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Andy's Anger

Friday | 16.05.03


Emmerdale youngster Andy Sugden is troubled by his pal Stephen.
The two friends have been working together on the farm but now people are starting to question shy Stephen's sexuality, enraging Andy.

Ever since Stephen failed to hit it off with lovestruck teen Donna Windsor, those around him have wondered what his problem is. Unable to find any good reason why he didn't make a move on his pretty belle, Robert and Ali have suggested that it isn't girls that he is really interested in.

Although there is no proof that Stephen is gay, the teasing is eliciting a furious reaction from Andy. His attitude is coming as quite a surprise to those around him, especially his girlfriend Katie. When she tries to talk to him about how to make the situation easier on their confused mate, Andy is unwilling to participate.

But it is on Sunday that he really shocks his nearest and dearest. After Robert and Ali crack some more jokes, Andy stops defending Stephen and joins in with worrying enthusiasm.

Why is Andy so homophobic?

ITV.COM Did The Butler Do It?

Monday | 19.05.03

Andy and Steve

Emmerdale youngster Stephen Butler is finding it hard to cope.

The confused lad is sick of all the taunts over his sexuality, especially as his closest friend Andy has now joined in.

And things go from bad to worse tonight as Donna Windsor, who had a disastrous date with him, discovers that he might be gay.

Instead of keeping the information to herself, Donna decides to confront the object of her affections.

William Snape, who plays Stephen, explains, "News gets back to Donna and she's livid. She lays into Stephen about wasting her time when he was gay all along.

"Stephen knows Andy was behind this latest lie, and so he feels very betrayed."

And William reveals that Stephen is not going to put up with the nastiness much longer.

"I won't say how he solves the problem," he says, "but it is drastic and it certainly shuts everyone up."

ITV.COM Ollie’s Revision Hell

Friday | 23.05.03


Emmerdale youngster Ollie Reynolds is getting no peace to study.

The troubled schoolgirl is desperate to do well in her exams but those around her are being insensitive to her work needs.

At first, when she was having to cope with her boyfriend Danny and granddad Len’s messiness, Ollie felt it was all getting a bit too much. But she soldiered on figuring things could only get better.

However, since the furore over Stephen Butler’s sexuality, Ollie has kindly offered furious Katie a place to stay to get space from homophobic boyfriend Andy.

But now things at the house are getting ridiculous. Having made up with Andy, Katie is now letting him share her room and there is no room for Ollie to revise.

Tonight Ollie thinks there is light at the end of the tunnel when the pair decide to move on. But there plan to find a room of their own serves to infuriate Andy’s adopted dad Jack Sugden – who makes it clear that they are no longer welcome at his farm.

Will Ollie be called upon to help out her friends once again?

ITV.COM Jack's Frosty

Thursday | 05.06.03

Jack hands Andy and Katie eviction papers

Emmerdale’s Jack Sugden is torn between work and family tonight.

Ever since his adopted son Andy fell in love with Katie Addyman, the single dad has been caused no end of trouble.

Now the young tearaways have set up a squat on one of Chris Tate’s deserted properties and Jack knows it is more than his job is worth to ignore the problem.

And true to form, businessman Chris has been keeping an eye on the comings and goings on Butler Farm. He has already confronted Jack and told him in no uncertain terms to evict his troubled son.

But Jack has tried the strict approach with Andy and Katie and knows it won't work. So he tackles the situation with a fresh plan. The kindly land manager gently explains to the teenage lovers that they can no longer stay in the farm and begs them to return home with him.

Stubbornly they refuse, so Jack is forced to reveal the true extent of their problems. When he informs them that Chris has started legal proceedings to get them out, Katie goes mad – blaming Jack for all their troubles!

Can Jack put his family back together again?

Andy’s Plan

Friday | 06.06.03

Andy and Katie have plans and ambitions

Emmerdale youngster Andy Sudgen is planning for his immediate future.

The farm worker has been squatting at Butler’s Farm with girlfriend Katie Addyman but the situation has been getting out of hand.

With the threat of legal action being levelled against them by the fearsome Chris Tate, the young squatters have to make a decision about what to do – and fast!

Having fended off a couple of interested parties in the farm, Andy is becoming increasingly worried that he will be unable to provide his longterm love a place to live. However, he has a brave and bold plan of how to change their fortunes.

The problem is that his idea needs the backing of Chris – who is not known for his helpfulness to those in trouble. In an effort to make the best attempt to get Chris’ support Katie and Andy begin rehearsing what to say to him.

Now all they have to do is convince the hard-nosed businessman that they are the best choice to run Butler’s Farm.

Andy's Struggle

Thursday | 22.05.03

Emmerdale’s Andy Sugden has lots of making up to do.

The farm hand has shown his true colours in the dispute over Stephen’s sexuality and his fiancée Katie is less than impressed.

And now that Stephen has fled the village in anguish over the way Andy and the others treated him, Katie is unsure that she wants anything to do with her boyfriend. In an attempt to clear her head she leaves the Sugden house and stays with Ollie.

Meantime, Andy is distraught. He knows that he handled the situation with Stephen badly and feels very guilty that he betrayed their close friendship. He may have lost his pal but there is no way Andy is going to let go of Katie.

