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Ray Mullan

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26 September 2001 - 26 December 2002

Ray was romantically linked to Louise Appleton
One of five brothers, including David
Born: 1956
Died: 26 December 2002

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Character: Ray Mullan

First Appearance: 26th September 2001

Last Appearance: 26th December 2002

Played by: Seamus Gubbins

Family: David, brother (appeared 20th – 23rd January 2003); Rest of the family live in Ireland

David & Louise - after Ray's death

Age: Ray was in his thirties [officially said to be born 1956]


Ray first appeared as the mystery new buyer of Mill Cottage. He seemed keen to help Ashley in the church and all that he seemed to have was his dog – Bolan. Rodney Blackstock didn’t like Ray at first, as Ray had been the person to beat him to the purchase of Mill Cottage.

Ray started growing closer to Louise during 2002 and they started going out. But it was obvious that Ray had a darker, more menacing side to him. He got involved with Scott in a car scam, which was run by one of his right hand men, Tony. But Tony soon disappeared after Ray and Scott talked.

Another example of Ray’s dodgy side was when he got involved with Charity and Chris, through Tate Haulage. He wanted certain goods to be transported, but Charity and Terry soon found out that there were more than just goods in the truck. They discovered that Ray had been bringing illegal immigrants into the country.

When Charity confronted Ray, his nasty streak stroke when he pinned Charity up against the wall and threatened her. Despite all this Louise continued to turn a blind eye to his activities. But Ray had been hiding more than just his dodgy deals from his girlfriend, he had also hidden the fact that he had diabetes. He proposed to her in September 2002, but she turned him down.

The storyline leading up to Ray’s departure started rather simply, with Ray comforting Louise after a stalker started terrorising her. As the ordeal progressed Ray continued to comfort Louise, helping her as she got freaky phone calls, expensive gifts and lingerie through the post.

Eventually the situation got so bad that just before Christmas Ray proposed that he and Louise move away and leave both Emmerdale and England. But Louise couldn’t resist leaving a message on her stalkers phone before she left. But on the way to the airport Ray’s phone started ringing, but she soon discovered that Ray had two phones and that one phone had a new voicemail message. Despite his best attempts to stop her listening to the message Louise did listen and heard her voice.

She realised that her stalker was right under her nose the whole time – it was Ray. As Ray started driving erratically he explained his reasons for stalking her. But eventually the car crashed into a ditch. Ray was unconscious, but Louise managed to get out and ran to the village. Ray followed her though and they ended up back at Mill Cottage. As he followed her up the stairs she grabbed a vase and broke it over his head, causing Ray to fall back and to die.

Louise managed to cover up his murder and persuaded the police that someone must have broken into the house and killed Ray.

About Seamus Gubbins: Irish actor Seamus Gubbins has made guest appearances in several well known TV series including Casualty, Heartbeat and CI5: The New Professionals in 1999. His other soap credit was playing a doctor in two episodes of the popular BBC daytime soap Doctors in 2000. Seamus was born and grew up in Limerick, Ireland.

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Played by Seamus Gubbins
First Appearance on 26th September 2001

The golden rule of a criminal is - ‘If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime’. To Ray, this doesn’t apply. Ray doesn’t believe in getting his hands dirty – he’s got a reliable team raised on fear and respect to do the business for him. He’s a man that gets what he wants, when he wants, by whatever means necessary. Those foolish enough to cross him, rarely live to tell the tale, and his Jeckle and Hyde personality generates an unnerving aura whenever he’s around. A true gent, he burns a short fuse, and his temper is nothing short of awesome. To Ray Mullan, trust is an evasive quality - success in this profession is maintained when you only truly trust yourself. He’s a religious man who rationalises his actions through prayer, and despite his busy life, can always be found at church on Sunday mornings.

His mother, Elsie, is the one person Ray truly loves, and some would say his Achilles heel. She suffers from Alzheimer’s and as a result, is now committed to a life in Hotten retirement home. Her only dying wish is to see her son settle down and start a family. Ray’s good with women and although his attitude towards them is somewhat old fashioned, he treats a lady like a princess and is fiercely protective. He desperately wants to find that special woman to win his mother’s approval, but with ever passing week, she remembers less about a life that Ray holds close to his heart.

Ray first appearance was when Cain is caught in hot water by Rays heavy mob, who give him a severe beating. Ray buys a cottage and moves into Emmerdale. He learns who the big business men are in the village and starts mingling with them - Rodney and Chris, although Chris doesn’t trust him as Ray asks too many probing questions, especially about the Holiday Village which is Chris’ pet project.

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"Ray first appeared in Emmerdale on 26 September 2001. He first put the back up of Rodney, who he outbid on Mill Cottage. Business wise he played things close to his chest. But he legally owned a couple of Leeds night clubs. It wasn't long before he had taken up with one of the local barmaids Louise, after proposing he bought her a half share in the Woolpack. Not long after Louise had a stalker, unbeknown to her it was Ray himself a very jealous man. Although the official cause of death was accidental it was Louise who "accidentally" pushed him down the stairs. He was the first person to have a funeral held in the new church although he was cremated. His ashes were scattered in the river and the urn followed. His brother David came over form Ireland for the ceremony."

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