Created 31st January 2004

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Monday | 26.01.04

Emmerdale's Nicola Blackstock hates the attention lavished on sister Bernice.

The blonde local has an awkward relationship with her older sibling thanks to cheating Bernice's affair with her one-time fiance Carlos Diaz.

Although the dust has settled on the devastating incident, Nicola is unwilling to forgive and forget what Bernice did to her. And her feelings of jealousy are sparked once again this week, when latest love interest compliments flame-haired Bernice.

Simon the fishmonger is an unlikely suitor for picky Nicola, but she has grown very fond of him. After a cosy evening with pals Emily and Paddy, the pair make their way to Mill Cottage - where Simon meets Bernice for the first time.

Reminded of her previous boyfriend's penchant for the former Woolpack landlady, Nicola confesses her feelings of insecurity to lovable Simon - who warmly assures her she has nothing to worry about.

And when Nicola rewards his kindness with a passionate kiss, it seems that the odd twosome may well have a future together.

ITV.COM Love In A Cod Climate

Tuesday | 27.01.04

Emmerdale's Nicola Blackstock has fallen for her latest love interest.

The blonde vetinary receptionist has had her fair share of embarrassing romantic disasters but fishmonger Simon could be the man for her.

Despite her first impressions, Nicola has found that Simon is a really positive influence on her life. Having already got her out of many scrapes and generally putting up with her surly behaviour, the kindly local's passion for Nicola remains undimmed.

But Nicola has been holding back her own feelings for him. Although they shared a romantic kiss last week, Nicola is unwilling to give out her affections too easily. She was badly hurt when fiancé Carlos Diaz left her for sister Bernice and she has yet to recover her self-confidence.

However, Simon has captured her emotions and she is unable to get him out of her head. So she seeks the advice of close pal Emily Kirk. Emily wants to see her flighty friend happy and is certain that lovable Simon is just the man to match her.

Will Nicola be willing to put her fears aside and give their burgeoning romance a go?


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