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Rosemary Kendall

Lesley Manville played Teenager Rosemary Kendall from 1974-1976. Rosemary was a distant cousin of the Sugden's and came to stay at Emmerdale Farm while her mother recovered from an illness. She developed a crush on Joe Sugden, but Joe remained blissfully unaware of her feelings.
Lesley has appeared in many television productions including, General Hospital, Soldier Soldier and The Gentle Touch. In 1999 she played the role of Karen in the T.V. drama Real Women. At the moment she is playing Millie in the BBC series The Cazalets.

Lesley Manville played 16 year old Rosemary Kendall, The daughter of Annie Sugden's cousin. She came to stay on the farm in 1975 and fell in love with Joe Sugden. She was recently seen on T.V.playing Karen, in the drama Real Women.

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