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Andy Sugden (formerly Hopwood)
Andy Sugden latest photo card

24 June 2002 - Andy  with  Jack and Victoria sitting around the Kitchen table.

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Played by Kelvin Fletcher
First Appearance on 4 July 1996
Family; Father is Billy Hopwood. Adopted by the Sugden’s

Andy got stuck in Demdyke Quarry while out with Robert and was rescued by Biff. He had run away from home and was taken back to his flat by Jack, who was shocked by Andy’s alcoholic grandmother. He discovers the Sugdens wanted to officially foster him.

Moved to the new farm with the Sugdens. Gets into trouble for bunking off school; finds the body of the lady in the lake when he fell into the quarry; and he then found a cufflink at the quarry and is questioned by the police.
Andy dad isreleased from prison, and wants Andy to leave the Sugdens and live with him. His dad robs them. Andy is found unconscious in the caravan at Christmas.The Sugdens come to the rescue.

Andy learns that Jack and Sarah are splitting up. He secretly plots with Robert to get them back together.His attention is diverted by the reappearance of his dad Billy, who asks him to run away to Amsterdam. Andy doesn't want to go, and gets scared when he spots a shotgun and finds out that the Post Office is a target. Finds out that Vic has died and confides everything in Jack. The ordeal is quickly over, and Billy is arrested.

A social worker recommends he stays with Sugdens, and he is delighted when they plan to officially adopt him. Enjoys working on the farm instead of going to school. Apologised to Viv and Kelly for his dad’s crimes last Christmas.

Claims of favouritism split Andy and Robert, but Jack refuses to take sides. On the day of the adoption hearing Robert tries to ambush proceedings but the judge misunderstands, and it goes smoothly. Andy is now officially a Sugden.

Sarah leaves Jack to live with Richie, and Andy is convinced he'll be blamed for keeping their affair secret. Back in court, Jack is awarded custody of his two sons, but daughter Victoria goes with her mum.
Overhearing Jacks claims that his farm is worth more on paper than in reality, Andy sets fire to the barn, unaware that Sarah is hiding inside with Richie. She dies in the blaze and Andy is left to contemplate the horror. In the ensuing investigation Jack decides to cover for Andy and does not mention arson even when he is charged with murder. At Sarah’s funeral, Andy finds it too hard to bear and breaks down.

While skiving he meets up with Cain, and soon confesses his secret of. Cain suggests that they steal a car, the two drive back to Emmerdale in the stolen vehicle and dump the car near the village. Cain convinces Andy to burgle a house.
At Jack's trial, Andy is called upon to give evidence, but his nerve breaks and he flees the court. Andy breaks into Richie's house. Richie realises his attacker's guilt, but is unable to persuade him to testify.
Jack is eventually found not guilty, and returns home.

Andy's troubles are not over when he and the other teenagers in the village are involved in a hit and run accident. They have killed their teacher Miss Strickland, and must work out what to do next. When Marc cracks up and confesses to the crime, they are all arrested. Andy and the others get community service while Marc is sent to a young offenders prison.

Robert moves in on Katie and the brothers continue to fight. Meanwhile the farm is sold and they have to move to the cottage.

The role of Andy Hopwood in Emmerdale has given Kelvin the chance to develop a complex and interesting character for the first time. 'Andy didn't have a good relationship with his grandmother and latched on to Jack and Sarah,' he says. 'They sent him to the same school as their son, Robert, but he had problems fitting in because his background is different from everyone else's. He would argue with the children and get wound up and lash out. It can be a difficult role to act because it requires quite an emotional performance.'

In March 2000 Andy Hopwood was adopted by Jack and Sarah Sugden.

Kelvin and his mum Karen

Millions saw Andy's mum Sarah Sugden die in a barn fire started by her own son. It makes Andy Sugden, 15, the youngest killer in soap history.
Andy, torched the barn so that his father Jack, could claim the insurance. Unknown to him, his mother, played by Alyson Spiro, and her 20-year-old lover, Richie, were hiding inside.


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