Updated 24th June 2005

Andrew ("Andy") Sugden (previously Hopwood)

Appeared: 4 July 1996 -

Played by: Kelvin Fletcher

Andy circa 2004

Born: 28 Jan 1986

Natural Son of Billy Hopwood

Discovered October 2003 that he had a blood half-brother, Darren ("Daz) Eden

Daughter: Sarah born in the 6th June 2005 episode. (result of an affair with under-aged Debbie Dingle)

Married Katie Addyman Tuesday 17th February 2004 (click on the date to see wedding pictures) however she was having an affair with Andy's brother Robert. In April some of the Sugdens found out. Andy eventually found out too.

Separated: May 2004 (as Katie was having an affair with his brother.). The marriage is over! Divorce proceedings were dsicussed in 2005 and it is assumed they are now going through.

Adopted son of Jack & Sarah Sugden (on 16 Mar 2000)

Adoptive siblings: Robert & Victoria

Andy has recently been dating Libby Charles. However felt he should break up with her when he found out he was the father of Debbie's baby.

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