The young couple have been through hell together.

Initially their families refused to accept their relationship – forcing them to take drastic measures to remain an item. Katie deliberately got pregnant but lost the baby – leaving all concerned heartbroken.

But now, as the gulf between them is getting wider, can the teenage lovers put the past behind them?

Extract from The Mirror's Weekly Guide to the .Soaps, click here to read it in full
TOO HOT TO HANDLE! Jan 23 2004

Emmerdale, ITV1, Sun-Fri

There’s a lot of arson about in Soapland this year. First, Billy No-Mates torched Angie’s Den in ’Enders and almost turned Vicki into crispy pork scratchings. And now juvenile delinquent Daz takes a match to Scott’s garage in Tateville.

With 2004 barely a month old, the village is one of the most life-threatening places on Earth after the storm that seriously injured Ashley and killed Tricia. And, even though Cain is behind bars for contempt of court, and ‘the prossie poisoner’ Charity is doing life after being convicted for Lord Tate’s ‘murder’, Dangerous Daz is still on the loose and a terrible threat to public safety.

For when scumbag Scott refuses him a job as part of his community service, the tearaway decides to burn his business down.

But if he’s too hot to handle, imagine how Randy Robert and cheating Katie feel as they secretly stoke their flames of desire inside the garage when it goes up in smoke. And, as Daz rushes to the rescue with a bucket of cold water and discovers them in an embrace, he doesn’t know whether to douse the fire or dampen their ardour.

Ignoring Robert’s threats not to tell brother Andy, a remorseful Daz reveals all. And it’s then that a cold-hearted Katie deceives her fiance yet again and seals the young offender’s fate.

‘Look how he thanks me, sayin’ those horrible things,’ she simpers to Andy. ‘I love you and I want to be with you more than anything. But Daz has got to go. If he stays, he’ll destroy us.’ Or Robert will…

TV.COM Jack rebuilds his family

Tuesday | 24.06.03

Shell-shocked dad Jack Sugden begins to build bridges with family.
The father-of-three has been struggling to cope in the aftermath of daughter Victoria's health scare and wants to make things right again.

In order to create an atmosphere of harmony in their household, Jack knows he has to make his peace with adopted son Andy. The pair have been at loggerheads ever since Andy took over Butler's Farm – with Jack as his guarantor.

The kindly estate manager was worried of his son when he moved in to the farm with young lover Katie Addyman because he knows how difficult running a farm can be.

But the terror of Victoria's appendicitis scare has made both men put the quarrels in perspective – much to the relief of those around them.

Clive Hornby, who plays the stressed out Jack, explains, "Jack is interfering on the farm because he sees Andy getting everything wrong.

"Although Jack blanks Andy for a while at the hospital, they eventually sit down and have a good chat. I think Jack is really missing farming."

Extract, so click here for full article and pictures, from THE MIRROR'S WEEKLY GUIDE TO THE SOAPS

Emmerdale ITV1, Sun-Fri

Just one month into the year and this superb soap has done it all. There's been disaster, death and destruction, grief and sorrow, a funeral, and then a compelling and explosive murder trial.

Having so surely established its dramatic credentials, Emmerdale now indulges viewers in some wickedly funny slapstick comedy.

And for all Andy's rippling muscles, there's something hilariously camp - not to mention suspect - about a strapping lad wearing Viv Hope's big knickers for a stag week dare, then punching brother Robert. Never mind the Sugdens, these are the Slug-den Boys.

With Andy and Katie's wedding just two weeks' away, the real question is whether they'll make it down aisle.

For his part, Andy has to face a run of challenges, the first being to profess his love for Viv, ending up with him flat on his back as she stands over him. 'Are they yer knickers?' he asks nervously. 'Or do you keep a leopard up your skirt for emergencies?'

Next, he is dared to steal her precious pants and, after his pals take his clothes, he has no option but to wear them into the Woolpack.

What kind of twisted pervert steals knickers from a washing line, then wears them to the pub?' Viv demands. 'They're my favourite knickers! I wear them all the time.' Oh, dear. That's far too much information...

Meanwhile, Katie is either hopping in and out of bed with Randy Rob like a frisky kangaroo, or feels so guilty she confesses her affair. Luckily, she reveals all to the inappropriately-named Chastity, and she recommends one last fling before marrying.

At least Andy and Katie don't have to worry about who'll wear the trousers in their relationship. Just who wears the knickers...

The Sun 1st February 2004


Sun to Fri - ITV1

BROTHERLY love goes out of the window when Andy and Robert lurch into a booze-fuelled fight over Katie.

Robert sparks the aggro after he is dumped by Katie. She has been having an affair with him even though she’s about to marry Andy, but now says she is going to stay faithful to her fiancé after all.

The rejection proves unbearable. Robert has too much to drink and starts a full-on fight with his stepbrother in the pub.

"Emotions are running pretty high and it gets out of control," says Karl Davies, who plays rampant mechanic Robert.

At the start of the week, Robert turns Pear Tree Cottage into a real love nest with candles and romantic music, and he and Katie get passionate.

