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William ("Will") Cairns

Paul Fox

Paul Fox

Young Will Cairns

Paul Fox, who played Will Cairns went on to Coronation street playing Mike Baldwin's son, Mark lover of his stepmother Linda Baldwin (played by Jacqueline Pirie, previously Emmerdale's Tina Dingle.)


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Appeared: 27 February 1997 - 27 January 1999

Came to Emmerdale with his parents' and sisters, but ended up staying the longest.
Born: 15 September 1980

Parents: Tony & Becky Cairns

his sister Charlie was born in 1979 and his sister Emma was thirteen when she arrived in Emmerdale in February 1997.

Niece: Geri Cairns

A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various profiles and photos availabe to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site (that is no more). The following is one of those profiles last updated 2001

As the Cairns family came to terms with the birth of Emma's baby and Charlie's lazy, carefree attitude during their early months in Emmerdale, the girls' brother Will showed no signs of going off the straight and narrow and continued to be a studious schoolboy, approaching his all-important GCSEs and becoming something of a computer whiz-kid and rugby fanatic. For actor Paul Fox, who played Will, it meant a return to school just when - at the age of 18 - he thought he could see an end in sight to his education. When he landed the role, he was in his second and final year of a BTEC in performing arts and a theatre studies A-level at West Cheshire College. 'I had to drop out of the A-level, but I was able to continue with the BTEC,' says Paul. 'In Emmerdale, it was funny getting back into a school uniform.'
Born in Truro, Cornwall, Paul moved with his family to the Wirral when he was three. At the age of 13, he joined the Glenda Jackson Youth Theatre in Birkenhead, performing in plays and musicals such as The Boy Friend. While there, he and several other aspiring young actors were spotted by a casting director who cast them as schoolboys in writer Jimmy McGovern's hard-hitting television series Hearts and Minds, starring Christopher Eccleston as an idealistic teacher. 'I played Chris's nephew,' recalls Paul. 'There was a lot of trouble with the teachers at the school and everything was falling apart. In one scene, a teacher who was looking at my homework had clearly been drinking. It was a brilliant start for me, working on such a good production.'
On leaving school, Paul started at West Cheshire College, aiming to make a career of acting. While there, he played Doctor Who in a Christmas production called Chasing Dreams in the Wood and took the title role in The Life and Times of Bertolt Brecht, devised by the students themselves. During his summer holidays in 1996, Paul appeared in seven episodes of the Childreds ITV series The Ward as Tim O'Halloran, a 15-year-old boy who had to look after his younger brother and sister because his mother had multiple sclerosis, but was then rushed to hospital with appendicitis.
After returning to college. Paul was signed up by a theatrical agent and auditioned for Where the Heart Is, Wycliffe and Emmerdale. 'I didn't get Where the Heart Is,' he recalls, 'but I was offered Wycliffe. It was a really nice part - the best friend of the inspector's son, whose father was murdered. I went to the offlicence to celebrate and, when I arrived back home, Mum said, "You've got Emmerdale as well." In the end, I had to turn down Wycliffe.'

One characteristic Paul shares with his Emmerdale character is computers. 'I do like to play with them myself,' says the actor, who in real life has a brother but no sisters. 'My favourite pastime is relaxing in the pub with my friends.'

Paul is now in Coronation Street playing Mike Baldwin's son, Mark.

Taken from the emmerdale companion by Anthony Hayward

Extract from :-
SERIAL SOAP SWAPPERS; Channel hopping stars just won't die.(Features)

Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland); 2/20/2000; Barr, Noreen

YOU only live twice, or, in soap land, three or four times.

For the chances are that a character who dies horribly in one series will soon be resurrected elsewhere ...


STIRLING-BORN Jaqueline Pirie joined the Street in 1998 as femme fatale Linda Sykes, who has captured Mike Baldwin's heart while she romps with his son Mark. Perhaps the locals should have been warned. Jaqueline also played man-mad Tina Dingle in Emmerdale between 1994 and 1996. The actress made her TV debut, aged 11, in Crossroads.

Linda's official man, Mike Baldwin, arrived in 1976. Actor Johnny Briggs had spent three years as taxi firm gaffer Clifford Leyton in Crossroads.

Her unofficial man, Mark, played by Paul Fox, turned up in the Street last October. Paul spent the previous two years in Emmerdale, as weedy Will Cairns.

Sue Nicholls played gad-about Audrey Roberts off and on from 1979, becoming a regular in 1985.

Earlier, Sue found fame in Crossroads, where she played waitress Marilyn Gates from 1964 to 1970 - and she even released a Top 20 single, Where Will You Be, on the back of the role.

Bryan Mosley made a one-off appearance in 1961 as Alf Roberts, returning full-time between 1968 and January 1999. Brian died in February 1999 but do you remember his earlier soap role, as Denis Rutledge in Crossroads? ...


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