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Dryden ("Dry") Hogben ... Roy Boyd
(Appeared 1974)

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Dryden Hogben

Roy Boyd has appeared in Coronation Street as Mr Franklin and was the infamous Eddie Lee in Crossroads.

As traveller Dryden Hogben he arrived in Beckindale in 1974. Dryden was a very friendly and well educated man, who travelled round the country with his tent taking on odd jobs for food and drink. He converted the loft at Emmerdale Farm into a bedroom for Joe Sugden. "Mr Dry" as Annie Sugden called him became very popular with the locals. After he left the village it was discovered that he came from a very rich family, so why he chose this kind of lifestyle was a mystery. One day the villagers awoke to find Dry and his tent were gone. He was never seen again, vanishing as mysteriously as he arrived.

Thank you to Paul Berridge for proving this profile

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