"Their affair may have started as a fling, but Robert is really close to being in love with Katie," reveals Karl.

The cheating couple begin to take risks and are almost caught canoodling in the barn when Andy drives up.

"Robert has to hide behind a haystack when he walks in," says Karl.

Katie’s guilt grows as she gets caught up in preparing for the wedding, and she confides in Chas at the pub that she has a lover.

While Andy performs a string of racy dares as part of his stag week, Katie takes time to think about what she is doing and she decides to end the affair.

"Robert is gobsmacked when she says it’s over," says Karl. "He tries to convince her she’ll be back, but Katie rings Andy to come and fetch her.

"When he sees Andy and Katie kissing, Robert takes out his fury on Charity’s car at the garage."

To make things worse, Katie stuns Robert the next day when she confesses that even though she had to end it, she does love him.

That’s the final straw for Robert, who goes to drown his sorrows.

"He gets plastered in The Woolpack and turns really nasty when one of Andy’s dares ends up with him kissing Viv," says Karl.

"Robert cruelly taunts his brother that Katie is popular with all of the Windsors, particularly Scott. That makes Andy lose his temper and lash out.

"Next thing, they are on the floor punching away at each other and have to be pulled apart by Danny, Syd and Paul."

RESTAURANTS: DINNER DATE: Emmerdale star serves Brad pie, peasand gravy.(Features)

Daily Post (Liverpool, England); 2/6/2004

KELVIN Fletcher, 20, was born in Oldham, Lancashire and started acting at the age of seven.

After making several adverts,he appeared in Cracker,In Suspicious Circumstances and Heartbeat.

He is based in Leeds and plays Andy Sugden in Emmerdale,on ITV1.

You'rehosting an imaginary dinner party and can invite anyone in the world, living or dead, to your house for one night only...

Q.Who would be on your invitation list -and why?

``I'dhave Martin Luther King. I was always into history at school and I liked learning ab out him.

Mohammed Ali,just because he's so inspirational. I love watching old clips of him. I'ma big fan of Robert De Niro and I thought Leonardo Di Caprio was brilliant in Catch Me If You Can.

``Brad Pitt I like as well. He's great in Fight Club.

JoaquinPhoenix from Gladiator could come along and I think Peter Kay is great. I suppose I better get some females there as well so let's invite Beyonce.''

Q.What fo od would you serve?

``My first answer would be chips,peas and gravy. I'measy with food.I'll have anything. For a starter we could have garlic bread.

``To make it a little bit posh I suppose the main course could be a nice Italian. Spaghetti bolo gnaise is my favourite.

``To drink: I can't name a red wine but that would be good but as far as alcoholic beverages go, a pint of lager or Guinness would do me. And I wouldn't bother with dessert as I never eat puddings.''

Which music would you play?

``I'ma big music fan but I never limit myself to a certain genre because I'm into a lot of things. I love northern soul,because of my dad. Growing up with him, a lot of his music rubb ed off on me. People like Stevie Wonder would be good and I like Earth Wind and Fire.I'mgoing to see them in March.I'malso into Eighties and Nineties stuff,but more hip hop music such as MC Hammer.''

Who would you have as the lackey in the kitchen?

``We call it doing the pots. I'dproba bly get Beyonce to do the washing up while Muhammed Ali is teaching me how to knock somebody out and De Niro can tell me his favourite movie scene.''

Which after-dinner joke would you tell?

``I'mnot good with jokes. I like listening to them so Peter Kay can tell us a few.''

How would this unlikely event compare to the way you normally entertain friends?

``I don't usually have parties because I'mnot a very good cook.I'mnot very big on the party thing. I can imagine the scenario and it seems very false.''


ITV.COM Wedding Jitters

Tuesday | 03.02.04

Emmerdale lovebirds Andy Sugden and Katie Addyman are feeling nervous.

The happy couple are getting married in a week and the stress of organising the ceremony is taking its toll on both.

As the romantic occasion draws ever nearer, the teenage twosome are both wondering if they are making the right decision.

Worried about money and still reeling from having to send his step-brother Daz away, Andy is finding his mature status hardgoing.

Little does he know that his beautiful fiancée has chosen a very different route to cope with her nerves - sleeping with his adopted brother Robert Sugden.

With all the problems surrounding them, Andy's kindly dad Jack Sugden offers to pay for Victoria's bridesmaids dress to ease the financial woes.

But according to actress Sammy Winward - who plays unfaithful Katie - it's going to take more than that to ensure the wedding goes off without a hitch.

She says, "I think what Katie is doing is scandalous really - I would never do what she's doing. If you want to cheat on someone you should just be with the other person - there's no point being with two people.

"As for marrying the wrong man, I could never do that."

The question is - could Katie?

ITV.COM Brotherly Love

Friday | 13.02.04

Emmerdale love rat Robert Sugden is becoming a desperate man.

The hunky teenager has fallen deeply in love with secret belle Katie but has to watch her marry his unsuspecting brother Andy.

So with time running out for the illicit duo, Robert decides he has to stop the wedding - and win Katie from his duped sibling.

