Updated 22nd August 2004

16 July 2004 - Edna holds Tootsie close to her

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Pet:Tootsie (a dog)
Appeared: 28th February - present
Owner: Edna Birch
Played by: ??? (the dog could be called Tootsie)


This animal first appeared as a homeless dog, taken in by Paddy and Emily. Paddy and Emily eventually became close to the dog as did Edna, who was moved by the dog's sad story. After Tootsie was rejected by the Daggerts and the Sugdens, the threat of being put in a dog pound in Leeds hung over Tootsies head.

But Edna showed a kind hearted side when she rescued the dog from the pound. Lucky Tootsie got to sample all the various dog foods, before Edna settled on the one he liked.

29th July 2004 - Edna, Sam and Tootsie

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