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All About Bob Reginald Hope

Antony Audenshaw

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Appeared: 19 September 2000 -
Married 1st: Jean with whom he has two children Dawn (who is 19 as of Feb 2003) and Jamie.

Bob & Jean

Married 2nd: Vonda, 'the showgirl'. A brief mistake, no children.
Married 3rd: Barbara with whom he has two young children.
(thought to have been seen 13 June 2001),

Bob Hope with third wife and their two young children (circa 2001

Bob married 4th 5 Feb 2001: Widow Viv Windsor (as her 3rd husband).
Stepchildren: Scott, Kelly and Donna Windsor

Brother of Eddie Hope

IViv Windsor married Bob Hope in February 2001

Profile from old official Site - written 2000-2002

Played by Anthony Audenshaw
First Appearance on 19th September 2000
Job; Travelling sales rep for 'Naughty Nylons' Now Manager for Eric Pollards factory

Viv is immediately taken with Bob’s amusing banter. They have dinner together. Viv is smitten.
When Bob arrives back in the village, the young girl makes a point of flirting with him in the pub and suggests that he is interested in her. Viv walks in to witness Bob expressing his disgust at Kelly’s proposition. Viv calls her an evil little minx and they end up slapping each other. Viv disowns Kelly and tells her to leave.

Bob seems to be avoiding Viv until he reappears in the shop. He has to mediate between Viv and Carol as they continue to bicker at breakfast. Bob suggests a Christmas party, Carol agrees, Viv takes more persuading. With the party in full swing, Viv announces that she’d like Bob to move in. Bob’s initial reaction is laughter but he later accepts her offer.

Bob keeps making excuses as to when he is going to move in. Donna thinks it is very suspicious. Bob tries to make friends with Donna when he takes her shopping for a ski jacket.

Bob announces yet another quick departure, annoying Viv once again, and when he returns she kicks him out. Desperate to win her back he scales a drainpipe. The plan succeeds, but he’s soon booted out again after Viv discovers he has been discussing intimate secrets with Cain.

A reconciliation looks unlikely until Bob gets drunk, leaves the pub and spontaneously asks Viv to get married. She is overjoyed. The next morning Bob is surprised she accepted, and admits he only did it to please her. At the wedding, he’s nervous but the ceremony goes ahead.

He continues to be away from home, his wife suggestes they work together in the shop, Bob is horrified. Viv decides she wants to buy the B&B and Carol will buy the shop. Bob isn’t overjoyed when the offfer on the B&B is accepted but he keeps quiet. He keeps fobbing Viv off by saying he has to train someone else up, which all takes time.

Bob loses his job at Naughty Nylons because Viv enters the Naughty Nylons lovely legs competition under her maiden name. She wins but his boss finds out and he is forced to resign or Viv must give up her title. He resigns and gets a job as Eric Pollards factory manager.

Viv's Jealousy

Friday | 14.03.03

Viv, Jean & Bob

Emmerdale's Viv Hope is concerned now Bob's ex-wife Jean is back.

The gossipy postmistress is worried that the former lovers' united disapproval of their daughter's forthcoming marriage will rekindle their long-dead romance.

As preparations intensify for young Dawn's nuptials to much-older Terry Woods, the ex-spouses begin to carefully plot a way to ensure their child comes to her senses. Leaving Viv paranoid that she is being deliberately left out.

However, maybe Viv should be more worried about her past re-emerging. On the eve of her own wedding to barman Bob, Viv enjoyed a cheeky encounter with a limo driver which has remained a secret.

But with village bad girl Steph Stokes in possession of the damning piece of information it can only be a matter of time before the truth is out.

Will Bob and Viv's marriage be able to survive the scandal? Broken-hearted Bob


Tuesday | 18.03.03

Emmerdale's Bob Hope is set to have his heart broken.
Bob has been busy trying to sort out his daughter's love life but a revelation is about to destroy his own marriage.

The Woolpack barman's wife, Viv, has been hiding a terrible secret. But the village gossip let it slip to Bob's ex-wife, Jean, who is back for daughter Dawn's wedding.

Shockingly, last year at Tricia Stokes' hen night, Viv enjoyed a passionate encounter with their limo driver Matti.

Although some of the village women know all about the affair, it has remained a secret - until now. Jean takes great delight in spilling the beans to horrified Bob.

Tony Audenshaw, who plays the unwitting husband, says, "Bob doesn't believe Jean at first. He thinks she is just being vindictive. But after a while, he knows she is telling the truth - he can just tell."

"Bob is very, very angry and upset. He thought he was in a happy marriage - but now he feels a fool, thinking about how everyone else knew about this when he didn't."

Can one of the Dales' happiest marriages survive such a devastating blow? Bob's gone!

Wednesday | 19.03.03

Bob & Terry fight over Dawn

Barman Bob has got to the end of his tether.
The pressure of Dawn's wedding and Viv's infidelity has taken its toll on the normally happy-go-lucky local, and his reaction was violent.

After his antics at his daughter's wedding - where he tried to sabotage the ceremony and then came to blows with the limo driver who bedded his wife - he vanishes. And his stunned loved ones are left fearing for his safety.

