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Character: Jerry ("Mack") MacKinley
25 March 2002 - 16 April 2003

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Jerry, known as Mack to close friends and family, first comes to the village when he and he building partner, Syd are contracted to work on Viv’s café. He has an instant rapport with Diane and it isn’t long before the two are becoming closer. However Mack seems to be getting a bit too familiar with Diane, will the relationship survive or will Diane find it too claustrophobic?

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Appeared: 25th March 2002 –

Family: Unknown

Age: 30’s or 40’s

Played by: Rob Dixon



Mack and Syd turned up in the village in March 2002, to work on Café Hope, the café Viv Hope was wanting to open in the village. Viv, who had recently been fighting with her husband Bob, instantly tried to make Bob jealous by turning on her charm. Mack later had a date with Diane, and at the start was not too happy about Diane’s plans for a relationship. After a talk about their relationship, Diane felt upset after Mack’s rejection, but soon he regretted his decision, after Brian started to get designs on Diane, and tried to get back with her.

In May 2002 Mack moved into the B&B, partly to be closer to Diane. But later Mack started to get worried again, wondering if he and Diane were getting a little too serious with nights in. Syd, not to keen on the idea of Mack and Diane tried to break them up by inviting an ex of Mack’s, Miranda, to go out with him, Mack and another girl on a double date.

After a serious of misunderstandings, reconciliation’s and other things too Mack and Diane finally parted ways. Now free and single, Mack and Syd bet over which of them would sleep with Angie Reynolds first. Syd managed to sleep with Angie first. In 2003 Mack slept with Nicola Blackstock, after telling her that he loved her – just a trick to get her into bed.

Then not too long after that Mack moved in with Syd, Scott and Chloe but was kicked out after Syd found out that Mack had been trying to take over his job.

About Rob Dixon: Rob has appeared in a number of TV programmes, including Dalziel and Pascoe as well as US TV shows. He has had guest appearances in Peak Practice, Holby City and Inspector Morse. Mack turns bad

Thursday | 06.03.03

Emmerdale's Mack is changing from good man to bad guy.


Gruff Mack initially melted village hearts when he fell for Woolpack landlady Diane, but since they split his dark side is out.

First, he ran into money trouble with landlord Alan Turner after failing to keep up with his rent. Then he treated lovelorn Nicola badly by seducing her and then brutally dumping her. And she won't be the only one fooled by the rogue handyman - best friend Syd is also in for some nasty shocks.

Rob Dixon, who plays Mack, says, "Mack hasn't dealt well with all the changes and first he walked all over Nicola, knowing full well the damage he was doing. Now he's making a fool out of Syd - the one person who has always been there for him and been a great friend.

"Circumstance has brought the worst out of him and he is becoming a desperate man. The trouble is, I think there is probably worse to come!"

Mack the strife

Tuesday | 11.03.03

Syd Woolfe finds out the truth about Mack's bad ways.
Syd has always been close to Mack. But his so-called mate is taking advantage of Syd's friendship to solve his money problems.

Mack is already being chased for rent by Mr Turner and is now using Syd's home as a doss house and messing up his contracts at work.

And actor Nathan Gladwell, who plays sexy Syd, thinks the betrayal has come as a complete shock to the benevolent lad. "Syd doesn't understand why his best mate would suddenly be trying to do one over on him," he says.

"At first, he didn't believe it. He knew things were happening but this guy has been like a father to him since he was 16 and is a close friend of the family.

"Mack has shown his true colours and in the end, when the going got tough Mack didn't care who he hurt - mate or not."

Luckily in real life the Nathan and co-star Rob Dixon are the best of friends.

Nathan laughs, "He's hilarious with a dry and cheeky sense of humour."

ITV.COM Mack's muddle

Monday | 07.04.03


Emmerdale workman Mack thinks his luck can't get any worse.
The rogue handyman has already alienated his friend Syd and is virtually penniless when a bit of good fortune comes his way.

The money he earned when he worked with Syd on decorating the Marsdens' house comes through and Mack is able to breathe easily again - but not for long.

His former landlord Alan Turner is still demanding the unpaid rent Mack owes him, and when he spots the luckless local in the pub with his cash, he immediately claims it all.

Miserable Mack makes his way back to kindly Edna's house in a state of despair. The pensioner has let him stay and provided him with jobs around the house so he can make ends meet, unaware that he is looking for any excuse to con her out of cash.

However, Edna may be just the person to help Mack through his latest crisis.

Will she come to his rescue once again?

BBC PURESOAP 12th April 2003: Mack leaves Emmerdale counting the cost

Randy builder 'Mack' MacKinley cons the good folk of Emmerdale before doing a runner with £8,000 raised to repair the roof of the village hall.
The new storyline marks the departure of actor Rob Dixon who is leaving the show to concentrate on other acting work.
Rob joined the show a year ago and his character immediately made an impression by romancing both barmaid Diane Blackstock and her stepdaughter Nicola Wheeler.
But recently Mack has run into debt and he has been evicted from the B&B for not paying the rent.
Edna Birch takes him in and helps him clinch the contract to fix the village roof believing it will help him get back on his feet.
But as soon as the money is paid Mack does a midnight flit.
Rob, who previously appeared in Cops, apparently feels his character in the show has come to a natural end.

The Sun 14th April 2003


Weekdays ITV

Dodgy builder Mack does a runner with the cash raised to repair the village hall roof - and breaks Edna’s heart.

“Edna feels a complete fool,” says actress Shirley Stelfox, who plays the woman who thought of Mack as a son.

“She just can’t believe he could do such a thing.”

Mack waits until the £8,000 cheque to use on his building materials clears before he goes to draw his money out
at the post office.

Nosy Viv remarks that he had better not get mugged, and Syd realises Mack is up to no good.

“Syd shares his suspicions but Edna tells him not to be ridiculous,” says Shirley. “Then she finds Mack at her house, frantically packing his bags.

“Edna realises that he really is running off with all the money.

“She tries to stop him. But he pretends he’ll be back tomorrow. Then he clears off.”

Edna waits until next day to call the police, in the hope that Mack will return the money. But he doesn’t and the police are convinced Edna has been hoodwinked.

“Edna is really hurt,” says Shirley. “She treated Mack like a son. And he just took her for a fool.

“She admits to Len that she let him see the other tenders for the roof and she feels responsible. She decides she will have to pay for the roof with her own money.”

ITV.COM Mack Does A Runner

Wednesday | 16.04.03

Mack and Edna

Emmerdale rogue Mack proves he is a first class villain.

The hard up handyman has already tried to scam Syd, Scott and Alan Turner, now he's set to commit the ultimate betrayal.

For the last few weeks, Mack has been living with kindly pensioner Edna Birch. Her sympathy for his financial woes led her to use her insider knowledge to ensure he won the contract to repair the village roof. Edna is already disgusted with herself for resorting to such underhand tactics but things are about the get worse.

Having secured the contract, Mack is to be entrusted with the funds raised to pay for it. As he eagerly accepts the cheque for £8,000, some of the more eagle-eyed residents start to wonder what his real intentions are.

Former best mate Syd is especially suspicious of his behaviour. When Mack speaks to him in a nostalgic fashion, the handsome youngster begins to think something is not quite right.

When he spots Mack packing up his van, he fears the worst and approaches Edna with his suspicions. However, she is not prepared to see anything but good in her lodger.

Has Mack played her for a fool too?


Mack 21 June 2002

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