But Robert hasn't banked on Katie's determination to become a married woman. Although she is deeply attached to the local bad boy, Katie hasn't seriously thought about leaving Andy because she plans to end the affair instead.

Actress Sammy Winward - who plays the flighty bride - explains, "Katie has always intended to go ahead with the wedding. Initially she thought that the affair with Robert was just a little fling.

"Andy is a safe kind of guy and although he's not boring as such, Katie doesn't find him very exciting either. Robert on the other hand is a risk-taker and Katie finds that extremely attractive."

However, with Katie adamant she will marry Andy and Robert required to take on best man duties - will the wedding go ahead as planned

ITV.COM Wedding Day Blues

Tuesday | 17.02.04

Emmerdale residents gear up for the wedding of the year.

The village is buzzing as local farmer Andy Sugden prepares to marry long term love Katie Addyman in a traditionally romantic ceremony.

But little do the assembled guests, and Andy, know that Katie has a very good reason for being jittery as she prepares to become Mrs Sugden.

Having spent the night in bed with Andy's brother Robert, Katie wakes up nervous and deeply guilty on the big day. And Robert - who has previously been the village lothario - is desperately unhappy that he is about to lose the only woman he has ever loved.

As a last ditch attempt to win Katie for himself, Robert makes a heartfelt declaration of love and reminds his secret lover that she doesn't have to go through with the wedding.

But Katie has come too far to back out now - and makes her way to the church.

Actress Sammy Winward, who plays the love cheat bride, says, "Katie is more nervous than the average bride because she knows Robert could spoil everything.

"As soon as Katie walks into the church, that's it - she's in a bubble of happiness and she puts her fears behind her. But viewers will have to see what happens next..."

Will Andy and Katie become man and wife?


Dinner date with Emmerdale's Andy
It's all a bit hot in the kitchen for Emmerdale's Andy Sugden who has revealed his ideal dinner guest would be Muhammad Ali with singer Beyonce Knowles doing the washing up.
Kelvin Fletcher, who plays Andy Sugden on ITV1, said he would definitely invite the boxing champion to a dinner party given the chance.
He said: "I'd probably get Beyonce to clean the pots while Muhammad Ali is teaching me how to knock somebody out. He's so inspirational to me and I love watching old clips of him."
Leeds-based Kelvin, who was born in Oldham, Lancashire, said he is not fussy with food and that his favourite meal is spaghetti bolognaise.
Kelvin started acting at the age of seven and has appeared in Cracker, In Suspicious Circumstances and Heartbeat.
The 20-year-old actor is also a big music fan. "I never limit myself to a certain genre because I'm into a lot of things.
"I love northern soul, because of my dad. Growing up with him, a lot of his music rubbed off on me.
"I like Earth Wind and Fire and I'm going to see them in March. I'm also into Eighties and Nineties stuff, but more hip hop music such as MC Hammer."

ITV.COM An Unwelcome Guest

Thursday | 12.02.04

Emmerdale bridegroom Andy Sugden gets ready for his wedding day.

The hunky farmer can't wait to make pretty fiancée Katie Addyman his wife and start a new life together on Butler's Farm.

But a cloud is hanging over Andy's happiness - the recent problems his step- brother Daz Hopwood has caused him.

When Daz was unceremoniously dumped on Andy by his errant mother Denise, the responsible young man decided to become a parent to him. But Daz's penchant for stealing cars and causing mayhem soon convinced Andy he had taken on more than he could handle.

However, it was only when Daz accused Katie and Andy's adopted brother Robert of having an affair that Andy finally decided to put him into care.

Unfortunately for both Andy and Daz, the teen tearaway was actually telling the truth and ruthless Katie convinced Andy to send him away when she realised he could expose her sordid secret to the whole village.

But with the wedding only a few days away, Andy wonders if he should include Daz in the festivities - and whether his younger sibling has forgiven him for abandoning him.

Will Daz ruin the happiest day of Andy and Katie's lives?

Extract from The Mirror's Guide to the Weekly Soaps, so click here to read it in full

Feb 13 2004

Emmerdale - ITV1, Sun-Fri


For a girl who saw fiance Andy apparently at ease in a pair of Viv Hope’s leopard-skin briefs during his stag week, teenage bride-to-be Katie has every reason to worry about her imminent nuptials.

Katie on her wedding day with Andy and Robert

But spending an anxious night tossing and turning before her big day probably has more to do with best man Robert being in her bed.

Never mind bridal trains, because in Soapland weddings are like buses – and this is the second one to come along in the same week. While the warring McDonalds slug it out in the grand setting of a country house in Corrie, Andy and Katie make do with the village community centre festooned with garish balloons like a down-market lap-dancing club. And Randy Rob is determined the bride definitely won’t get to the church on time.

‘Make the most of tonight,’ he tells her. ‘It’s your last chance to do a runner.’

With her knickers round her ankles as he again slides under her duvet that won’t be an easy option. What started out as a thrilling saga of illicit lust has turned into a full-blown love affair. But for once, Katie wants to do the right thing by dull Andy.

‘Get dressed and go,’ she tells her lover the morning after their night of passion. ‘It’s my wedding day. It’s going to be the happiest day of my life.’

Hitch or ditch? Now that’s the real question.

