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Character: Sydney ("Syd") Woolfe

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Sydney, known as Syd, first comes to the village when he and his building partner, Jerry Mackinley (known as Mack) are contracted to work on Viv’s café.

Syd gets embroiled in an unwanted relationship with clingy Nicola only to get a slap in the face when he lets her down not so gently.

He’s also moved in with Scott and Chloe, much to the annoyance of Scott, after being asked to leave the B&B due to his distributive behaviour.
Although he can’t keep his eyes off of Chloe, will he be able to keep his hands off too?

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Appeared: 25th March 2002 –

Family: Unknown

Age: mid to late 20’s

Played by: Nathan Gladwell


Mack and Syd turned up in the village in March 2002, to work on Café Hope, the café Viv Hope was wanting to open in the village. Viv, who had recently been fighting with her husband Bob, instantly tried to make Bob jealous by turning on her charm. Syd later had a date with Bernice, but nothing came of it as Bernice left the village. Mack’s relationship with Diane was going better though, after a few rocky patches.

Syd, not to keen on the idea of Mack and Diane tried to break them up by inviting an ex of Mack’s, Miranda, to go out with him, Mack and another girl on a double date. But it didn’t work and Diane stayed with Mack. Syd, causing more trouble for another relationship after moving in with Chloe and Scott, tried to muscle in on Chloe while Scott was working. Later Syd was kicked out by Scott, but managed to persuade Chloe to let in move in with she and Scott again. Syd starting making advances towards Chloe, but when she rejected him he turned to Nicola. After sleeping with Chloe and ending his short relationship with Nicola, Syd moved on to Angie, betting that he could sleep with her before Mack could.

Syd slept with Angie first, winning the bet. Soon he and Cain were clashing over Angie, Cain not being happy about another man being with Angie. Cain’s threats eventually meant that Syd dumped Angie. Syd was upset when he learned about Angie’s death.

In 2003 Syd decided to go it on his own, setting up his own building contactors. He soon got a contract working on the Reynolds house, and had to hire Mack to work for him. But Mack tried to take over, but his plotting didn’t work.

About Nathan Gladwell: Playing Syd in Emmerdale is the only role I can find for Nathan.

Mack the strife

Tuesday | 11.03.03

Mack & Syd

Syd Woolfe finds out the truth about Mack's bad ways.
Syd has always been close to Mack. But his so-called mate is taking advantage of Syd's friendship to solve his money problems.

Mack is already being chased for rent by Mr Turner and is now using Syd's home as a doss house and messing up his contracts at work.

And actor Nathan Gladwell, who plays sexy Syd, thinks the betrayal has come as a complete shock to the benevolent lad. "Syd doesn't understand why his best mate would suddenly be trying to do one over on him," he says.

"At first, he didn't believe it. He knew things were happening but this guy has been like a father to him since he was 16 and is a close friend of the family.

"Mack has shown his true colours and in the end, when the going got tough Mack didn't care who he hurt - mate or not."

Luckily in real life the Nathan and co-star Rob Dixon are the best of friends.

Nathan laughs, "He's hilarious with a dry and cheeky sense of humour."

The Sun's Guide to the Week's Soaps 9th June 2003


Weekdays ITV1

CHLOE might be beautiful, but she feels lonely and unloved when Scott seems to prefer to spend his time with his new friend, Robert. he is determined to show she is not a girl to be taken for granted, and starts to flirt heavily with Syd.

He feels awkward and embarrassed but it’s hard to turn down a girl as pretty as Chloe - especially when she’s wearing only a towel! “Chloe gets annoyed that Scott seems to be losing interest in her,” says Amy Nuttall, who plays the nanny.

“She had a brief fling with Syd before going back to Scott, and there might be some unfinished business there.hloe feels guilty when Zoe lets slip in front of Syd that she had a holiday flirtation with a guy called Greg.

“But not that guilty,” laughs Amy. “Then Yolanda the lap dancer turns up out of the blue demanding to see Syd.“After Chloe takes her to him, Yolanda makes it clear Syd belongs to her and Chloe should keep her hands off.”

But Yolanda is too full-on for Syd and he tells her it’s all off. Chloe spots an opening in the village man-market.

“Scott seems to prefer working with Robert to going out with her, so Chloe flirts with Syd a little,” says Amy.

“He tells her it didn’t work out with Yolanda because he wants something serious. There’s a tender moment but then Scott interrupts them.

