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Patricia Susan ("Tricia") Dingle

Sheree Murphy

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6 September 1998 - 27th April 2003 (took time out for maternity leave) 27th November 2003 - 8th January 2004

Tricia Fisher (as she then was) fan card circa 2001
The Character of Tricia was
Born: 6 June 1976 (the books also say 1975. The first one seems the most commonly given date at this time though).
Married 1st:
Joe Fisher Divorced 2002
Married 2nd: Marlon Dingle on 14th February 2003

Granddaughter of Alan Turner
Uncle:: Terence Turner
(appeared 1985-1986)
Mother:: Mary Stephanie ("Steph") Stokes (appeared September 2002 - )

Tricia and Marlon finally gett married.

Profile of Tricia from former official site which closed down in 2002





Tricia arrived at the Woolpack out of the blue. Alan Turner, who has had troubled relationships with his offspring, didn’t recognise her initially, but quickly took her to his heart. She has been a big hit behind the bar of the Woolpack, especially with the men of Emmerdale, and can wrap Turner around her little finger.

Tricia is a born tease, and immediately caught the attention of Terry Woods, especially after she took him breakfast in bed dressed in a skimpy nightie. He was so smitten he took her shopping and forked out for a sexy new dress. This got him into trouble with Turner for missing his shift at the Woolpack. Terry was convinced she felt the same, and was crushed when she rejected his advances.

Tricia tried to help out in the Woolpack but contributed towards its destruction when fireworks she bought set alight and burned down the pub. She slept with both Terry and Scott, but was mortified both when Scott told Terry about their fling and when Terry spilled the beans to the drinkers in the village hall. She felt terribly guilty about her treatment of Terry and was sorry when he came back to the village on Christmas day only to discover the tragic news about Vic.

Was put out when Alan appointed Bernice bar manager instead of her (tried her best to get the job ad even put together a CV, 2478); had a mud fight with Mandy ; discovers Bernice’s plan and laughs at her with Mandy ; is surprised when Scott cannot perform in bed with her ; goes to the vets ball but doesn’t enjoy being groped all night ; thinks Bernice made Gavin up and is a lunatic ; sleeps with Gavin behind Bernice’s back ; comforts Roy before his wedding ; tries to get the village to buy the Woolpack ; flirts with Chris in the hope that he will give her the money ; wants to plan her own theme night to prove she is better than Bernice. Hollywood night went well, until a drag queen Marilyn Monroe impersonator turned up and caused a near-riot. Tricia realised she couldn’t make cocktails either, and had to beg Bernice to help out. She decided to get her revenge on Bernice at the summer fair, where they both had rival beer tents. She hitched Bernice’s marquee to Jack’s car and pulled it down.

Since it became clear Bernice was going to take over the pub, she and Tricia have buried the hatchet somewhat. Tricia wasn’t silly though – she blackmailed Gavin to ensure that she and her granddad could stay on at the pub after the takeover – and she ‘forgot’ to mention that Bernice’s name was spelled wrong on the new pub sign! She was also not keen on Bernice’s feng shui fad – or as she called it, Chop Suey!

Paddy’s cousin Jason arrived in the village just before Christmas. They hit it off straight away and she thought finally that he could be the man for her. However, Jason had a secret – he was gay and had promised Paddy he wouldn’t tell anyone. Tricia and Bernice found him out in the most shocking way – at Marlon’s Aladdin night in the Woolpack, the two women found Jason and Gavin kissing in Bernice’s bedroom.

Tricia tried to be strong for Bernice, but was wracked with guilt all over Christmas about her own fling with Gavin. Alan told her to stop feeling so sorry for herself.

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Tricia Stokes fancard circa 2002

Tricia fan card circa 1998

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