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Bettina ("Betty") Eagleton
First Appearance on 12 April 1994

(née Pendagast, with professional name of du Pont )
claimes to be Born 22 January 1934

childhood sweetheart of Seth and now live-in companions.

Paula Tilbrook



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Character: Bettina ("Betty") Eagleton

Married: Wally Eagleton (now deceased)

First Appearance: 12th April 1994

Born: Possibly 22 January 1934

Played by: Paula Tilbrook


Betty was Seth Armstrong’s childhood sweetheart who appeared in the village after the plane crash of 1993. She and Seth were in love during the Second World War. But after the war Betty married Wally and Seth married Meg. They were reunited in 1994 and Seth proposed. As the wedding drew closer they decided just to live together, rather than get married. In 1995 Betty and Seth moved into the cottage in the centre of the village. Along with Viv Windsor, Betty tried as hard as she could to get the gay wedding of Zoe and Emma called off. But the wedding turned into a mess, with Betty spreading all the details around the village. Betty had a very close relationship with the Glover family, and helped to get Biff and Linda back together in 1996. She was very upset to hear about the death of Dave Glover in the Home Farm fire. One of her best moments since her arrival in the village when she took part in the Spice Girls dance routine in 1997. Another sad moment in Betty’s life was when Linda Glover died.

Another couple that Betty did a little matchmaking between were Butch and Emily. In March 2000 Betty was saddened by the death of Butch, after he had married Emily. Betty comforted Seth after he got mugged by two girls in Hotten after winning on the horses. She helped Zak and Lisa through a time when their marriage was in trouble. She persuaded Zak to tell Lisa the truth about his cancer and helped him to see a GP.

In 2002 Betty was shocked when she discovered that
Seth had been letting people watch her on the web cam. She was upset and
moved into Edna’s house, leaving Seth alone. After a web poll Betty moved
back into the cottage, although Seth had already told her that he loved
her on the Internet.

In September 2002 Betty took in Laurel Potts, an entertainer who fell ill at Tricia and Marlon’s engagement. At first Betty was put out by Laurel, who knew much better cleaning techniques than she did.

In December, Alan Turner paid for Betty to visit Kathy in Australia, who had recently become a mother. Betty returned in 2003 and worried Seth, with her love of Australia.
Betty was soon back to her usual lifestyle of gossip, a trip to the pub and shouting at to Seth. But soon she discovered that she had a serious medical condition – a boil on her backside. Seth ended up revealing to the village that Betty was antibiotics, but Betty thought it was
new district nurse Siobhan Marsden who had revealed everything.

About Paula Tilbrook: Paula has appeared in many shows. She has had a minor role in The Lenny Henry Show among many other shows. Other credits include Walter and June (1986), Yanks (1979), Hard Labour (1973) and Butterfly Kiss (1995). Paula started acting in the 1970’s and has had a career spanning four decades. She has also had herself featured on This is your Life in 2001.

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Played by Paula Tilbrook
First Appearance on 12 April 1994
Marital Status; First husband Wally died in 1993, currently lives with Seth Armstrong (childhood sweetheart).

Betty offered Seth a home and started cleaning in the village. Eric Pollard, conned her into agreeing to stage a concert. Seth proposed. They eventually decided to postpone the wedding indefinitely, but had a 1940’s-style knees-up anyway.

She was kidnapped by the Dingle’s whilst sleeping in a caravan with Seth. Was cautioned after hitting a policeman with a frying pan. She rented a cottage in the village and persuaded Seth to move in with her. She hosed Seth down after he watched a stripper.

Betty took Linda Glover in. She disapproved of Zoe and Emma’s gay relationship. She took Tom the teacher in as a lodger and was knocked unconscious at the quarry meeting. was upset to hear about Dave Glover’s death.

Betty threw Tom out after catching him with Kelly Windsor. She took part in Spice Girls routine and was devastated when Linda died.

Betty was pleased when Biff came back to the village and made a fuss of him. She won a holiday for two to a health farm, but ended up going on her own because Seth said he couldn’t have time off work. She offered to let Lisa and Mandy Dingle stay when they were evicted.

She sorted Seth out with a caretakers job at the village hall and attended Rachel’s funeral. She acted as matchmaker between Butch and Emily.

Betty’s old flame Reggie threatens to come between her and Seth. Betty reveals she used to be a stripper in her past. She mistakenly asks Seth to marry her and doesn’t know what to do when he accepts. She comforts Seth when he gets mugged.

Betty gets a job in Pollard’s tat factory. She also takes Zak in when he falls out with Lisa. Helps to spread the gossip about Viv and Bobs wedding. She tells the village about the Charity, Chris and Zoe love triangle.
She finds out the true identity of the hit and run killers and makes it her business to spread the word.

Betty went away to visit Kathy in Australia in December 2002 Betty's Back

Friday | 07.03.03

Betty's return from Australia provokes insecurity in paranoid partner Seth.


The gossipy pensioner has been down under visiting friend Kathy Glover and has come back a changed woman causing him to panic.

He may have been propping up the Woolpack bar ever since she left, but Seth really wants to make a good impression of his lady now she is back in his arms. But she has other ideas.

As Seth lovingly prepares a special welcome home dinner for Betty, she is busy trying to catch up on all the village gossip.

Hurt by her disinterest, Seth begins to fear that he has lost the love of his life for a second time. And his worries are confirmed when his long-term partner starts dropping heavy hints about moving away from Emmerdale - to Australia.

Can he persuade her to stay?

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