Extract from The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 15th February 2004,,2001330006-2004070675_3,00.html


Sun to Fri - ITV1

HER wedding to Andy should be the happiest day of her young life, but Katie Addyman is a mass of nerves and mixed feelings as it approaches.

She loves Andy. Unfortunately, she also loves his best man - and brother - Robert. And she can’t resist sleeping with him on her last night as a single woman!

As the ceremony looms, Katie is worried about Robert’s increasingly angry behaviour and fears he is going to wreck the big day.

"It’s all her fault and she knows it," says Sammy Winward, who plays pretty Katie. "The fling with Robert started out as a bit of fun, but now it has got way out of hand. The trouble is, she loves both brothers."

Robert and Katie are almost caught out when Andy finds flowers Robert sends her, but Katie convinces him they are a gift from her to him.

Later, an out-of-control Robert appeals to Katie not to go through with the wedding, shouting at her in the street not to marry Andy.

"Katie is hurt and embarrassed," says Sammy. "She sees how much Robert cares for her. She feels totally torn but is determined to go through with the wedding, no matter what. She just can’t let Andy down."

The night before the wedding, Andy follows tradition and packs a bag, leaving Katie to spend the evening with bridesmaid Donna.

Robert turns up after Donna goes to bed, pointing out this is Katie’s last chance to do a runner with him, but she resists.

When he leaves, Katie opens a present Andy has left her. It’s a necklace with a heart-shaped locket inscribed, ‘I love you, Mrs Sugden’.

"Katie is terribly moved by Andy’s love," says Sammy. "She goes off to sleep on the sofa all mixed-up and unsure of what to do. But when Robert returns, she can’t resist him and leads him to the bedroom.

"In the morning, Donna almost catches her with Robert. He pleads with her to change her mind but Katie tries to be decisive - she is going ahead with the wedding.

"Even when Donna admits red wine has been spilled over her wedding dress, Katie stays cool," adds Sammy. "She finds the strength to carry on. But as the big moment approaches, Katie is on tenterhooks in case Robert wrecks everything.

"It’s unbelievably tense at the church as Katie desperately hopes Robert lets the wedding go ahead."



Dinner Party.(Business)
The Journal (Newcastle, England); 2/13/2004

You're hosting an imaginary dinner party and can invite anyone in the world, living or dead. This week, Emmerdale actor Kelvin Fletcher answers the questions.


"I'd have Martin Luther King. I was always into history at school. Muhammad Ali, just because he's so inspirational.

I'm a big fan of Robert De Niro and I thought Leonardo Di Caprio was brilliant in Catch Me If You Can. Brad Pitt I like as well. He's great in Fight Club. Joaquin Phoenix from Gladiator could come along and I think Peter Kay is great. I suppose I better get some females there as well so let's invite Beyonce."


"My first answer would be chips, peas and gravy. I'm easy with food. I'll have anything. For a starter we could have garlic bread.

To make it a little bit posh I suppose the main course could be a nice Italian. Spaghetti bolognese is my favourite.

"To drink: I can't name a red wine but that would be good but as far as alcoholic beverages go, a pint of lager or Guinness would do me. And

I wouldn't bother with dessert as I never eat puddings."


"I'm a big music fan but I never limit myself to a certain genre because I'm into a lot of things. I love northern soul, because of my dad.

Growing up with him, a lot of his music rubbed off on me. People like Stevie Wonder would be good and I like Earth Wind and Fire. I'm going to see them in March. I'm also into Eighties and Nineties stuff, but more hip hop music such as MC Hammer."


"We call it doing the pots. I'd probably get Beyonce to do the washing up while Muhammad Ali is teaching me how to knock somebody out and De Niro can tell me his favourite movie scene."


"I'm not good with jokes. I like listening to them so Peter Kay can tell us a few."


"I don't usually have parties because I'm not a very good cook."


Real-life Andy's not ready to settle down.(News)

Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales); 2/15/2004

Byline: By Wales on Sunday

Marriages rarely run smoothly in soapland so if Emmerdale's Andy Sugden and Katie Addyman finally tie the knot on Tuesday as planned, it should generate more sparks than bonfire night.

While Andy has been looking forward to the big day, Katie has been more interested in seeing his brother Robert behind his back.

Andy may be keen to rush into marriage in the ITV1 soap, but real-life alter ego Kelvin Fletcher, 20, is not desperate to settle down just yet, despite enjoying a strong relationship with girlfriend Tanya.

'I'm happy as I am at the moment,' he says after another hard day's filming in Leeds. 'With some weddings and engagements, I think people forget the actual meaning of it. I know it's taking the relationship to the next level but I think you can be quite ignorant about it. I would never marry just for the sake of it.'

Fletcher is happy concentrating on his career. Although he only turned 20 in January, the Oldham-born actor has had the sort of experience many aspiring stars would give their eye teeth for.

He started acting at seven in a local theatre company and was soon snapped up for a handful of TV roles.

'I did a really funny advert for Comet or Dixons,' he recalls. 'I wanted to buy a washing machine for my mum and I had no money. I was about 10 at the time.

