool.

However, when the defeated veteran returns home, he is delighted to see Dawn there with some flowers and a peace offering.

Can the marriage be saved after all?

ITV.COM The Last Resort

Friday | 02.04.04

Terry Woods takes drastic measures to keep his family close.

The heartbroken husband is trying to make sense of young wife Dawn's decision to leave him and fears losing son TJ too.

Now Dawn has called time on their marriage, the young mum is determined to get some breathing space. Unfortunately, living in such close proximity means that the couple are forced to confront each other.

And when Dawn informs her recovering stroke victim ex that she plans to take baby TJ to Spain with her as she sorts her life out, Terry is further enraged.

After seeking advice from his lawyers, devastated Terry sees a glimmer of hope when he is informed Dawn can't legally take TJ out of the country.

But when the headstrong teenager ignores the law and makes her way to the airport, Terry is forced to call the police.

Can Terry hold on to his shattered family?

ITV.COM See You In Court
Thursday | 20.05.04

Emmerdale's Terry Woods endures a bitter day in the court.

The lonely local is trying to settle his custody battle with estranged wife Dawn without success - thanks to her father Bob's meddling.

Earlier this week, Bob witness a tender moment between Terry and his pal Louise Appleton. The blonde landlady confessed she had feelings for Terry and kissed him passionately, before he pushed her away and explained it was too soon.

But Bob thinks the pair are engaged in a raunchy affair, and has passed his suspicions onto Dawn - who reacts violently to the news.

Actor Billy Hartman, who plays Terry, explains, "Bob has already told Dawn what he saw the night before, and she automatically assumes that Terry and Louise are having an affair.

"Obviously Terry has no idea that anyone knows about the kiss, so when Dawn refuses share a cab with him to court, to sort out access to TJ, he's a bit confused.

"They'd been getting on much better up to this point - so when she stands up in court and claims Terry is unfit to be a father after his stroke, he's completely devastated."

ITV.COM If You Don't Know Me By Now
Tuesday | 25.05.04

Emmerdale's Terry Woods fears for his relationship with son TJ.

The stroke victim is trying to spend more time with the tiny tot following the breakdown of his relationship with wife Dawn.

Poor Terry was absolutely devastated when teenager Dawn admitted she had made a huge mistake by marrying him. But even Terry was forced to admit their relationship had altered beyond all recognition following his tragic stroke.

However, since she left, there has been some dreadful mudslinging between Terry and Dawn. And relations between the pair are now so bad Terry fears his relationship with TJ could crumble.

But Dawn - who was recently infuriated by Terry's stolen kiss with Louise Appleton - is in no mood to hear Terry's woes when he appeals to her better nature over the increasingly difficult situation.

So when Terry begs her to let him organise a christening for their baby son, Dawn tells Terry in no uncertain terms to keep his distance.

Is Terry destined to be a stranger to baby TJ?


Dawn & Terry

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