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Michelle Lindsay ("Shelly") Williams

For years nicknamed "Fat Shelley"

Carolyn Pickles 7th July 2003 - 28th July 2004, 28th - 29th September 2004, 24th January 2005, 27th January 2005, 1st February 2005 onwards until further notice.

Steph Stokes best friend.

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Nicola Elgey has provided the following info :-

Carolyn was born on Feb 8th 1952 in Wakefield. She now lives in London and is married to Tark Butler who is an artist. She has two daughters Lucy and Hattie and two stepsons Tod and Theo. Her father is Judge Pickles.

She has been in many TV progs probably the most popular ones being May to December when she played Simone Callnder and the Bill playing DCI Kim Ried.

She also apeared in Coronation Street in May 1998 playing Moira Wood who was Greg Kelly's mother. She played the headmistress in Ali G Indahouse film and Camilla Parker Bowles in the film Prince William. .

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