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Updated 26th May 2004

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The Sun 1st February 2004

Emmer so naughty

Kissed off ... shocked Steph walks in and catches her best pal Shelly snogging her dad Alan in Emmerdale

EMMERDALE is set to sizzle when Steph comes home to find her dad in a steamy clinch with her BEST FRIEND.

Shocked Steph is left fuming when dad Alan Turner admits his feelings for her pal Shelly.

The pair became good friends since the tragic death of Steph’s daughter Tricia in the great New Year storm.

But fans will be stunned when they watch that friendship turn to LUST.

It all sparks off when Alan (Richard Thorp) admits that if he was a few years younger he would take out Shelly (Carolyn Pickles).

But she stuns him when she takes his hand and starts kissing him.

Bad girl Steph (Lorraine Chase) is furious and lays into her friend, accusing her of being a “gold-digger”.

Yesterday an Emmerdale insider revealed: “Shelly has become a rock for Alan since Tricia’s death.

“They are friends — but very soon it becomes more than that.

“Steph is horrified when she sees what is going on. She shows her true colours.”

The explosive episode will be on ITV1 on Tuesday February 10 at 7pm.

New Romance

Tuesday | 10.02.04

Emmerdale's Alan Turner finds himself drawn to a close pal.

The lonely B&B owner has endured a horrendous few months after losing granddaughter Tricia in an accident during the Christmas holidays.

Although the tragedy has bought him much closer to wayward daughter Steph, he would not have coped with the tragedy without the support of his daughter's pal Shelley.

Shelley - who has always played second fiddle to extrovert Steph - has always remained in the background during dramas in the Dales. But her kindly nature and strong support have been a source of comfort to devastated Alan.

So when he thanks her for all she's done for his grieving family and says he would love to go out with her, if he was younger, Shelley is delighted.

She has been harbouring romantic feelings for him for some time and the pair soon find themselves in a passionate embrace.

But as they are smooching, Steph bursts in and witnesses their new found relationship.

How will she react to the burgeoning love affair?

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