'So this cheeky lad went up to the salesman who said, 'How are you going to get it if you've got no money?' I said, 'Well I've got a 4ft 11in blonde-haired blue-eyed sister. I can trade her in if you want'.

'I was on the poster as well which sometimes comes back to haunt me,' he laughs.

With a few adverts under his belt, and the odd episodes of Heartbeat and Cracker, he became a familiar face with casting directors.

Emmerdale's producers started looking for someone to play Andy Hopwood in 1996, and he was over the moon when he landed the role.

Fletcher made his debut in July of that year, expecting to stay for a few episodes. Nearly eight years later and he's still going strong.

'Originally the part was for three episodes,' he explains. 'They gave me a script and a little insight into the character and just left me to it.'

Fletcher made the part his own and soon won critical acclaim for his interpretation of one of TV's most troubled characters.

Five years ago he was given the first of two British Soap Awards for Best Dramatic Performance, his happiest moment as an actor.

'That was the most amazing thing,' he enthuses. 'The second one was for scenes and the storyline but winning the first award was great.'

His character has certainly had a hard life since making his debut.

Andy's father was a career criminal, his grandmother was an alcoholic and when she died, series regular Jack Sugden took the lad under his wing and adopted him.

'When Andy first came into it he was horrible,' Fletcher explains. 'Nobody liked him but as he's grown up he's become a lot more mature. I think he's very sensitive now. He's got what he always wanted which is a family so he's less insecure.'

Fletcher empathised with Andy from the minute he picked up the first script.

'I've grown up in a run-down area so I've met people like that. It sounds strange but making the show gives you an insight into what it was like to steal cars or not think twice before cracking somebody on the head.

'Andy as a person is very different to me. It's nice how he is. He might not be very ambitious but he's quite happy with a settled life. If he wants that then brilliant. I don't think he's naive at all.'

Fletcher's success in the role seems to have given the writers a green light to unleash all manner of misfortune on the character.

Andy was twice suspended from school for vandalism, his dad accidentally killed Vic Windsor while robbing the post office and in an attempt to ease Jack's money troubles, the teenager burnt down the barn for the insurance money - little realising that stepmother Sarah was inside.

Thankfully, the powers that be decided to introduce some light into Andy's life. Along came Katie, played by Sammy Winward.

They met in detention and friendship turned to love, both on and off screen.

Winward shared her first on-screen kiss with Fletcher, although by the time Andy and Katie were engaged in September 2002, their real-life relationship had hit the rocks. Fletcher is now happy with aspiring airline stewardess girlfriend, 19-year-old Tanya Howson.

Although he is putting his job first, Fletcher doesn't rule out the possibility of having a family eventually.

'I always feel happy when I'm with my family and I'd love to have one of my own, maybe in the next five years. I've often thought about that but first and foremost is my career.'

While the job may have turned the Emmerdale cast into familiar faces, fame can take its toll.

'You do appreciate it when people recognise you but I've had it for so long,' Fletcher explains. 'Sometimes I do want peace and quiet. Like last night I went to the local pub and these two women came up and were talking.

'I thought if I was Joe Bloggs you wouldn't come over to me.

'Some people have this idea of what they think of you and what you're going to be like. If you don't match it then they can't believe it.'

Although he's happy in Emmerdale for the moment, Fletcher would like to take on new challenges eventually.

'I would like to do films. That would be my biggest ambition. Just to play various different types of character.'

And even if he doesn't make it to the big screen, he would be happy in a different field.

'I'd also love to be a rally driver,' he enthuses. 'The day I make enough money to stop acting I'm going to do that.'


SHELLEY on THE TELLY: A big day for AndyMugden.(Features)

The Mirror (London, England); 2/18/2004

Byline: Jim Shelley

IN Emmerdale (ITV), cuteness-as-an-artform herself, Katie Addyman, was marrying gormless Andy Sugden.

Maintaining the tradition that the bride and bridegroom should not see one another on the morning of the ceremony (and taking it a stage further), Katie started her wedding day in bed without him - and with Andy's brother Robert instead.

They have been having an affair for months now and all the indications were that the wedding might be the type of tinderbox they invariably are in soaps - most recently for Steve and Karen McDonald in Coronation Street.

Robert and Andy had already had a spot of fisticuffs at Andy's stag do - though not about Katie, or the fact Robert's sleeping with her. No, Andy remained, as he so often does, blissfully ignorant.

Robert had arrived at Katie's the night before, sweet-talking her with frankly necessary exaggeration ("I needed to see you, be with you, wake up with you"). As usual, Katie chastised him, rebuffed him (whay-hay!) and then snogged the face off him - and not just his face.

"Marrying Andy is what I want more than anything," she insisted without conviction. Where sleeping with Robert fitted in is anyone's guess. Any hopes that Robert might sabotage the happy day by losing the rings or saying that he did indeed know of one very good reason why they should not be wed, fizzled into nothing as soon as Daniel Bedingfield's If You're Not The One drifted over footage of Andy and Katie completing the ceremony (in slow motion).

This was a case of Emmerdale having its wedding cake and eating it. This was hardly the soppy scene they were making it out to be.

"May I kiss the bride?" Robert asked afterwards, and he's obviously going to be kissing her for some time to come.