But now Bob has got in touch with his inner brute, will limo driver Matti be the only person to feel the force of his fury?

An Emmerdale spokesperson admits, "Bob has found it bitterly difficult to swallow the idea of Terry marrying his daughter and their friendship has been sorely tested.

"He is stunned to learn about Viv's fling with Matti. He certainly hadn't expected to see him at the church and have the chance to deliver instant revenge!"

BBC Pure Soap News 26 March 2003

Emmerdale's Bob has stars in his eyes

Tony Audenshaw who plays Bob

Tony Audenshaw, who plays Emmerdale's Bob Hope, admits to a mixture of surprise and delight after winning TV's Celebrity Stars in Their Eyes.

In the soap his tempestuous marriage to Viv, played by Deena Payne, has kept fans hooked.

And when they teamed up for the celebrity talent show their version of Islands in the Stream ensured you would never look at Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton in the same way again.

" It was great actually. It was nice to do something different," grins Tony, 38, during a break from filming Emmerdale.

" When you're there it's such a relief to get it over with that you think: 'God. I really don't want do that again. So it was a really nice surprise."
Tony, who lives in north Derbyshire with his wife and two children, sums up his character's appeal: "Bob's a bit of a joker. He kind of wears his heart on his sleeve. Ducks and dives a bit. Is pretty much put on by his missus. He's a normal man," he laughs. "He's every man."
Tony is a keen runner and is training for the London marathon where he hopes to get around in under three hours, which means knocking 15 minutes off last year's time. He is raising money for the Leukaemia Research Fund.

Another passion is music and he plays in a band, White Van Man.

The Sun 31st March 2003

Bob and Matti have it out


Weekdays ITV1

CHEATING Viv Hope wants nothing more than for her husband, Bob, to forgive and forget her fling with a limo driver. Bob, however, is not in the mood to show mercy.

He’s determined to give Viv a hard time and wreak revenge.

“Bob really loves Viv,” says Tony Audenshaw, who plays the cheated husband. “That’s why he was so devastated when he learned she’d been unfaithful.”

Terry tries to comfort his friend by insisting Viv’s limo driver lover, Matti, is a womaniser. Bob hits on an idea. He books the limo and when it arrives, he and a reluctant Terry bundle Matti into the back.

Bob then demands the Lothario tells him about his session with Viv.

“Matti the driver is scared he is going to get thumped by Bob again,” says Tony. “He admits Viv said it was just a one-off because she loved her husband. The fling didn’t count.

“Bob decides if flings don’t count then he’ll have one himself, and he bursts into the pub searching for a willing partner. But, he can’t bring himself to be unfaithful to Viv.”

Viv begs Bob for a second chance but he insists their marriage is over. The next day, they receive the news that Donna, Viv’s daughter, has collapsed - and her friends
think she’s taken an overdose.

“That puts the row in perspective,” says Tony. “Viv sobs that Donna has tried to kill herself and, naturally, Bob comforts her.

“It’s soon clear that Donna hasn’t taken an overdose - it was a cry for help and attention.”

One good thing does emerge from Donna’s collapse, though. “The scare brings Bob and Viv closer,” explains Tony. “But when Viv’s hopes rise, Bob insists that they’re not back together; they’ve got to take the future very slowly.”

ITV.COM Viv's self-improvement

Monday | 31.03.03


Dumped wife Viv Hope seeks help and a personality overhaul.
The cheating postmistress is distraught after having lost her husband Bob and wants to change her ways to win back his love.

Determined to prove to her husband that she means what she says, Viv enrols in a local self-help group and the counsellors give her some useful insight into her emotional turmoil.

But it seems that Bob is in no mood to be giving out second chances.

Deena Payne, who plays Viv, says, "Heather, the group leader, suggests it would help if Bob were to join his wife, but his attendance is anything but a success.

"Bob thinks it's a load of tosh, and ends up belittling Viv in front of everyone, which leads them to storming out and having a screaming row.

"So in the end, the course has been a waste of time."

What will it take for the sparring spouses to rekindle their love?

ITV.COM Love Rekindled?

Friday | 04.04.03

Viv and Bob

Emmerdale's Viv and Bob Hope are back on speaking terms.

In the aftermath of daughter Donna's tragic accident, the feuding spouses vow to get their relationship back on track for her sake.

The Hopes have been estranged ever since barman Bob discovered his wife had cheated on him with limo driver Matti. He rebuffed all her attempts to make amends.

But Donna's drink fuelled cry for help has woken both of them up. They realise how selfish they both have been in not thinking about how their rows have impacted on the youngster's life.

Actress Deena Payne, who plays the cheating postmistress says, "I think it's a turning point for them. Bob realises that there's more to life than dwelling on a bad situation and tries to start the healing between them."

Deena confesses that no-one want to see the pair back together more than her.

She says, "I'm desperate for Viv to get back with Bob, they work so well as a couple. I'd like to see them happy again. Since they got married they always seem to be fighting."

The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 28th May 2003


Weekdays ITV1

With landladies Diane and Louise both on holiday, Bob grabs his big chance to run The Woolpack with both hands. But it’s a disaster.

