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Updated 8th January 2005

Glynis Hardy
PLayed by Christine Cox

Featured very occasionally from around April 2002 but become a main character since September 2002. Not really been seen in 2003 other than one episode Friday 26th November 2004.

Played previously "Inga Golightly" (episode # 2372) 4 June 1998



Soap star Christine steps in

by Evening Press reporter

EMMERDALE star Christine Cox has stepped into the breach at short notice to play Enid and Lavender in the English stage premiere of Kate Atkinson's Abandon-ment at York Theatre Royal.

Best known for her soap role as Eric Pollard's other woman, Glynis, Christine had just finished playing Annie Parker in When We Are Married at the theatre when she was asked to replace original cast member Joan Campion, who left for personal reasons last week.

Artistic director Damian Cruden said: "Learning a role in such a short space of time would be daunting for any actor, but I was sure that Christine could pull it off!"

Abandonment runs until April 26. For tickets, phone 01904 623568.

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