After Corrie's recent classic, this was somewhat thin fare.

"It's going to be a day to remember," they all said. But it wasn't.


ITV.COM Caught Out?

Thursday | 24.03.04

Emmerdale’s Robert Sugden discovers the truth about girlfriend Donna Windsor.

All week anxious Donna’s strange behaviour has worried Robert, who fears she may be pregnant, but the reality far more serious implications.

As viewers know, poor Donna has discovered she has contracted sexual disease chlamydia and is struggling to confess her problem to Robert.

So when she finally plucks up the courage to tell him, Robert is horrified to think that he may also have chlamydia - and could have passed it on to secret lover Katie.

Robert knows that if his worst fears are true, the whole of Emmerdale will soon find out that the pair have duped unsuspecting Andy and have been enjoying a passionate romance.

And actor Karl Davies, who plays the love rat local, hopes the secret remains under wraps as he doesn’t want Robert settling down with the blonde beauty.

He explains, "I’m not sure that I’d want Andy getting all the girls, while Robert is playing happy families with Katie!

"But if Andy ever finds out, it’ll be great to film - it’s got such huge potential that it makes me feel a bit nervous. I want to do the story justice."

The Sun Online 31st March 2004,,2-2004150342,00.html


I Saw Roggert and Katie hathing a gonk in ged!

TV Editor

EMMERDALE lovers Katie and Robert Sugden are to have their affair exposed in one of soap’s barmiest-ever plots — involving a ventriloquist’s dummy.

New bride Katie will be caught in bed with her brother-in-law by his little sister.

Vile Robert threatens to kill ten-year-old Victoria if she utters a word — and the youngster is left so traumatised she can speak only through her dummy Alfie.

The script reaches a climax of pottiness when the puppet reveals all to Woolpack landlady Diane Blackstock — illustrated above.

A show insider said: “The affair has been building for months and viewers know it’s only a matter of time before their secret comes out.

Is the game up as Robert and Katie are caught by Victoria.

Shock ... Victoria catches lovers

“But nobody would have guessed it would be blurted out with the help of a ventriloquist’s dummy. It will cause huge shockwaves.”

Viewers will see Robert, played by Karl Davies, caught with brother Andy’s wife Katie — Sammy Winward — on April 9.

When Victoria is struck dumb, a doctor suggests she gets the dummy to help her speech return.

And she drops the bombshell while showing him off to Diane — who is engaged to the boys’ dad Jack. It is the latest in a string of dramatic plots that has sent Emmerdale ratings soaring.

A spokeswoman for the ITV1 soap said: “All our storylines are well-researched and this is based on medical fact.”

Party star held

Quiz ... Kelvin

EMMERDALE’S Kelvin Fletcher has been arrested over claims he trashed a girl student’s flat.

The actor — love-tangle farmer Andy Sugden — was quizzed on suspicion of criminal damage before being bailed.

The 20-year-old was held with a pal after a party in Longsight, Manchester.

Fletcher, who earns £70,000 a year, denies any wrongdoing.

And last night Yorkshire TV said: “It is our understanding that bail is a formality and the case is being dropped.”

Extract from The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps - 4th April 2004,,2001330006-2004150028_3,00.html


Sun to Fri - ITV1

FIDELITY has never been Katie’s strong point, as she proves just six weeks after her wedding.

Although keen for her marriage to work, she can’t resist climbing into bed once again with her husband’s brother Robert and is forced to accept that her marriage to Andy is over.

Katie tells Robert she’ll leave Andy for him. But before they can put their plan into action, Victoria sees them in bed together.

Robert orders his sister to keep quiet about what she saw. But is it only a matter of time before their secret gets out?

"Katie finally admits to Robert their passionate affair was not just a fling after all," says Sammy Winward, who plays her. "She really loves Robert and agrees to leave Andy so they can be together."

The week opens with Andy confiding in Robert that he would like to buy the farm.

"Katie is upset that Andy hasn’t talked to her first and they argue," says Sammy. "She is already feeling down as she is worried about getting her test results to see if she has a sexually transmitted disease."

She and Robert travel to the clinic together and are relieved to find that they are in the clear.

"Katie still wants to make her marriage work and she and Andy take a shower together to forget their quarrel," says Sammy.

But Robert walks in as they reappear in their towels and Katie feels guilty that he has seen them. Later on, Robert kisses her and tells her that he wants to be with her for good!

"Katie is torn," says Sammy, "but when she sees Robert packing to go back to live with his dad, she realises she can’t bear to lose him. She agrees to leave Andy so she can be with Robert.

"Katie loves Robert in a way that she doesn’t feel about his brother."

Katie snaps at Andy when he suggests they go on holiday with Robert and Donna in the summer.

"She resents Andy being nice to her," says Sammy. "Later, she and Robert kiss passionately and finish up in bed together. They don’t hear Victoria come into the room and she sees them together.

"Afterwards, Robert overhears her about to tell Jack what she’s seen and just manages to stop her. He frightens her into keeping quiet."

ITV.COM Under Suspicion
Friday | 21.05.04

Emmerdale's Andy Sugden is unable to hold his story up.