“Chloe teases Syd by asking him to zip her up as she gets ready for Jean’s christening.

“Then she flirts by wandering around in a towel, just being playful and girlie, but I think she wants attention.

“She knows Syd fancies her and she enjoys having a little power over him. Will anything come of it? You’ll just have to watch to find out what happens!”

10th June 2003 - Yolanda comes marching into the Woolpack looking for Syd

ITV.COM Syd's Being Stalked!

Tuesday | 10.06.03

Chloe with just a towel on puts a comforting arm around Syd

Emmerdale hunk Syd Woolf is fighting off the ladies tonight.
The sexy workman is starting to regret his passionate fling with lapdancer Yolanda, as she is now refusing to leave him alone.

His pals Scott and Robert can't quite understand what Syd's problem is. Being pursued by a lusty woman sounds just fine to them, but the novelty of the situation has well and truly worn off.

And there is another person who is sick of Yolanda's presence. Flatmate Chloe – Scott's stunning girlfriend – is finding it very hard to control her jealousy over Yolanda's demand on Syd's attentions.

Although they had a tryst some time ago, Chloe was convinced that any romantic feelings she harboured towards Syd were gone. But now she is not so sure.

But before Syd can contemplate Chloe's odd behaviour he has to let Yolanda know that enough is enough. And it's a daunting task. Especially since the sultry stripper has demonstrated a flair for dramatics.

Can Syd escape his new relationship unscathed?

The Sun's Guide To The Soaps 16th June 2003


Weekdays ITV1

Syd and chloe kiss

SYD finally succumbs to temptation and allows Chloe to seduce him. But he is instantly filled with guilt because sexy Chloe is supposed to be going out with Syd’s mate, Scott!

And Syd’s problems become much more complicated when an unsuspecting Scott confides that he is the father of Zoe’s baby, Jean.

“Syd is dumbstruck,” says Nathan Gladwell, who plays the bewildered builder.

“A few days before, his life was simple. But now he is part of a terrifying triangle, knowing secrets about his two best friends, but can’t tell a soul.”

Syd does try hard to resist curvaceous Chloe, but after she puts on a personal lap- dancing performance for him, his mind is in a whirl.

Next day Syd storms round to Home Farm determined to order Chloe to cool it, but she comes on strong and this time he can’t stop himself.

“Chloe is gorgeous,” says Nathan. “What man could turn her down? Certainly not Syd.

“But they have a shock as they’re getting passionate in the lounge.

Baby Jean is left on her own in the kitchen and takes a tumble.
“ Syd wants to call an ambulance but Chloe assures him there’s no need.”

Syd feels guilty, and when Chloe tells him the next day it was just a bit of fun, he’s furious.

“But he really panics when Scott asks if he can have a word,” says Nathan.

“Syd thinks Scott knows what’s happened, but it’s worse than that. Scott blurts out he is the father of baby Jean, leaving Syd totally stunned.

“Now he has two terrible secrets to keep while Chloe’s desperate to find out what’s been upsetting Scott.

“Syd feels used and abused, and completely baffled by it all.”

Scott Shock

Tuesday | 17.06.03

Syd and Scott

Emmerdale's Scott Windsor finally reveals his secret to pal Syd.
Ever since his drunken one-night stand with Zoe Tate, Scott has been keeping the truth of baby Jean's parentage to himself.

However, now he is getting more and more attached to his daughter and can no longer bear to carry the burden on his own. So he confides in flatmate Syd, unaware that the randy handyman is secretly bedding his girlfriend.

The confusion is bound to end in tears for all concerned but one person who is delighted with the dramatic developments in hunky star Ben Freeman.

He says, "I'm loving it at the moment. I've had a bit of a rebirth recently because although I've been here five years and had some great storylines, there's been nothing big for a while.

"So it's nice to feel like you are actually employed – and I work with some really great people. It's lovely to work alongside the baby as well, she's a lovely little girl and always smiling."


Damning Pictures

16th June 2003
16th June 2003 - Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) teases Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL) - Was the lap dancing really for Scottt (BEN FREEMAN) .... ? Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) lapdances for Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL).

Tensions between Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL) and Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) come to a head. Tensions between Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL) and Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) come to a head as they begin to kiss.

16th June 2003 -  Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL) and Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) panic when baby Jean has a fall while their attentions are elsewhere ........


Syd in Emmerdale Summer 2002

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