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Josh Lewis

A rare tender moment for Josh Lewis and Kathy Tate in a romance that was ended by the air crash as Kathy decided to stay with a cripled Chris

Josh Lewis (appeard 1993) was played by Peter Warnock

the following (in this white box) is a profile in the book "The Emmerdale Family Album" (by Michael Heatly and Published by Boxtree Paperback - 30 June, 1995 ):-


They say opposites attract, but the man who replaced Chris Tate in wife Kathy's affections was in many respects a mirror image of her husband. Like Chris, hunky wine merchant Josh Lewis was blond and besuited; but where Tate Junior's charm soured in the bottle, Josh's refreshing personality proved just the pick-me-up Kathy needed when they met early in 1993.

His gentle ways and winning sense of humour brought the smile back to Kathy's all-too-often gloomy countenance. With the Woolpack's wine bar a regular stopping-off point as he plied the fruit of the vine to establishments east of the Pennincs, the blue-eyed boy could afford take his time. And Annie's wedding reception saw the relationship show the signs of maturing into something altogether fruitier.

But Kathy was not going to rush into anything, even if she deserved more than to be saddled with an immature bully of a husband. That was to be Josh Lewis's undoing. Though he persisted in chasing perfectly petite Kathy, events conspired to dictate that he was destined never to be more than the shoulder she cried on.

When the air disaster struck, Josh was on his way to pick up Kathy. After finding his way blocked, he was instrumental in wading a river and helping repair a damaged bridge to allow the fire and ambulance services to reach the village. He gained the admiration of Frank Tate and many more besides - no mean feat for an 'outsider'. But as he followed the emergency vehicles into Emmerdale and saw Kathy holding the hand of her husband, lying pinned by a beam in the wreckage of the wine bar where Kathy had first met Chris's American rival, he knew their plan to run away together was doomed.

Returning to her cottage, he put her cases back in the wardrobe, removed her farewell note and, with a heavy heart, turned the nose of his car towards his next port of call - alone. In the end, Josh Lewis was just too nice a guy to win the girl.

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