He promotes cleaner Laurel to barmaid but she can’t pull a pint to save her life - plus the toilets become blocked, the till jams and the lights go out. To cap it all, he explodes a barrel of beer.

“Everything that can go wrong does,” says Tony Audenshaw, who plays popular Bob.

“Sometimes I think poor old Bob is doomed, or at least seriously accident-prone.

“It’s a pity because he really wants to make his mark and show Diane and Louise that he can do the job well.”

Bob gives Laurel her chance as a barmaid, but even though she doesn’t need anyone’s help to be hopeless, spiteful Nicola still sets out to sabotage her every move.

She sneakily puts Laurel’s rubber gloves down a toilet - which quickly causes a crisis in the Gents’.

“Bob also has Viv’s new assistant, Mrs Rudge, making eyes at him - just as Viv arrives,” says Tony.

“And to make matters even worse, the till jams and some of the lights go out, so he’s really in trouble.

“He goes down to the cellar to put on the Special Ale but while he’s blundering in the darkness the barrel blows up.

“Bob is shattered. He staggers upstairs into the bar - and in walk Diane and Louise.

“They are definitely not impressed by what they see.”

Hopeless Bob

Thursday | 29.05.03

Laurel and bob

Emmerdale joker Bob Hope is having a hard time tonight.
Ever since landladies Diane Blackstock and Louise Appleton went on holiday, Bob has struggled to keep things running smoothly at the pub.

But his staffing problems have thrown the Woolpack into chaos and the appointment of cleaner Laurel Potts has caused even more trouble.

Unbeknownst the both Bob and Laurel, ex-boss Nicola Blackstock has decided to jeopardise Laurel's work at the pub in an effort to get her back to the cleaning business.

But after a string of failures such as flooded toilets, wrong change and spiked drinks, Laurel's confidence is shattered and she decides to ditch the job.

And Bob is having trouble with the till. He tries to repair the electrics but succeeds in plunging the pub into darkness.

Worse than that though, in the blackout, Bob tries to change a barrel but ends up covered in beer and thoroughly miserable.

Diane and Louise return to find the mess. Will they be recommending that Bob take his talents elsewhere?


Hope Springs

Thursday | 04.09.03

Newcomer Eddie Hope descends on the Dales looking for Bob.

The portly salesman arrives to find that his barman brother has already departed on a cruise but decides to await his return.

And the villagers better brace themselves because according to actor Nigel Betts, who has taken on the role, the double glazing salesman is going to be quite a handful.

Nigel laughs, "He tries selling windows to absolutely anybody - men, women, farm animals - they'll all do. He gets to know a lot of people in the village quite quickly and, of course, there's his lovely niece Dawn Woods, who he has not seen for years and has got a real soft spot for.

"He ends up helping her out in the cafe and he even tries to sell double glazing along with the rhubarb and custard.

"Eddie was a very good salesman and at the top of his game at one point. He was a proper old-fashioned door-to-door salesman - but he's just been overtaken by the new ways of selling and got left behind.

"He's a pretty desperate man when he arrives in the village..."


Talent Show Trauma

Thursday | 18.09.03

Bob in fancy dress and Eddie in drag

Emmerdale's talent show ends in terrible tragedy for the villagers.

Wacky brothers Eddie and Bob Hope delight the Woolpack punters with their high camp show but a horror incident is unfolding elsewhere.

Village vicar Ashley Thomas has been worrying all week that the event will be a resounding failure after failing to secure any definite acts. But, unable to resist the lure of the stage, Bob and his brother decide to update their classic show - complete with leopardskin outfits and fake moustaches.

The hilarious sight distracts attention from Sam Dingle's lamentable impression of a bird and everybody is having a whale of a time - until the police arrive.

Shocked Zoe Tate is taken outside to be told that there has been a death at Home Farm and has to be escorted back to the vicarage by Ashley. As the news spreads, Terry Woods breaks down devastated that he might have prevented the incident.

But, while Emmerdale's shocked locals try to take in the tragedy, the police are working hard to establish what exactly happened at Home Farm.

And start to suspect foul play...

ITV.COM Lean On Me

Wednesday | 07.01.04

Emmerdale stroke victim Terry Woods gets himself a new nurse.

The onetime chauffeur has spent the last few months in hospital after collapsing following the traumatic birth of his baby son TJ.

But thanks to a dedicated medical team and the support of young wife Dawn - Terry’s condition is slowly getting better.

However, thanks to his frustration and jealousy, Terry managed to ruin Dawn’s Christmas by accusing local hunk Scott Windsor of making a move on her. Following the embarrassing incident, Terry repented and told Dawn to take a break from him by going to visit her mother in Spain.

So when doctors tell Terry he can now go home, the lonely patient has no-one to take care of him.

Luckily for Terry, there’s always one man he can count on. His pal Bob Hope - Dawn’s dad - is only too happy to offer his services until Dawn returns and promptly agrees to move into the couple’s house.

But considering Bob’s opposition to Terry and Dawn’s marriage, it looks like life for the Dales' odd couple could get complicated...

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