The troubled teenager shot his father Jack by mistake and his original target - scheming brother Robert - is helping him cover his tracks.

Ever since his beautiful wife Katie left him for Robert, Andy hasn't been in his right mind. And despite his father's strong support, the combination of heartache and alcohol led Andy to make a huge error of judgement.

And now it's Jack laying in hospital seriously injured instead of Robert - and the ailing patriarch's fiancée Diane Blackstock wants answers.

Poor Diane was on holiday when the tragedy occurred and has flown home to sit by her love's bedside. And as soon as she lays eyes on the lying brothers, she knows there's more to the accident than meets the eye.

So if Diane smells a rat, has Andy got any chance of fooling the police over the incident?

ITV.COM Explosive Emmerdale
Friday | 21.05.04

Emmerdale emphatically trounced EastEnders in the ratings on Tuesday night as viewers enjoyed the special hour-long episode.

Viewers have been gripped over recent weeks wondering how Andy (Kelvin Fletcher) would exact revenge on cheating brother Robert (Karl Davies). Both boys have both been sleeping with Andy’s wife, Katie, played by Sammy Winward. She’d chosen life with Robert, but Andy had been spoiling for a fight ever since they revealed their adulterous affair.

With murder in mind, Andy’s moment of blind fury ended in catastrophe when he accidentally shot his father Jack, played by Emmerdale stalwart Clive Hornby, instead of Robert, leaving him bleeding and close to death.

“We’re thrilled with Emmerdale’s performance last night, " said John Whiston, Director of Drama, Arts and Kids at Granada. "It’s the culmination of months of hard work for Steve Frost, the writers and production team and they’ve been rewarded with fantastic ratings.”

“Emmerdale consistently delivers in terms of performance and quality of production. It’s a real success story and a jewel in the ITV1 schedule,” he added.


Extract from The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 23rd May 2004,,2001330006-2004230546_3,00.html


Sun to Fri (1hr special Tuesday) - ITV1

THERE'S supposed to be a strong bond between father and son, but when Andy accidentally shot adopted dad Jack in the chest he gave up his rights to family loyalty.

Andy breathes a sigh of relief when Jack comes round. But relief soon turns to dread when he tells Jack that he intended to murder Robert and Katie - and his furious dad threatens to grass him up.

"Jack’s so angry, his first reaction is to tell the police," says Clive Hornby, who plays him.

When Jack wakes up he’s determined to find out the truth. He’s worked out who’s responsible and insists on talking to Andy alone.

"He says he knows Andy did not pull the trigger by accident," says Clive, "and demands to know what is going on."

Andy blurts out the details of how he planned to kill Robert and Katie.

"Jack just can’t believe what he’s hearing. He tells Andy he could have killed Victoria," says Clive.

Andy pleads with his father not to report him to the police, but Jack is not for turning.

"But when the police quiz him, Jack can’t grass on his son and says his mind has gone blank," says Clive.

"The police put the pressure on, but Jack calls for a nurse and claims he is unwell."

The police interview Viv and Donna and discover more about Andy’s motives, and they return to the hospital to grill Jack again, but he refuses to help them.

Next, they try to pressure Andy into admitting he meant to shoot Robert and Katie, but he denies it.

"Jack believes he has done the right thing," says Clive. "He knows Andy’s guilty, but can’t bring himself to send him to prison. Blood’s thicker than water and Jack will always stand by his family."

ITV.COM Tell The Truth
Monday | 24.05.04

Emmerdale's Jack Sugden orders son Andy to tell the truth.

The wounded patriarch knows heartbroken Andy deliberately pulled the trigger to fatally wound adoptive brother Robert, who recently stole his wife Katie.

Although Jack has always sided with Andy over Robert and Katie's affair, the horrified father never thought he would take his revenge so violently.

Nearly killing Jack has served as a wake-up call to Andy, but Jack feels he must face up to his responsibilities.

Actor Clive Hornby - who plays wise Jack - explains, "Jack knows Andy was intending to kill Robert, and at the end of the day, Robert's his son.

"He's livid because it could have been anyone behind that door - even Jack's daughter Victoria. Jack has got it all straight in his head, he knows what he's doing.

"But whether he drops Andy in it, you'll have to wait and see - I can't give too much away!"


ITV.COM Will Jack Crack?
Tuesday | 25.05.04

Emmerdale's wounded Jack Sugden faces the police over his accident.

The kindly patriarch has been too unwell for questioning since last week - and now has his first chance to tell the truth.

Ever since Jack regained consciousness last week he has been struggling to comprehend the enormity of what his adopted son Andy has done. Knowing heartbroken Andy meant to shoot and kill his son Robert for stealing his wife Katie, Jack cannot condone his actions.

However, having resolved to tell the police exactly what happened, Jack is stunned by their interviewing technique. And by the time the detectives put forward their theory that one of his son's tried to gun down the other, Jack changes his mind about confessing all.

So, for the time being, Andy can breathe a sigh of relief knowing his father isn't going to drop him in it. But now Robert, Katie, Jack and his fiancée Diane Blackstock all know the truth - can Andy keep his terrible actions from the detectives?


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